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Nope, never found a working link when I looked.  Not to mention, I only began looking recently.  I did find the Flames of Eternity release, but what they changed in it made me dislike it considering  I saw what the original looked like.


It's been a long time since I've even thought about the Compendium, mostly because life took priority over writing and talking about the Chrono series on the internet.  Anyway, I've had a lot of free time on my hands lately, so I got around to watching Faust Wolf's playthrough of CE in its entirety again, and I loved it!  I think  I commented on it a while back in 2009, I wanted to give all of yo uwho worked on teh project another kudos and some commments on CE.  Although I wish I could have gotten to play it myself, it was almost as enjoyable just watching it be played.  I have some comments and feedback for everyone who worked on this:

The General Story & Character Development

The story was very well-done, and it was a joy to even watch someone else play while I paid attention to the story.  The writing in general was fantastic, and I loved how you kept everything updated with npc comments as the game progressed.  In the beginning, I wasn't so sure the King Zeal thing would work out, but it did - quite well!  I'm also glad you decided to go with the reptite world arc instead of a cold war arc like you commented - it seems like it just fit better.  The only element I really thought was weak was the Ocean Palace ruins in 11,995 BC.  I realize it would have been tough to get around Zeal's entrance and Schala coming back without it, but the whole time FW was running through it  I was thinking, "This all turned into the Black Omen and was sucked into Lavos' pocket dimension at the end of CT - how can it be back at the bottom of the sea when it was destroyed?"

As far as character development went, again I really liked how you did it.  My favorite had to be Marle.  By the end of the game, she had really grown up a lot.  Frog Glenn was really developed too, but I liked Marle's more.   I did think it was pretty cool how through the game you showed Belthasar transitioning from being this brilliant man who was too naive for his own good to who he will be in Chrono Cross.  

The Frozen Flame

I really liked what you did with the Frozen Flame with regard to the arbiters, its role in history, and also clearing up some confusion Kato caused in Chrono Cross with his explanation of the Flame causing humans to "evolve."  Your explanations were both smooth and VERY believable!   :)  I really liked how you guys even went as far as to say that Schala was an arbiter, and that the Flame was in the Mammon Machine, and what caused the Ocean Palace disaster was Lavos trying to reclaim the Frozen Flame.  Granted, part of the reason I liked that was because I remember being part of that whole discussion on the forums years ago, and it's really neat when you get to see stuff you talked about actually being implemented in a game.

Endings & Relation to CT:DS

I'll talk about both of these together.  While I think changing everything to 1005 AD really did help the story progress well like you said, and since it was actually here at the Compendium that it was suggested that maybe Dalton changed history and made Porre militant, it was good to put that part in, although I really don't think the extra temporal dungeon stuff and fighting the Dream Devourer in CT:DS should be considered canon in the Chrono series.  So, as far as the ending explaining how Magus ended up fighting the Dream Devourer solo in CT:DS, I don't really think you needed to do that, although I did like how you did it.  The ending itself, however, was simply amazing, both pre-credits and post-credits.  I loved the lead-in to Chrono Cross as well.  To think of it all as a "Grand Chess Game" between Belthasar and the Frozen Flame was really cool, and it gave a whole new insight into Chrono Cross as well.  Having Crono and Marle in the Dreamtime with Gaspar was pretty neat, and having Crono watching Serge at the end and talking about how "that boy did a fine job" was something I really liked.  Last, keeping with the multiple endings tradition was fantastic - loved it!  

Other Random Things

- Yes, Glenn + Braveheart = BROKEN!   :wink:
- Gameplay and pace seemed well thought-out.  Having breaks with mini-games and other fun stuff really seemed like it kept things flowing nicely.
- The whole time a romance was budding between Glenn and Ayla, I kept thinking, "Poor Lucca - if only she knew the Frog was the hunk she dreamed of!  She should have made a move!"
- The scene with Crono standing over Marle's bones in Dinopolis seemed too short.  It seemed like Crono went from barely mourning Marle's death to snapping and chopping up every reptite in sight.  

