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Other Topics and the Prerelease / Re: Preview from Nintendo Power #68
« on: June 09, 2021, 07:32:14 pm »
That's one of the images on the Prism Cards. Don't know if I've seen it in any of the magazines.

I think that's the story side of Chrono Symphonic.

Yeah, prehistory got cut entirely. In fact, a lot of story got skipped and replaced/merged with other parts of the story, like the first trip to 600 A.D (replaced with a trip to the ruined future).

I've been investigating the music format of the PS1 version lately. Mainly documenting instruments, with some (very little) trying to figure out the note data. But not seeing the right data in the expected place for this track made me look into it.
The sequence data for To Far Away Times/Outskirts Times is far bigger than the other tracks.
The ripper failed to copy all the data, so it glitches whenever it tries to play from a missing portion.
Additionally, to fit all its data, its sequence data is placed at an earlier spot of memory than other tracks in regular gameplay (the extras music selection always uses this earlier spot). I haven't found the origin point for the toggle to read sequence data from this spot instead of the normal position. I think there are a bunch of things in memory past the regular position for the data that would overwrite the music data if it goes that far.

I don't know yet whether I can make a minipsf to integrate with the existing collection, or if it'll have to be a separate PSF file, possibly with some nasty hacks to force it to start reading data from the right place.
There are also some unused variants on To Far Away times in the music data that I'm looking into, some of which behave differently when placed at the regular memory address.

Also, while they've never been listed here as missing, I could also rip the variants from the extras music player (i.e. full-length Chrono Trigger theme and Frog's Theme with intro).

While I already made a separate PSF with hacked code, I'd prefer to do better or see if it's possible to do that and make it a minipsf before posting it. For now, here's a minipsf of one of the versions of the track (might not be the one used in-game), still glitched, but not as much. Place it with the other files in the set to listen.

Regarding the poem, it's called from a debug object that only appears if a certain debugging flag is set.
Code: [Select]
| Entity 11 INIT
0x05EC: SET_POSITION_UNSIGNED(-47, -318, 0)
0x05F4: op8D(0x00)
0x05F6: RECT_SIZE(60, 60)
0x05FB: JUMP 0x0604 IF VAR_BIT[Ind. Menu Start] CLEAR
0x0601: JUMP(0x0607)
0x0607: STOP()
NO. 00 : $1800 + 0-15
14. Ind. Menu Start
"Ind. Menu Start" is a flag stored in one of the high bits of a variable/set of flags at 0x180 of the event variables/flags, or 0x800E5920 in memory.

So, with the debug mode code also active, add this code:
300E5921 0040

Warp to map 295 with parameter 0, then "talk" to the fire and choose the third option, "Pos". A test of some of Kid's choreography for the regular scene will play out, with her saying the poem.

I can tell from doing a search on "Ind. Menu Start" that this flag will enable debug objects in many other locations, but I don't exactly have the skills to just look at a set of coordinates and determine where it is in the location. Sometimes, it might be placed in a prominent object, other times not so much. For example, there's one in Doc's clinic (Home) right in the wall beneath the door to the other room. But all this is much less relevant than the stuff for the regular scope of the game.

Those codes for the elder's house are listed there, just under "Misc events".

Yeah, almost all the dialogue in Medina, except for Melchior/Bosch IIRC, is misaligned in the prototype ROM. I once made a patch to adjust all the stringbanks for the area based on what was the "correct" string index for obvious lines like the innkeeper. That's where the attributions in the  translated pre-release script come from.

There's some interesting stuff in there. On page 3 there's a shot of King Guardia, Queen Leene, and a soldier in what I believe to be an early version of the cathedral boss room. It's a tiny room compared to the final version, but I think it's the only room that uses the open version of those windows.
More like an early version of the room next to the secret room with the Magus statue. The quote's almost exactly the same with only minor punctuation differences.

That reminds me, in the V-Jump March issue, there's a tiny inset of the 600 A.D. map.
The exact extent of the desert area is different, and the house is further down.

Definitely not news to me, but it might be the first time I've seen it explicitly acknowledged in print that the screenshot and artwork are depicting the same thing.
There's certainly a tendency to pair the artwork with images from Death Peak.

The Great To-Do List / Re: [6000] Chrono Cross sound pack?
« on: January 09, 2021, 07:45:27 pm »
The short answer is you shouldn't run those tools on BIN disc images (2352 bytes/sector). They don't know to ignore the ECC data/whatever between sectors, so they misinterpret that data as part of the image/sound. Run them instead on an ISO (2048 bytes/sector) or on the extracted files.

