Lab 16

General Information[edit]

Chrono Trigger[edit]

DS Name: Site 16
Era: 2300 A.D.
Music: Dome-16's Ruin
Items: 1 Berserker, 1 Ether, 1 Lode Bow, 1 Lode Sword
Enemies: Crater, Meat Eater, Mutant, Octo Pod, Rat, Shadow

Lab 16 is the name given to the expansive ruins of a major city destroyed by the Day of Lavos. It is composed of mangled concrete and metal, and is haunted by mutants and other organic anomalies who make travel perilous. Rats also steal from those journeying across the ruins. However, passage is possible for normal people, as the Trann Dome man manages to smuggle the Seed across the ruins.




From: Locations (Chrono Trigger)