On Square-Enix and the C&D

It's sad it happened, and I really feel for you all.  I really believe that if CT:DS hadn't come out, you wouldn't have received the C&D.  They were probably afraid that this game would steal away their business from CT:DS, and they probably felt like they were just protecting their IP.  Problem is, they failed to realize a couple things: 1) Your game would have in all likelihood increased sales of CT:DS, and 2) The game was nearly good enough for them to just pick it up themselves and publish it on the DS.  I mean, all the development work was done and everything!  Any offer they would have made you guys to pick up CE would have been less than what it would have cost them to develop the game.  It's a shame they couldn't have offered you an alternative like that - you know, one that would have actually made fans happy and would have made them more money.

Like others have mentioned across the net, Square-Enix isn't the Square of old that made amazing games.  While I think part of it is that Sakaguchi's leaving them created a talent vacuum, it really seems to me that Square-Enix is just trying to become the Japanese Electronic Arts and be able to compete internationally as a publisher.   :roll:  I didn't buy FFXIII or FFXIV, and I'm holding my breath before even thinking about buying FFvsXIII.  Not to mention, I haven't bought any of their George Lucas style remakes of their past games.  On the up-side, maybe they'll eventually learn that they can't churn out crap with a quality label on it while simultaneously refusing to make anything the customers actually want (while simultaneously C&D quality games being made by fans).  

In the end, though, you guys should be proud of yourselves - you made a MASSIVE contribution to the CT community, and to be completely honest about it, I'd consider CT:CE canon before I would consider any kind of Chrono thing Square-Enix would try to put out in the future (which they probably won't).  Fantastic job! Well done!  

Double and Triple Techs kind of become redundant wastes after a while, but Robo had quite a few great ones (doubles with any of the girls really were superb, hell, even with Frog)...

Heal              ~ Mag 6.5
Heal Beam     ~ Mag 10

Magic Defense is like one of the first stats that ** for everyone and fairly early too...and if you haven't gotten to that level by endgame, the max armors will more than split the difference.

I never bothered to supe up Frog's or Robo's magic stats in a New Game (those went to Lucca, Marle, and Magus), so that explains it.  As far as M. Def goes, at the end of a New Game, Robo's magic def stats are still crap compared to everyone else.  No other character at near-full health would die for me after a Dreamless from Lavos Core.  That's always what put Frog ahead of Robo in my book.  

See? That'd be true...if you were talking about Robo. The only thing Robo gives up to Frog is Speed, and with the amount of Speed Tabs readily available in-game, Frog ain't got nothin' over Robo...well, I guess Frog has a slightly higher critical hit % (he got better in CTDS with some new equip, but so did Robo)...but Tech-wise, Frog is outclassed from Prometheus Dome on~....

Nah, Robo didn't double tech quite as well Frog did, and I remember Frog's Heal being the better multi-character healing tech/magic. Also, I think you're forgetting Robo's god-awful magic defense stats in CT. 

Funny thing is, in practice CE would have made the player rely far more on double and triple techs than anything else, by virtue of the fact that enemies are so much stronger than in the original CT. It's unfortunate that I somehow managed to screw up tech progression on my New Game+ runthrough, or you would have seen a lot more use of them. I think we could have made a couple triple techs more flashy -- giving Dreamless to Magus/Marle/Lucca would have been an easy task with the knowledge we had acquired by May, for example.

Oh, okay, I see.  That's one thing I really had been wondering about, and it's something I actually argue about (still) with some of my friends who are old CT fans - which is better - running 3 power characters with strong single techs or running characters that do great double and triple techs together?  I usually side on the double and triple techs side because I was able to milk out more cumulative damage that way.  From the New Game + playthrough in CE, I really did get the feeling that the "run 3 power characters with awesome single techs" route was being encouraged, especially with Robo's new awesome toolbox of single techs and Glenn's one-man-army thing going on. 

In my mind Ayla wasn't using magic so much as channeling natural energies through tribal song and dance -- Chrono'99 made sure that this we promoted this message in her tech descriptions. It might be more akin to the Elements in Chrono Cross, only using one's voice as opposed to an artificial construct to summon the energies, and Leah could use the artificial constructs just fine in Chrono Cross. Ayla's very name means "Song of Land" or "Song of Earth" or something like that, so it seemed fitting, and they definitely would have remained in.

