Ghetz's Shirt

General Information[edit]

Chrono Cross[edit]

Used by: All
Base: 0-0 (1%)
Effects: Defense +3, Magic Defense +4, Evade% +50, Afraid, Fatigued, Darkness, Cursed, and Dizzy
Materials: 1 Bone, 5 Eyeball, 5 Humour, 1 Leather, 1 Shiny Soot
Sell: 10g

How to Obtain:

This shirt is owned by Ghetz, Greco's friend. Ghetz's Shirt cannot be obtained except through a Gameshark code. It's dropped by an unused Wraith that can't be found in-game. Since the Wraith in question follows monster #104 (Gloop in Viper Manor sewers), the Wraith was probably going to be the one near the hole close to the forest exit; it's likely developers simply forgot to add it or mistakenly put a normal Wraith there.

A Brady Game guide listed the unused monster, sparking several rumors that a Wraith drops the shirt in the Hydra Marshes; these often involve elaborate plots and requirements to receive the shirt. A hack to restore this Wraith exists; see Chrono Cross Modifications and Translations.

A patterned shirt with really bad taste!




The genesis of the Ghetz rumors; thanks to V_Translanka


Probably the Wraith intended to be the Ghetz's shirt Wraith

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