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yeah I was on Discord with friends talking about it; then one of my friends found that video and we just had a brief moment. I love how the arrangements have lots of little enhancements and additions that are just really tasteful and sort of showcase the different feelings of the song, or make the song actually express new emotions. These are super well done.

Here are the Chrono Trigger songs from the YouTube video I linked.

Full score (as many as were available) with timestamps here.

I attached the Frog and Robo songs here.

woooaahh 0:53 was really tasteful. tasty. nice.

Chrono Trigger Modification / Re: Temporal Flux Plugins
« on: February 12, 2020, 09:55:23 am »
Sorry--not to derail!
I did some reading on the Steam port. It looks like the Chrono Trigger "event language/bytecode" (or whatever it is called, I am new to this stuff!!) is the same, although assets like music, images, tile maps, etc are totally different. (In fact it appears that imagery for example is simply PNG! Everything's just packed into a resources file.) Wouldn't it be cool to make a sister project to Temporal Flux that can edit the bits that aren't already editable in the Steam version!?
I'd love to try and take it on !!

Edit: We should also consider what efforts have been put into CTDS modification, I have never looked at that at all

A couple sites/communities:

Chrono Trigger Modification / Re: How many active hackers do we have here?
« on: February 08, 2020, 10:15:09 pm »

Chrono Trigger Modification / Re: How many active hackers do we have here?
« on: February 08, 2020, 02:43:46 pm »
I doubt

That's step 1 in the "How to not release anything good and original" guidebook!

I want to experiment

That's all you need!

I was able to add ocean/birds, morning, and town music. The town music even loops without clicking, as far as I can hear :-)

It takes a little bit of labour chopping up the songs and picking the right loop sample (I used Audacity edit from the future: so for reasons, I wouldn't recommend Audacity anymore. Try REAPER!) so I'm not going to keep going myself, but you or anyone can.

I'm using bsnes to play. bsnes expects an empty "<romname>.msu" to be in the directory with the ROM (.sfc, .smc, etc) in order to enable MSU1. Then just have a bunch of <romname>-<songnumber>.pcm files alongside the ROM file. (see below about songnumber) These PCM files are just the audio contents of a 16-bit 44100 Hz stereo WAV file, with a little header:

Code: [Select]
MSU1####where #### is a 32-bit unsigned little-endian integer representing the loop point of the audio. (Specify a particular sample -- for the town song it's sample #3433627)

When preparing your WAV file make sure it doesn't have tags/metadata (e.g. Song name, artist, etc). I use the tool kid3 to check this

To transform your .WAV into a .PCM is very simple; the program I included will do this for you. The .exe is just the compiled .go. The code is transcribed from here, but I didn't do all the verification stuff, just got to the point right away lol

For the song number, I looked these up in Geiger's CT database, one of the Lists. The song numbers in that list are hexadecimal; convert to decimal for the .PCM filename.

For example, the town song "Peaceful Day" is song number 0x1E, which to decimal is 30. So the filename for the town song is "<romname>-30.pcm".

Once you have your .PCM files and your .MSU file beside your ROM, you can simply play the ROM in bsnes and it should work!

Your ROM needs to be patched with the "chrono_msu.bps" patch. You can do this with byuu's tool beat.

Other emulators might work with these files as they are, or with slight addition/modification.

Here's the demo with 3 of your songs. Your rom name in this case should be "ct-msu1test.sfc".

For sure, here you go. I think I got em all.

I know you may very well have found this already, but JUST in case, here is the spritesheet hosted by the Compendium. Not separated, of course---if you're looking for individual images I can chop em up later!

I don't believe this will be a simple process, but it may very well be possible.

SNES music is handled by a processor, the SPC700, which executes its own programs, which are like music sequences, manipulating small, often compressed samples. A little like MIDI. More like MOD/tracker music, actually. To put your music into the game in this format would require much editing and preparation, only to have an end product that sounds almost identical to the in-game music. I would guess that's not what you would go for.

Streaming audio (PCM data, etc--a recording, or a "sound file") is hypothetically achievable thanks to the fictional (never real hardware) MSU1 "chip" developed by byuu, playable through some emulators, or on real console with tools like SD2SNES. If a Chrono Trigger ROM can be modified to interface MSU1 (this might be an extremely large "if"), then this may work!

I have no experience hacking SNES games. This is just based on what I've read from various sources.
I would love to try, but for all I know it would take months or years before I know enough to make it happen :-)

Some links of possible interest:

EDIT: Seems that a project like this one might fulfill your needs! Someone has modified Chrono Trigger to interface MSU1.

I will try to use this to get your music playing in the game, and will report back how it goes.

Here's a direct link for you.

Under the title of the video there is a link, "Show annotations"

Submissions / Re: She said yes!
« on: December 26, 2019, 03:29:39 am »
So beautiful. Congratulations!!!

Ah, yes, that's right.
The "annotations"--which are text commentary--are available to download above. You can also watch the CE playthrough videos with these annotations on any Invidious instance which supports annotation archives--I believe still has them.

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