Yeah, I wasn't too much a fan of the whole "song of the earth / tribal song" techs.  To me, Ayla was always more of a very physical character, but when given the tribal song techs, it seemed to detract from the role she played in CT as just this hardcore physical damage dealer and made her more into a "Glenn-light" in CE.  Maybe if I had been able to do a New Game playthrough myself I might have seen it differently.

Glenn isn't quite so broken as he appears to be given the number of times I use Nirvana X just to get battles over quickly in the New Game + runthrough. His "Braveheart" is based on a subtraction of his current HP from his maximum HP * approximately 3, so when he's only got 250HP, it's not a huge boss destroyer, and only for players who want to pursue a high-risk strategy. His magic never reaches a high enough rating to make *Venom Mist a crowd destroyer, but its poison effect makes it useful even late in the game, which I thought worked really well. The fact that Nirvana X gobbles huge amounts of MP isn't shown either because I gave Glenn either a Silver or Gold Stud all the way through.

See, I thought Glenn was a near-broken character in CT.  He was just good at everything - healing, dealing damage, teching.  He wasn't particularly the strongest in any area in CT, but his well-roundedness made him lethal throughout the whole game.  In CE, you guys developed his techs even farther that he became a big damage dealer  as well as still a good healer. Over  3K from Nirvana Strike is just plain insane.  Granted, it was New Game + and with Gold Stud (as he should be using Gold Stud for his techs anyway).  Anyway, my point of Glenn being a broken character in this game is that he's just kickass at everything.  Once you have him in your party, there's no good reason to ever not have him in your party, as he does seem to be a one-man-army like I said above. 

Oh, and Sefiros has done some CT OC Remixes.  I have them on my iTunes, and they're phenomenal.  Sefiros should be really proud of the work he did for composing for CE.

Now that the game is finished, minus alternate endings vids, here's my comments.

First, I love how you took from the old Frozen Flame discussions to give more background on the Frozen Flame and also have it be an integral part of the plotline.  Of course, I was really excited to see my comments on the Frozen Flame possibly being in the Mammon Machine and the Ocean Palace disaster an attempt for Lavos to reclaim the Frozen Flame become part of a fan game.  It made me feel really good knowing that discussion from the Compendium became a big backdrop for the game's plot. 

I'm going to be honest here - I didn't like Ayla's new techs.  It felt like you were trying to give her magic, and that just didn't rub well with me.  Granted, it didn't make her a broken character.  Glenn is a completely broken character, however.  If the game were ever put out, he would have had to have been toned down a bit.  On that same note, I felt Magus was underpowered, even in the late game.  I liked the addition of several new techs, especially that shadowbolt-type tech.  On that same note, the addition of all these new techs took away from double and triple techs, which was one of my favorite features from CT.  If you had time, would you have made double and triple techs more prevalent?

The new music was amazing - I wish you guys had used that more than you did. 

My favorite dungeon really was the last one.  Props to you guys - that was just awesome. 

Last, I think the game lacked boss battles.  Granted, there were a lot more harder fights in this game, but I feel there could have been a few more boss fights thrown in. 

Anyway, great job on the fan game - it's a shame those idiots at SE don't know how to interact with their fans anymore. 

This has been bugging me for quite some time, ever since I observed that The Guru of Reason's (Bosh/Balthazar) role in CT was actually larger than what was spelled out for us, I've been thinking that while Kato had it right that the planet really was the "Entity" repsonsible for creating the gates, it wasn't purely the planet's will that guided Crono & Co. through the  events of CT.  In other words, I think Kato only had it half-right and tried to make something canon that conflicted with pre-established but seldom-discussed canon from CT.  Here's the evidence:

