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Another Eden Classic Website[edit]

Background and Location Art[edit]

Chrono Cross Background Viewer[edit]

by utunnels

This lets you cycle through and view the backgrounds of Chrono Cross.

It supports both the US and JP versions, CD 1 and CD 2, though the GUI has not been polished. Currently it only supports 2352 bytes sector ISOs, but you can change a number in the source code to support 2048 ones (doesn't seem necessary, though).

How to use:

  • File -> Open ISO Select your ISO file.
  • File -> Save Image Save current rendered image as png.
  • File -> Exit Quit
  • ? No function
  • About No function

Checkboxes are used to disable/enable layers; sometimes you need to disable some layers to get a correct image. The number selector is used to switch rooms. It takes some time to load a room. Some rooms are empty in disc 1 or disc 2 though.

Chrono Cross Dialogue Font[edit]

by Lunar Archivist

Chrono Cross Instruction Manual[edit]

ZeaLitY has scanned the instruction manual. Download here:

Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine Demo Disc 47[edit]

This disc had video previews for Chrono Cross (just the Scars of Time intro, pretty much) and Chrono Trigger (Final Fantasy Chronicles).

Script Files[edit]

If you're looking for the actual script, see Scripts.

Sound Effect Pack[edit]

If you can help rip a more complete pack, please check this thread.

Triple Triad Deck[edit]

by Koa


From Koa comes a Chrono Cross Triple Triad deck!


Winamp Skins[edit]

From Chronicles.

Cc wa-03.gif

Cc wa-01.gif

Cc wa-02.gif


Ending Savestates[edit]

There have always been memory card saves available at Gamefaqs that allow quick access to the various endings of Chrono Cross, but these require a battle with the Time Devourer; in addition, no single memory card save has yet to contain all ending opportunities. For the purpose of easy access and fan enjoyment, I have gathered ePSXe savestates saved just before each ending. Please view the readme for instructions.

Magical Dreamers Concert[edit]

This savestate takes you to the Magical Dreamers concert, and uses slot 3 on disc 1.

Mystical Knights Battle[edit]

If you don't feel like starting a New Game + to reach the Bend of Time and get a shot at Ozzie, Slash, and Flea, use this savestate. Slot 5 on disc 2.


Chrono Cross Commercial[edit]

This is the official commercial for the game.

Chrono Cross Trailer[edit]

This is the official trailer for the game. It appeared on the Square Preview Video with Chrono Cross.

Chrono Cross V-Jump Preview Video[edit]

See Chrono Cross V-Jump Preview Video!

Radical Dreamers Edition Music Videos and Interview[edit]

Squaresoft 5.1ch Promo DVD[edit]

See Squaresoft 5-1ch Movie Collection Promo DVD.

Another Eden Promos[edit]

Final Fantasy Brave Exbius Promo[edit]

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