1999 A.D. (CTP)

General Information[edit]

Chrono Trigger Prerelease[edit]

Music: Lavos's Theme

1999 A.D. retains the lines seen in the Day of Lavos recording. If one uses a code to access the Lavos eruption, one can find him simply sitting on the ground. Challenging him causes a small scene and then freezes movement after starting the interior heartbeat theme. Lavos's eruption sprite is also different on the overworld. Also of note, while it's possible to visit this map in the final only via cheats/glitches, you can teleport here directly from the Epoch's era select menu in the prototype, and it's treated as a normal world map. However, the grid overlay from the Arris Dome display is always present (while it isn't in the final). None of the buildings can be entered in either version. Finally, for some reason, there is collision detection in the prototype. It seems to be a carryover from whatever was used to make the map, as the collision is partly broken on the "Medina" continent.



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