- In the very beginning of CT, if you try to sell Marle's pendant to Melchior, he tells you to hold onto it and keep it safe. 
- When you meet Balthazar for the first time, he speaks about Death Peak and about how now is not the time to climb it, and that "they", the dolls he created, must show you the way.  This foreshadows you having to climb Death Peak and there is a right time  (using the Chrono Trigger) to climb it.  In other words, there are STRONG hints that Balthazar had prior knowledge of the heroes' needing to come to him to climb Death Peak. 
- Balthazar also asks if you have ever seen his creations, the Blackbird and the Ocean Palace, although this could be chalked up to his slowly losing his mind....
- Balthazar dies completing his Wings of Time and leaves a message for Crono & Co. explaining why he  completed the Wings of Time, and explaining that he knew they would be able to open the sealed door, which means he also had knowledge of their being to the Kingdom of Zeal.  He even creates a copy of himself in the Nu to help guide Crono & Co. 
- When it comes time to use the Chrono Trigger, Balthazar not only knows how to activate it (may have had prior knowledge in Zeal), but has made preparations for the heroes to climb Death Peak, and depending on whether or not they have a clone, he guides them to Nornstein Bekkler in 1000 A.D. 

Here's my thoughts on the matter: 

The planet is the "entity" in one sense.  The planet is responsible for the gates being formed, however, it is hinted that Balthazar played a much larger role in the events of CT than what is commonly accepted.  He may not have guided all the events as he did in CC, but he did have more of a hand in the events of CT than what he is being given credit for. 

The planet is responsible for the gates but I don't believe in the sense that is commonly accepted.  I see the planet-as-entity as a physical and temporal phenomenon.  Lavos is buried in the core of the planet, which in itself could be considered a strong electromagnet.  So, with a pocket dimension interacting with a strong electromagnet, time and space can't help but be distorted and have holes and connections be made.  In other words, it's the planet's reaction to Lavos in its core that makes the gates form in the first place. 

Now in CC, you see some even crazier stuff happen, where time periods don't bend together, but timelines do!  The most violent example of this is the planet pulling Dinopolis out of its timeline to counter-act Chronopolis.  Kato says that the planet pulls Dinopolis from its timeline into the one where Chronopolis is present, but is that a "conscious" act of the planet-as-entity?  I don't think that's the case.  Instead, I would think that this resulted of interactions between Lavos, the planet, and the Frozen Flame, causing a massive dimensional distortion (a la Fringe - thank you J.J. Abrams), where Dinopolis crossed over. 

What are your thoughts on this subject - I'd like to see a debate going on this.

So this has bothered me with the whole "time travelers immunity" thing. When Crono, Glenn, and Magus get back to stop King Zeal, the Reptite Timeline is avoided but the party is still sent through portals by King Zeal.

So obviously, another version of Crono, Glenn, and Magus are sent, thus creating two sets of them due to time travelers immunity. Can anyone say "Plot Hole"!

I know the CE team obviously missed this little mistake, just like how you guys forgot that destroying the Dragon Tooth, failed to solve Chronopolis' energy problem, forcing you to fix that in a sort of corny way, even though it was completely destroyed along with Sorin (even if Chronopolis reconstructed it, that's kind of stretching it...).

So, care to comment on how this could be resolved without the entity/planet negating the other party. Imagine them being abandoned and having to live out their lives and die knowing they can never get back, always wondering what could have been and happend to the timeline...

There is no plot hole, actually.  When Crono, Glenn, and Magus return to the moment they were sent into the "Reptite Timeline" by Zeal, they had not yet acted upon disrupting Zeal's spell.  At that moment, there existed two possible destinations for Crono, Glenn, and Magus to arrive - one was the non-reptite destination, and the other was the reptite destination.  Originally, the non-reptite timeline was sent to the Darkness Beyond Time, because that timeline was eliminated, leaving only the reptite timeline.  Now, when the three return to stop Zeal, they send the reptite timeline to the Darkness Beyond Time as well and "restore the timeline."  The thing is, they really didn't restore the original timeline but instead created a brand new one that was very similar to the non-reptite timeline.  What happens is, as a result, the Crono, Glenn, and Magus that were sent into the portal right before the versions who returned and stopped Zeal were sent to the Darkness Beyond Time.  In the end, we still have Crono, Glenn, and Magus around with their memories due to Time Traveler's Immunity, and the versions of themselves that they witnessed entering the portals were sent to the Darkness Beyond Time.  That doesn't hold true for Marle, Lucca, or Robo because those versions o themselves in the reptite timeline were sent to the Darkness Beyond Time, but the versions of Crono, Glenn, and Magus came from the reptite timeline and were not sent to the Darkness Beyond Time.  Since they weren't sent to the Darkness Beyond Time, new versions of themselves in the new timeline they created could not exist and were sent to the Darkness Beyond Time. 

