Author Topic: HUGE UPDATE! Mitsuda, Flux, Interviews, Art, RD, Chrono Beat, CTR, FAN ART!!  (Read 2324 times)


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Yasunori Mitsuda was recently interviewed by, and received a question about a new Chrono game. Here's what he said:

On a New Game - Regarding the series itself, there are a lot of politics involved, but of course if anything were to move forward on it, I would love to be a part of it. Regardless of whether it's a Chrono game or not, though, I would want to work on something similar in scope and atmosphere with Kato again in the future...Well, I still talk with the folks at Square Enix, and I have a really good relationship with some of them. If they had a good concept for the game, I would be OK with it.  On Kato - Of course, he left the company for a reason -- there was some frustration -- but if Square asked him to work on it, he probably would.  On Not Involving Kato - If that would be the case, I would feel weird about it -- because if it's a Chrono game, Kato should be involved.

Find the whole interview here; he talks about writing the music of Trigger, too. I've also added a few interviews missing from the Chrono Compendium Interview section, a national treasure in its own right. Check out that link to brush up. Let's get moving...

[1]  Temporal Flux 2.75 is out! Hit Geiger's Crypt or this link to download. To give feedback and read about the new features, visit this thread. Eternal thanks to Geiger (and JLukas's beta testing work ethic).  [2]  Sentou Ryoku located two pieces of Chrono Trigger art apparently made by V-Jump; check them out here. If you can find better or cleaner versions, by all means post them!  [3]  The page on health and love point systems for Radical Dreamers has been expanded to reflect new, mostly-complete research on the game. Find out what Kid's affection influences by going here[4]  There's been a slight correction concerning one of Magus's lines in the Retranslation. Scroll to the bottom of this page to read.  [5]  Captain B has released the third build of Chrono Beat, his air Trigger themed air shooter. Grab it here and give him feedback here[6]  Guru of Reason Chrono'99 dug up some alpha screenshots of Chrono Trigger Resurrection here[7]  I've added what we've identified of the battle sound effects to the encyclopedia here. If you'd like to help us identify them, hit that page, download the battle effect pack, and trace the sounds to their techs; post your findings here. Now, let's get to art, starting with a bang and continuing with some Chrono Break stuff thrown in:

What you see above is the work of Straafe, who's been modeling Robo for some time.  But be mindful, HE IS NOT MAKING A GAME OR CT REMAKE; PLEASE DO NOT GET EXCITED. Check in on his work on a Magus model at here, and view his work thus far (including a great Robo scene clocking in at 1600x1226) through these links - [ Robo scene render - Robo walking - Robo walking (front) - Robo walking (right) ]  You can see the older version of the model through these links - [ Robo posed - Robo - Robo rotating ]

We've got a lot more fan art where that came from!  [1]  Let's start with Jackson Ferrell's talented pieces, including some awesome Johnny art. [ We Lowlifes Can Call Him Johnny! - Ogan Battle - She's a Witch - She's a...Cleric?[2]  Thanks to 8LACK81RD, we have three interesting mockup pictures for Chrono Break. Visit the Fan Art page or click - [ Poster - Logo - Villain Poster ]. Give him some feedback in this thread[3]  Moving on, grey_the_angel rendered Harle in MSPaint; click here to view.  [4]  Finally, we've got 9900giljerky's sketch contributions. [ Frog - Kid - Lynx ] [hidden]

God, what a huge update. These things are turning into mammoths.[/hidden]
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That's cool...I always figured it'd be more of a getting the right team together kind of thing than anything else...It's good to know that they feel that way...or, at least, Mitsuda...

Yeah, I remember the Robo thingy...Looks better now...though he still doesn't have his leather thingies...I can't help but think how naked he looks w/o them...

Love that Johnny pic...And I still feel bad for Ayla & Robo not being included in that Chrono Break stuff...grey_the_angel did an awesome job on Harle too.

Well, anyways, I appreciate the ginormous news updates...It gives hope for the future of the series. THE DREAM WILL NEVER DIE!!!


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Awesome News !  8)


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I actually like these enormous updates.  One of my fears is that Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross would eventually be one of the great and long-forgotten games.  But having these updates and comments from people like Mitsuda really makes me feel that these wonderful games are still alive and possibly have more to them in the future. :)

Also, I really love the fanart.  Great job!