Heckran (Monsters)

General Information[edit]

Game Information[edit]

For biographical information, see Heckran.

Chrono Trigger[edit]

Era: 1000 A.D.
Home Area: Heckran Cave
Level: 13
Attacks: Cyclone / Water, Water, Water Wave!!, Yes indeed!
Charm: None
Item Won: None


HP: 2,100
Attack: 40
Defense: 253
Magic: 16
Magic Defense: 59
Speed: 16
Stamina: 10
Evade: 9
Hit: 100
TP: 10
Exp: 250
Gold: 1500
Absorbs: None
Resists: None
Cancels: None
Weakness: None

Final Fantasy Chronicles Strategy: Use elemental attacks. Ignore his taunts or he'll counter with Water Wave. Heal and wait until he stands up again.



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