It's all very complicated, but it does work out. 

Site Updates / Re: C&D: Director's Response
« on: May 17, 2009, 08:39:02 pm »

No.  Screw SE.  They're not the same company anymore, and the games they make nowadays suck anyway.  I mean, who "makes a whole new game" by adding on to games over 10 years old?  It just ruins the old game.  Yes, I'm talking about CT DS.  I didn't buy it and refuse to now.  Hell, even though I bought a PS3 in part for the sake of getting FFvsXIII this year, I think I'll just boycott the game. Screw SE.

No they are indeed the same company, Square merged with another company witch give them a bunch of new staff, and management.... sadly after all these years they have just lost their touch, and most likely fired most of the old staff and/or they retired after so many years of ass kicking game making...

No, I meant they're not the same company in spirit.  Actually, they physically probably aren't the same people anymore anyway besides Uematsu, who will be working for them until he dies while composing or on stage...  but that's besides the point.

You'd be surprised.  Think about it - even for a company like Square-Enix, bad PR travels fast.  It'll start off with a nice handful of people, but it will make it into something newsworthy on a gaming news site or on Digg if there's enough noise made by the people boycotting.  I'm not just talking FF, I'm talking ALL SE games.  Whether you see it or not, a snowball effect will start from that, or at the very least give SE some very bad PR. 

It's been done to other developers, for example, Infinity Ward.  PS3 people got really pissed off at the handling of COD4 and many boycotted the DLC map packs, including me, and voiced a very loud opinion to IW about it.  IW had already made their millions in COD4, but they decided to try to warm up to the PS3 crowd anyway with some stuff, and it worked for some.

The whole reason why SE is the way it is now is because people like us think voicing some outrage and boycotting won't matter to them.  By saying that, we're letting them win.  Well, I'm fed up with SE putting out shitty games, ruining the good old ones they used to make on top of it, and threatening to sue every time a fan project pops up.  SE can go to hell and I hope they get some REALLY BAD PR out of this. 

Here's a solution to hit SE where it hurts:  Boycott all their games from now on and let them know you're boycotting their games, especially FFXIII and FFvsXIII.  Get enough people writing in to SE that they aren't going to buy any SE games anymore, especially FF, and SE will listen.

Site Updates / Re: C&D: Director's Response
« on: May 17, 2009, 10:35:06 am »
Oh, when will you ever learn? Square Enix doesn't care about the fans, they only care about the cash. They can relax, sit back, and have a beer, knowing that people will buy their crap no matter how shittty it is regardless, and the cash will keep flowing in, while meanwhile, aside from making this bullshit we continuously buy, they have nothing else to do but send C&D's to poor hard working guys who are trying to please the fans and repair Square Enix's image a little.

Ok I've seen this alot. Listen I'm a cynical person (normally), but that is crap. SE is not a living entity, it's made up of living people like you an me. They are not soul stealing demons or evil overlords. They are a corperation. Yes they wanna make money, who doesn't. Do you want money? I guess not. I suppose your busy living off the land with no electricty or mordern convinivences....well beside a computer apparently. It's just more diffcult to reach those responisble, it does not mean they are heartless monsters who sleep surronded by the money they got from killing orphens! Am I exagerateing....I'm not sure the way you act I'm begining to think you think they do that.
What happened to CE is bad, but it doesn't mean SE is evil. Enough demonization!

