Death Peak

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General Information[edit]

Chrono Trigger[edit]

Era: 2300 A.D.
Music: Silent Light, The Final Day of the World, Zeal Palace
Items: 1 BraveSword, 1 Dark Helm, 1 Giga Arm, 1 Magic Ring, 1 Memory Cap, 1 Power Tab, 1 StarScythe, 1 Wall Ring, 1 VedicBlade
Enemies: Krakker, Macabre
Bosses: 3 Lavos Spawns

Death Peak is an imposing mountain towering above the landscape of 2300 A.D. It is a rugged and jagged peak sitting where Lavos erupted hundreds of years ago, covered with snow and gusting winds that severely impede travel. Lavos released spawn here, and the peak was full of monsters and a few Lavos spawn in the early stages of maturation as a result. The ascent to the top requires navigation through several caves and slopes, and cannot be completed without aid. The peak may have been formed by the upward flows of magma that came with Lavos's eruption. Crono's party had to ascend Death Peak in order to use the Chrono Trigger to revive him; they were met with a solar eclipse and the shattering of the Time Egg, sending them to the Ocean Palace -- a frozen slice of time -- where they were able to exchange the Clone for the real Crono. This led to a heartwarming scene of friendship atop the peak, as the stunned Crono looked around to find his friends. The eclipse passed, leading to sunlight flowing over pale clouds.

This line from the Chrono Trigger Prerelease explains why they needed to climb Death Peak to activate the Time Egg:


Old Man: There is only one chance.
The strongest point of the space-time distortion
generated by Lavos……
You must try using it on the peak of Death Mountain.

But will it work...…?
That will depend on your thoughts towards Crono!

It's also possible that the distortion of Lavos is what allowed the Time Egg to find the moment of the Ocean Palace Incident, at which Lavos was present.

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