Chrono Cross Modifications and Translations

General Information[edit]

This page links to completed hacks and translations.

ROM Hacks[edit]

Chrono Cross Debug Room[edit]

prizvel has restored the Chrono Cross debug room (which was cut in the final game), and has even added new functions! Be sure to read the readme.

Chrono Cross: Magus Unmasked[edit]

The Magus Unmasked patch modifies Guile's model, weaponry, tech descriptions, and portraits so that he more closely resembles Magus from Chrono Trigger.


Stats, tech & attack animations, and dialogue are not yet modified. Once the Kajar Labs team behind this patch discovers how to edit stats and animations, these aspects will be incorporated into a new release of this patch.

As for dialogue and storyline changes, we defer to Masato Kato's judgment that it is "...impossible to portray the relationship between Magus and Schala adequately in this game [given] ...such a huge number of playable characters." This by no means suggests that a complete Guile-to-Magus storyline conversion will never come to fruition; it merely means that a hacking project of far greater scope than this patch will be required to do justice to a Chrono Cross involving Magus. The solution to Kato's dilemma may lie in the Darkness Beyond Time...

Download Magus Unmasked here. Be sure to follow the readme step-by-step, because patching Playstation games is extremely tricky.

Here's a preview so that you know what to expect from Magus Unmasked.

The Kajar Labs team responsible for 'Magus Unmasked previously completed a "Magil Edition" patch that edited Guile so that he resembled Magil from Radical Dreamers. Inspired by the Springtime of Youth, FaustWolf experimented with dialogue editing and produced a short film to show off what is currently possible in regards to Chrono Cross editing. See its segments at the following Youtube links:

They also completed a "Janus Edition" patch that differs from the Magil Edition only in eye color. If green eyes are your preference, download that version here.

Chrono Cross: Time's Anguish[edit]

A hardtype hack.

Ghetz Shirt Fix[edit]

by prizvel

Replaces the Wraith in the Viper Manor Sewers with the unused Wraith containing the Ghetz's Shirt drop.

Pip Element Grid Fix[edit]

By Remi Negest

Fixes this issue:

Pip's character has a glitch where even if he evolves to Holy Beast or an Arch form, he loses the last two slots in his Element Grid if the Playstation console is turned off. This can be counteracted in two ways. Firstly, one can simply never turn off the Playstation. This can burn the disc, however. Secondly, one can keep two save files; one with a normal game and evolved Pip, and one with a Pip almost ready to evolve. When you boot up, load up the unevolved Pip game first, evolve him, and then load up the real game. Pip's new Element Grid will carry over. This can be done with different evolved forms to make a larger than normal Element Grid (Archangel has the largest).

Upscale Project[edit]

See board (if locked, reach out to Kodokami). In development.

Beetle-PSX mod:

dgneo's 4K Gigapixel AI Upscaled backgrounds (not part of the demonstration to date, but may be of use):

Upscaled texture pack:

Chrono Cross HD Installation Guide by legaiaflame

If you have a particular bug in battle, this may help:

Hey all. I was having the exact same problem as VoShay, where I would cast an element and get stuck in the cast animation. I tried all sorts of things including downloading Kodokami's RetroArch file. Downloading this mostly worked, the bug still happened but it happened much less frequently. However, I could not get the Widescreen Mode Hack to work properly. The displayed world was not aligning with the collision and geometry properly, and forcing 16:9 without the Widescreen Mode Hack turned on just stretched the 4:3 image which was ugly. Aside from the "casting crash" of the more modern RetroArch, it displays everything perfectly in widescreen without having to turn on the Widescreen Mode Hack, which misaligns the world. The game is just gorgeous this way, so I really wanted to figure out the "casting crash". I was about to post here asking for some ideas when I saw Kodokami's suggestion quoted above about testing switching back to the defaults of CD Access Mode and CD Loading Speed. I decided to test it before I posted asking for help. Changing the CD Access Mode didn't work, so I set it back to the recommended Pre-Cache, but switching the CD Loading Speed back to the native default of 2x DID work. I have been trying for an hour to reproduce the bug but cannot.

Single Disc Project[edit]

This allows you to play Chrono Cross on an emulator without needing to change discs. Thanks to Danetta, also to itoikenza for playtesting


French Translation[edit]

The one that started it all and gave the world the first set of Chrono Cross hacking tools.

Italian Translation[edit]

Portuguese (BR) Translation[edit]

By GamesLive.

Spanish Translation[edit]

By darkchuga.

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