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Special Event Polling / Re: Further Character Discussion
« on: October 03, 2007, 08:17:23 pm »
While I was a bit more impressed with Turnip after reading his entry, Poshul's and NeoFio's don't shed any new light

Special Event Polling / Re: Further Character Discussion
« on: October 03, 2007, 06:08:48 pm »

Design: A classy, elegant costume.  The mask adds an air of mystery, naturally.  Perfect for a magician (and certainly more appealing than Sneff's presentation)

Battle: Very good.  Second strongest magic attack stat, I believe- and by end game he has the most high level grid slots.

Tilt: Guile has a lot of style, charm, and grace.  The lack of any real development or story hurts him quite a bit though.  He still manages to barely get a


Special Event Polling / Re: Rate Cross Characters 29: Pip
« on: September 30, 2007, 07:05:30 am »
Design: Cute, I guess.  I like the Holy Beast form- that's the one with the ridiculous butterfly wings, right?

Battle:  Pip has the potential to be one of the strongest characters in the game.  However, it's a long and drudgerous process that's simply not worth it.  Why? Because this game's not that hard and there are other formidable characters with stronger personalities.

Tilt:  Pip is nothing.  A cute (in a generic way)  experiment with a funny accent.  That's it.  While I appreciate the diversity in Chrono Cross, some characters aren't as good as others.


Special Event Polling / Re: Rate Cross Characters 28: Pierre
« on: September 27, 2007, 07:28:44 am »
Design: Flamboyant, colorful, dashing, and a bit comical.  A bit frail looking to highlight his initial weakness.  Very french. He fences... even with broadswords!

Battle: Terrible at first.  With each successive Hero's item he becomes a bit better.  The Hero's Sword gives him a critical hit ratio on par with that of the Mastermune!

Tilt:  I too am a fan of Pierre.  At first he's just great comic relief (His way into Viper Manor is hilarious).  But he's a pitiful "hero" who's all talk, a braggart with nothing to brag about.  And yet somehow he comes to possess the legendary hero's medal... A turning point comes in the story when he is shown the replica sword (a nice use of symbolism) to inspire him- he then he stops denying the charade of his existence and the full weight of that shame comes down on his shoulders.  He decides to change his fate and embrace the true path of the hero.  Pierre is therefore symbolic of the Chrono Cross theme of defying fate and choosing one's own destiny.  This perhaps makes him the most developed character in the game. 

Pierre's weak point as a character is that he doesn't have a strong connection to the plot or the world around him (except as a member of Serge's party, though perhaps I missed some character-interaction by not using him at the right times) and for this I would still say that Nikki is my preferred guide of choice (and the one I would recommend to any first-time players) But I also feel that Pierre's positive qualities far outweigh this negative point.


Special Event Polling / Re: Rate Cross Characters 25: Norris
« on: September 19, 2007, 09:46:38 am »
Design: As mentioned, a very fashionable soldier. One of two gun-wielding characters (the other being a little space man)

Battle: Very solid character.  Definitely my yellow innate of choice.  I was dissappointed that his dual tech with Grobyc was so weak, though.

Tilt: Norris is cool, collected, classy and bold.  Like Glenn, he doesn't let his allegiances sway him from searching for the truth and doing what's right.  But Norris is just a bit more interesting than the swordsman.  Maybe it's his helpfulness at an interesting point in the game, maybe it's the way he offends his superiors with his blunt honesty, maybe it's his professional, thoughtful way of doing things... I'm not entirely sure.  But I like Norris a lot.


Special Event Polling / Re: Rate Cross Characters 24: Nikki
« on: September 17, 2007, 06:15:25 pm »
Cool, I never got that.  Thanks for filling me in. :)

Special Event Polling / since I missed this one...
« on: September 17, 2007, 02:56:08 am »

Design: Cute, yet badass.  Commanding, yet sensitive.  Stylish, yet powerful.  Some may say the outfit is skanky.  But I have a hard time thinking of Kid as a skank, so to me it's just fashionable.

Battle:  She has the only thief ability for a good portion of the game.  Solid, well rounded in battle.

Tilt: Kid is beautiful.  She's a piece of a star that fell from the sky.  She's strong, pure-hearted, compassionate, brave, bold, charmingly blunt, and very stylish.  She's the kind of woman I could fall in love with and probably my favorite character from any videogame.


Design: I definitely get a little bit of a disco-fever vibe from the outfit- but Karsh pulls it off.  Because it's really the man that makes the clothes.  I dig the hair, and the badass scowl.

Battle: Solid character- comparable to Glenn until Glenn gets the twin Einlanzers.  Which is stupid.  Karsh should be able to dual-wield Rainbow Axes or something... 'cause he's way cooler than Glenn #2.

Tilt: Karsh has a lot in common with Kid, so obviously I like him a lot.  He carries a terrible secret on his shoulders but doesn't let it diminish his resolve to fight.  Sure, he's misguided- but who wasn't? CC's plot's so convoluted that everyone got confused...  Karsh could afford to question his orders a bit, but his strong sense of loyalty is a bit endearing.  Under his rough exterior, he's got a heart of gold.


Design: Good-looking young swordsman, reminiscent of his namesake

Battle: Probably the strongest fighter in the game once he gets that second sword... Great dual tech with Serge.

Tilt: He's a good guy.  He listens to Riddel and searches for the truth regardless of what others do.  In this sense, I like him more than Karsh- While Glenn's certainly a loyal person, he still questions suspicious orders and searches for the right course.  However, aside from being a standup guy, he doesn't really have a whole lot of personality.  Really, he's kind of bland and lacks the dimensions of his namesake.