Chrono Trigger Modification / Re: Frog's Theme Intro Recreated
« on: January 05, 2021, 04:12:12 pm »
Complicated SPC work seemed to be one of those final frontiers utunnels was working on when everyone faded away.
A short recap.

Back in 2008, as a result of looking into the mods created by the Japanese Romancing SaGa community, I learned about their ability to create custom music in another game using a slight variation on the music format. I introduced the tool they used.

utunnels then made his own command-line partial reimplentation of the Music Macro Language importer, but I don't think it ever got widespread use for any of the Square games it could support. (Checking the FF6 Hacking fansite today, there may be some tools of their own now.)

Not being a composer, I stuck to using MIDI-to-MML converters when I wasn't developing and/or modifying programs to dump music from other Square games.

I believe in the early post-C&D days, somebody started working on an Impulse Tracker (IT) to mml converter, the idea being you could compose and listen to a piece in the tracker beforehand.

Chrono Trigger Modification / Re: Text extraction
« on: December 20, 2020, 02:34:45 am »
Those were done with the original ROM layout. Temporal Flux doesn't work within the shared text banks, it gives each event packet its own little text block. If other tools don't analyze the event packets, they won't know the new text locations and will fail to get the new text.

It's not what it's meant for, and it wouldn't let you reinsert the text, but you could use the "translation project" feature on a copy of the ROM and then examine the "Translation.Project" file in a hex editor.

Chrono Trigger Modification / Re: Character Graphics Swap hack.
« on: October 09, 2020, 03:15:42 am »
I was going to write this earlier before I changed my mind.
One of the quirks of the engine is that in some cases, it's programmed to load PC graphic data only from the original PC graphic banks. When it's given an address outside them, it defaults to bank D5, the one containing Ayla. I think there might have been a patch for this, but I'm not sure.
Something interesting,  if you get into a battle it uses Frog's graphics again ( minus his palette)
Another one of those spots where it ignores the sprite data entries, instead using the PC index.

Chrono Trigger Modification / Re: Character Graphics Swap hack.
« on: September 19, 2020, 12:52:48 am »
You left out the part where you can't just swap pointers around, since all the regular animation data entries have to be consecutive to load properly. (The last entry is presumably not used, just there to set the size of the final actual animation set).
I'm not sure, but adding on a new pointer entry to the regular animation data pointers requires two entries: one for the start offset of the new data, one for the end.

Chrono Trigger Modification / Re: Character Graphics Swap hack.
« on: September 17, 2020, 12:48:51 pm »
Wait, have you never dealt with full HiROM addresses before? DCxxxx is just the 1C0000 range. Which is where most of the PCs' sprite assemblies are placed.
Code: [Select]
1C0000 1C27AF SASM N (06) Sprite Assembly - Magus 2007.06.29
1C27B0 1C4E6F SASM N (00) Sprite Assembly - Crono 2007.06.29
1C4E70 1C748F SASM N (02) Sprite Assembly - Lucca 2007.06.29
1C7490 1C9AD7 SASM N (04) Sprite Assembly - Frog 2007.06.29
1C9AD8 1CC07F SASM N (01) Sprite Assembly - Marle 2007.06.29

How did you go around changing the graphic pointers without noticing the existing entries were all "nonexistent addresses" by that interpretation?

If we're making a unified spreadsheet rather than a separate one, then we need to account for those lines that changed even in the Japanese DS version.
An eternity ago, I read from the BBS logs on Ms. Kotoi's site that some lines of dialogue were changed in the PS1 release, the examples given were colors to button names and Taban's line in the ending. Thanks to them leaving the substitute string entries in the US release code, I know from hacking research exactly which ones got changed, though not the Japanese text directly (I checked videos).
The only changes that weren't to button references were censorship of underage drinking. These seem to have carried over into the DS release, though the last one (Taban's) merged back in the "you're the hero" sentence.

The DS version probably has some revisions of its own, but the only one I know for sure is the guy who manages the races at the fair. And that line in the developer's ending now referencing the original game's release year.

もし よそうをしたいなら
はしっている全員が そこに
そろった時 オレに話しかけな!

There's a race underway.
Be quiet and watch!

If you want to try and guess the next winner,
talk to me once the runners have lined up over
there after the race.

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