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History, Locations, and Artifacts / Questions about Reptites and Zeal!!
« on: October 19, 2004, 10:53:20 pm » I decided to go through Chrono Trigger again because I'm in the process of writing a fan-fic and wanted as much information answered as possible (and if it has no answer than I want to make my own answer for it in my fan-fic). Anyway, I found many unanswered questions revolving around the Reptites and Zeal that I was hoping to get answers to, or even speculation on the questions...but here they are:


(1)   How did the Reptites become so much more advanced than Ayla's people?

(2)   How does Azala know about Lavos's landing, and also how did he know that it would bring the end of the Reptites about? (The reason I ask this is because of this section of text from the game spoken by Azala' is as follows: "No...It can't be...! Could the heavens truly have sided with the apes? Listen, primates, and let it be known. We Reptites fought to the bitter end! Soon stones of fire will rain down. Flames shall scorch the land. The burned-out plains will slowly freeze, ushering in a long, cruel ice age. Mwa, haha...What a treat! You will wish you went along with us! The future...We...have no future...")

(3) This doesn't really tie in to this but Where did Lavos come from (like what planet, are there more of it's species, was it created by some other creature/entity)?


(1)   Why are Nu's abundent in Zeal (more so than in any other era)?

(2)   Why does Queen Zeal forbid the planting of the sapling (other plants too) and the use of any elemental weapon/energy source?

(3)   How does Zeal float? (Not really important.....just buggs me)

(4)   Where does Schala get her extraordinary magical powers (I ask this for 2 reasons. One reason is that Janus doesn't have these skills inherently. My second reason is what 2 Zeal citizens said, both from Kajar. One said, "Schala's an incredible child who has extraordinary magical powers" and another said, "I heard Schala's powers far exceed those of her mother"...........Now if she didn't get all her magical powers from Queen Zeal then did she receive them from her father or was it both King & Queen Zeal's magic passed down that gave Schala her extraordinary powers OR was it neither, was she really of the Zeal bloodline [adopted maybe?])

(5)   How did Zeal get so technologically advanced?

(6)   Is Lavos's power infinite? (Some citizens state this....just wonderin' if it has any value)

(7)   Does the Mammon Machine draw and magnify the power of Lavos (This question comes from one Zeal citizens' comment about the Mammon Machine...the citizen stated, "The Mammon draws and magnifies the infinite power of Lavos")?

- Well that's all of them...thanks for your time I'll be checkin' back soon! -

- Dubs, Over N Out!! :wink:

It wasn't until I started writing my story based on CT and CC that I began to think about does the Epoch travel through time without tons of energy to power it up? It's got to have some sort of fuel so to speak that keeps it going back and forth through time and not to mention flying. I know the game never speaks of it (and if it did I missed it!)....but I was wondering if the games did or what everyone here thinks.

~ Time Traveler, Dubs

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