Monsters (Chrono Trigger)

This is the index of monsters. There are two internal game categories of monsters—robots and magical enemies, which have special reactions to certain party attacks. These monsters include:

MECHANICAL ENEMIES: Lucca's Plasma Gun (found in the Factory) might inflict Stop-status to the following enemies: Bug, Bugger, Byte, Cybot, Debugger, Debuggest, Martello, Proto 2, Proto 3, Proto 4, Synchrite.

MAGICAL ENEMIES: These enemies have magical properties: Barghest, Blue Scout, Egder, Jinn, Jinn Bottle, Juggler, Krakker, Mage, Nu, (Octobino,) Red Scout, Scouter, Sorcerer. The following weapons are effective against them: Demon Edge (150%), Pearl Edge (150%), BraveSword (200%), Masamune (2) (200%), Demon Hit (200%).



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