Special Event Polling / Re: Rate Cross Characters 24: Nikki
« on: September 17, 2007, 02:47:16 am »
Ohhh, cool.

Special Event Polling / Re: Rate Cross Characters 24: Nikki
« on: September 17, 2007, 01:27:23 am »
Design: Yeah, he capitalizes on the Japanese rock opera stuff. Which makes him sort of original to an American audience!

Combat: He's got a double tech. Though not the best, he's still solid as one of the three PCs of Termina.

Tilt: He gets major development with Fargo, Kid, the people of Marbule, the Acacias, and Serge. He's a benchmark for what a good PC should be. In the world of Chrono, he's a true radical dreamer, and takes center stage in a lion's share of the plot.


When does he get development with Kid? Did I not put him in my party at the right time for something?... (it's kind of funny that you have to know when to have certain characters in your party.  Is there any way to know that you should have Nikki in your party when you first arrive on the S.S. Invincible on your first playthrough?) Or am I just forgetting something?

Special Event Polling / Re: Rate Cross Characters 24: Nikki
« on: September 16, 2007, 02:26:50 am »
Design: It's David Bowie! Yeah! He's a flamboyant rocker- very distinct for an RPG. I wish he upgraded his guitars instead of his picks, though. 

Combat: Good well rounded character- much better choice than Korcha

Tilt: Nikki's definitely one of my favorites.  I liked him in the past because he was a passionate musician and a very human character with a strong connection to the world of Chrono Cross.  But then I started listening to David Bowie and now I like Nikki even more because of the obvious inspiration.

Should he be a PC? Absolutely! In a world of demi-humans and time and dimensional spanning conspiracies... a musician who can manipulate sound for battle purposes isn't so far-fetched.  And he's such a fun character, why wouldn't you want him in your party?

This is an easy choice. "Easier than playing the bass"


Special Event Polling / Re: Further Character Discussion
« on: September 15, 2007, 01:29:04 pm »
Hopefully, Kato will start work on a new Chrono game before he remakes one of the existing games.

Special Event Polling / Re: Rate Cross Characters 23: NeoFio
« on: September 14, 2007, 04:42:00 pm »
Design: As mentioned, cute. Nice use of color.  The vines coming out of her sleeves in battle look very cool and give her a more dangerous look.

Battle: Useful for Hydra Marshes when going to save Kid because her tech hits all enemies (and the gnomes are weak to it) Low HP.  I don't remember her being that great later on.

Tilt: While Mojo may have had no solid connection to the plot, he had enough style and conviction (and a little side story) to earn him a B rank in my book.  NeoFio is sort of just there.  I certainly don't dislike her.  She's a cute and friendly anomaly.  But as far as playable characters go... I'm not sure she has what it takes.

Hm, I was thinking about giving her a D, but I've changed my mind.


Special Event Polling / Re: Further Character Discussion
« on: September 14, 2007, 04:32:52 pm »
Quote from: dankun
I would. But if I did, I would do in such a way that it would truly homage the original one as much as I could possibly manage. Obviously it would have to be redone in some form a 2D RPG, most likely one of the RPG Maker programs out there. And it would defeninately HAVE to include every single character in the game in some form of sprite renditiion.

Cool.  I'm not condemning remakes, I'm speaking out against the idea of one-upping the original.

Amen to that. I really don't think that there are better words to express just exactly how great that game truly is. Well, I'm sure there are, but I can't think of any at the moment.
It's an epic romance- a game made for radical dreamers everywhere.  The colorful characters, the vibrant world, the breathtaking music... all of these elements come together to create an experience that is truly remarkable.  The battle system is innovative, the cinematics glow....  everything about the game just shines.

these unnecessary characters that people want to get rid of- as I said, I don't like them all.  But they're part of that world and part of the experience.   Who are we to throw them away?

Couldn't agree more with you. There should be more fans in this communtiy like you.
Thank you.

Quote from: dankun
Oh, but it does in fact, very much changes the game, when you are removing more than half of the entire cast in the game. Wether or not they were involved in the game's plot, makes no difference whatsoever.

Yes. Besides, who reads fanfics anyway? (kidding...)

Special Event Polling / Re: Further Character Discussion
« on: September 14, 2007, 02:23:05 am »
Quote from: V_Translanka
If you think that the original is better than the remake, you're still more than welcome to play the original video game, BECAUSE IT'LL STILL BE THERE!!!

Which is why it's silly of me to argue this. But for silly argument's sake- I still think it's a bit presumptuous to present a remake as "the fixed version".  Maybe we're not disagreeing and I'm just bothered by the wording (semantics)

While I don't really consider CC a masterpiece on par with the god damn Mona Lisa
I do. Chrono Cross has certainly had a bigger impact on my life than the Mona Lisa.

Quote from: maggiekarp
even sacred arts can be criticized.

Criticized, perhaps. But fixed?

Quote from: maggiekarp
It doesn't change the game since it's already finished, but it tells people who do fanart, fanfics, or fangames what sort of thing the fans themselves liked and would like to see incorporated.
It's the motivation behind this incorporation that I'm bringing into question... it's really none of my business though, since I'm not having a hand in it.  Just expressing myself, that's all.

Special Event Polling / Re: Further Character Discussion
« on: September 13, 2007, 02:16:59 pm »
I don't think it's our place as fans.  The game is masterpiece that we could never have come up with ourselves.  Who are we to pick and choose what we did and didn't like about it and make some kind of 2.0 version?

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