Author Topic: FaustWolf's progress thread and bug report  (Read 15718 times)


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Re: FaustWolf's progress thread and bug report
« Reply #120 on: April 27, 2009, 09:20:37 pm »
It'll be a couple weeks before I can get back into this hardcore, but I wanted to list these before I forget:

1. Your favorite JP -- party gets wacked out after battle in this hallway in Dalton's dungeon. I think it happens a couple times in this same hall. I can't believe I didn't report these first go around; they're somewhat minor, so it's probably that they didn't bother me relative to other bugs and not because it happens with only certain parties. I guess...

2. I went to the commons and talked to the Earthbound Elder immediately after fighting the Son of Sun and seeing the DBT gate form (I think this is "Let us Part in Regret" but not quite sure), but no text box popped up for him. The game froze for me on this one.