Kid and Harle (Relations)


Kid and Harle share many traits and mannerisms that transcend the coincidental.

  • Both Harle and Kid speak of kicking someone's arse (or derriere) to the moons.
  • Both talk about Serge being handsome or sexy (Kid after you save her from being poisoned) and fight each other over him at Viper Manor.
  • Both have the same height, build, and appearance.
  • Both act as a right hand and foil to Serge and Lynx/Dark Serge, switching sides during the game.
  • Harle is involved with the Dragon God, as Kid (or Schala, one step removed) is involved with the Time Devourer.
  • When Harle tries to stop Kid from touching the Flame at Chronopolis, she speaks of Kid wanting to destroy the world and end it all, and observes, "I know exactly how you feel" if this is a physical manifestation of an inner mental conflict.
  • They have the same response from the Fortune Teller.


The Dragon God created Harle, a human being, from within the Time Devourer (as it had long ago been consumed). Since Schala is connected to the Time Devourer, the Dragon God probably simply borrowed the closest human DNA it could find to create its new agent.




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