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Radical Dreamers[edit]

Origin: Unknown

Gange is a master of illusory magic who resided in Viper Manor in the scenario The Enigmatic Gigaweapon: Paradise X. Living only within gems, which he occupies until transferring to a new jewel (shattering the previous one on the process), Gange self-servingly initiated a search for gladiators in his illusory coliseum, a process that involved sending two hapless victims to battle each other in an illusory world. Though it is unknown how many fighters clashed before the Radical Dreamers' infiltration of Viper Manor, Kid and Serge soon found themselves facing each other in the coliseum, albeit warped into monstrosities many times their size. Magil prevented them from killing one another; afterwards, Gange noted that all three of the group were interesting, and allowed the party to take his gem with them. When the Radical Dreamers confronted Lynx, Gange summoned Paradise X, which fought with Mecha-Lynx until the latter was fried and Lynx was dead. Gange then transferred his being into a new gem -- the Frozen Flame itself. He notes that his powers are now incredible due to the quality of the host jewel; the party then set out to find more gems.

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