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Oh and the sidequests that we got to see were great. But holy shit, these maps were gorgeous--I noticed the little details here and there on the museum map and was just dumbfounded--you guys did well. And even though watching FW trek through the maze was a chore on its own, I was happy to get to see that jungle map for so long. That looked like it took a bitchingly long time...

Yeah, I made that map originally for the split party in Chapter 6: one group would have gone to Singing Mountain while the other would have gone to this forest maze. Eventually I made the maze part a cutscene (with the two Terrasaur battles) instead of something interactive, due to pacing. It's also why the party members mention meeting "a silly Beeba and his fruits" in that cutscene; the Beeba was never meant to be shown, it was a sort of inside-joke on how you didn't get to see the second party navigate the maze looking for the Dragon Tooth. We also had a Prehistory sidequest, so it seemed good to reuse the map for it.

Fan Art / Re: Radical Dreamers Sprite CT style
« on: June 19, 2009, 09:52:57 am »
Even if they shut down all the current hacks, more will still be made.

And how many will actually be completed?

At 9:38, there are two flights of stairs, that if you go down, make you end up on the same level, wouldn't that be physically impossible?

The DBT doesn't "physically" exist in the first place. There's another set of impossible stairs in tomorrow's videos also ;)

Submissions / Re: Some arts...
« on: June 19, 2009, 05:09:36 am »

Wait, Demi-Humans are called "Mystics" by the Ultimania? That's confusing.

Also is there a "Fish" type? I think Mastermune doesn't do critical hits on the fish monsters in the El Nido Triangle.

Fan Art / Re: Lucca to the Rescue! - Some Character fan art
« on: June 18, 2009, 06:54:55 pm »
There's a bit of pillow shading though. You should avoid it as it makes the lightning inconsistent. See this link for a short description of what pillow shading is:

They sympathize with Porre because Porre's grievances are legitimate. However, like General Montcrief, they didn't really want to slaughter Guardia and Truce. The attackers were the Black Wind units led by Porre High Command (Dalton) and the medieval Mystics from Kasmir's Fortress.

Timeline of the original Masamune ("KZ-Masamune"):

*King Zeal removes it from the Dark Ages.
*After observing the party, Glenn, and Kasmir in 605 AD, King Zeal gives it to Kasmir to stir trouble.
*Later, the party and the Mystical Knights attack Kasmir's fortress.
*Slash manages to snatch Kasmir's Masamune and gives it to the party (he doesn't know it's a legendary sword).
*The party puts the sword back in 11,995 BC. It continues to exist until 600 AD when it is time-bastarded due to the events of CT.

Timeline of Glenn's Masamune (let's call it "TTI-Masamune"):

*After CT, Glenn emerges in 600 AD with TTI-Masamune.
*He joins the party in 605 AD and time travels with his sword.
*During the fall of Guardia in 1,005 AD, TTI-Masa and TTI-Mune arrive (either from Glenn's inventory or from Chronopolis if he's not in the active party) and help defend Guardia Castle.
*TTI-Masa and TTI-Mune are defeated by Kasmir, and Dalton takes the sword. With Masa and Mune unconscious and Dalton slaughtering people, the sword becomes cursed.
*The sword is lost until it is found again by Radius and Garai in Denadoro Mountain. Presumably, Dalton had noticed that it became cursed and put it there (before he returned to the Dark Ages) to cause trouble to whoever would find it.

But if FATE can sink Chronopolis to hide it, why didn't she do it right after the Polis War? It would be the best way to protect the timeline.

Well it makes sense that they abandoned the use of "Kingdom Year" after the Fall of Guardia, even though they didn't create a new calendar.

The team that translated Prophet's Guile in French said they wanted to do a translation of CE once it's released. I would have helped them (unlike for PG, since I was on CE) but needless to say it won't happen now.

Chrono Trigger DS Analysis / Re: the campfire scene.
« on: June 17, 2009, 09:38:32 am »
Hm...And don't they need a gate key just to activate the portal? Is it necessary to have it to travel through the gate?

It's not necessary, as shown by the main ending when each character goes in the Telepod Gate while Crono, Marle and Lucca stay and presumably hold the Gate Key.

Characters, Plot, and Themes / Does Harle have a pendant?
« on: June 17, 2009, 07:20:01 am »
Look at her costume.

It could be a coincidence though, since Starky also has something that looks like the pendant yet his race doesn't seem to have time travel technology (according to his Neo Epoch quote).

If I could have changed something, it'd be working on all the game instead of only the first half and the ending. In addition to unpolished maps, there are a lot of little details that could have been corrected, like battles that start with the menu covering the characters, or enemies that get covered by the "description" line, dialogue with sentences that

span two textboxes or even

more, etc. Unfortunately, time was our greatest enemy in this project (how ironic). I had barely played the second half of the game at all when the project entered the betatesting phase and release preparations started.

Hmm.. BC/AD was never used by a character in game, correct? It only appears in the epoch time travel screen, message windows with the pillars, and on the overworld maps, right?

Actually, BC/AD is commonly used by the characters, and in CC it is also used in the Lithosphere Investigation Report and on plaques (Nadia's Bell, Chronopolis statue, etc.).

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