No.  Screw SE.  They're not the same company anymore, and the games they make nowadays suck anyway.  I mean, who "makes a whole new game" by adding on to games over 10 years old?  It just ruins the old game.  Yes, I'm talking about CT DS.  I didn't buy it and refuse to now.  Hell, even though I bought a PS3 in part for the sake of getting FFvsXIII this year, I think I'll just boycott the game. Screw SE.

I think the entity is the one behind the mammon machine, and the black omen.
Yes it sounds crazy, but lets look at the fact.

One day, the kingdom of Zeal, found a way to harness the power of Lavos : the mammon machine. Queen Zeal, then decided to abandon the other energy (the sun stone), to only use Lavos energy.
Later, the ocean palace was created, to permit to steal even more power from Lavos. The ocean palace, once activated, Lavos awoke, and destroyed the kingdom of zeal.
Then the Ocean Palace became the Black Omen, still sucking Lavos energy.
Why would Lavos let the Black omen do this? He just destroyed Zeal to stop it, didn't he?
Why would he even want the human to harness his energy in the first place?
Lavos has no reason for letting human harness his power. He feed on the planet energy. It's his food, it become his energy. The mammon machine stole the energy of Lavos, it weaken him. Lavos certainly would not want to be weakened.
The entity on the other hand, would be more than happy to weaken Lavos.
That's my theory.
The entity, used the kingdom of zeal, to weaken Lavos. The entity guided Zeal so that it would discover, and use the energy of Lavos. The entity manipulated queen Zeal, profited of her insanity, maybe caused it, to make her absorb even more the energy of Lavos. Lavos sensed the threat, and destroyed the kingdom of Zeal. But the black omen was completed, it stole the energy of Lavos, and use it to maintain itself undetectable, or at least out of reach.
Hence, Lavos, was slowly weakened. This permitted Crono and his companion to finally take him out.
So what do you think, of this theory.
Doesn't it make more sense, than if Lavos manipulated Queen Zeal?


YES! After seeing the new ending, I too believe Schala to be the Entity. She seems to have temporal distortion capabilities, though it should be noted that her gates do not appear blue-wavy-like.

...oh, waitaminute -- it really is the planet as confirmed on that cigarette lighter. UNLESS KATO JUST RETCONNED THE CIGARETTE LIGHTER.

Schala cannot be the Entity.  During the events of Chrono Trigger, the brunt of Schala's power was actually Lavos' power charged into the pendant.  We know that she lost that pendant during the original events before Chrono Trigger and disappeared, otherwise Marle would never have come into posession of the pendant.  Without the pendant, Schala either died or disappeared when the original Ocean Palace was destroyed along with the rest of Zeal.  During the events of Chrono Trigger, this changed, at the end, where the Ocean Palace rose and became the Black Omen.  In addition to this, we're still not completely sure what happened that flung Schala into the Darkness Beyond Time, where Lavos was sent after Crono & co. defeated it. 

The information from Chrono Cross suggests that it was after Lavos was defeated that it came back into contact with Schala in the Darkness Beyond Time and emerged as the Time Devourer/Dream Devourer.  It can be inferred that Schala's power after becoming the TD/DD is due to her symbiosis with Lavos in the DBT.  Also note that Kid did not exist until after the events of Chrono Trigger, and even in CTDS, the vortex dungeons and the ability to access the Dream Devourer don't become available until after Crono & co. defeat Lavos.  On a 5D timeline, that makes sense. 

Lavos, the Planet, and other Entities / Re: So, What is the Entity in CT?
« on: October 24, 2008, 11:23:18 pm »
That, and how he programmed the Nu with his memories to perform two tasks: The first was to hand over the Wings of Time to Crono & co., and the other was activate the dolls that would allow them to scale death peak and use the Time Egg.  It was quite interesting as well that Bosh programmed the Nu with the knowledge of how to use the Time Egg.  Coincidence? Definitely not.  Bosh somehow found out about these time gates and was able to play a part in orchestrating Chrono Trigger.  The fact that he knew what would happen in the 5-D timeframe (the timeline in which Chrono Trigger progresses) before it would actually happen suggests he could have had a larger part in the events of Chrono Trigger than we actually know about.  All we have are the hintings-at from the game.   

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