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General Discussion / Re: Stuff you hate
« on: July 31, 2006, 02:43:17 am »

You're new. You have 150 posts. You've contributed next to no meaningful discussion, and you're not funny.

Sorry, but if you're going to make more than half a dozen posts a day, they better be well thought and interesting. More importantly, they better have a real purpose -- even if it's humor, in which case it better be pretty damn funny.

The Compendium wasn't created for a bunch of teenage kids (or the mental equivalent) to spend all day getting their kicks out of posting one-liners to each other. This isn't GameFAQs.

Can we assume this is one of the things you hate?

Hmm... I also hate lazy coworkers that actually take naps on the job and then the only repercussion is they get sent home early, which is what they wanted in the first place, and then I'm stuck cleaning all their stuff because they were too busy napping to finish up before they left.


You know, most people would just have thought "Ha, not funny" and ignored it. Hell, some people may even have found it pretty funny. However, I've never seen anyone reply to such a meaningless joke as though it were serious -- definitely not with an entire paragraph. It's downright mindboggling.

Honestly, was that supposed to be your idea of a witty reply, or did you really just not get that she was making a really bad joke?

I think perhaps she was aiming to push in the Matt Shadows quip, which I rather enjoyed.
But then, you might not have.
But then, I hardly care.


You see, I think my twelve year old sister is something like 5'6 already. I bet all three of my sisters are going to be my height (6'0) when they get older. My mother, too, is rather tall, being at least 5'10.

I think most females hit their average height for the rest of their life around the onset of their teens though. But that might be dependent on diet or activites a bit too. Not completely sure.

General Discussion / Re: Stuff you hate
« on: July 30, 2006, 01:06:03 pm »

Hah, I keep forgetting to take it with me when I drive. But I told Ramsus it is soon to arrive.

Ah, it's not just you. Someone else still has to return a Sims2 disc to me, as well as 3 or so books.

....Still, yay. :D When I get it, I will proclaim you my god. At least for 10 whole minutes.

*resists making a joke involving human-made plains*


As for the topic, what else do I hate? Bananas. And pineapples. But I suppose saying that makes me just plain silly. (and melons and mushrooms and spiders)(especially spiders)

... I couldn't give a rat's ass less ...



Sorry, couldn't resist that bit.

General Discussion / Re: Stuff you hate
« on: July 30, 2006, 06:13:41 am »
I hate it when something of mine gets borrowed when it's only needed for one day, and takes months to be returned.
I also hate it when something is borrowed that would take a little longer to enjoy, but isn't returned for years.

Worse off when things are returned broken or damaged, and the most the person offers is a pitiful "sorry."

General Discussion / Re: Need to know
« on: July 28, 2006, 01:53:51 pm »
Yes but really good artist have a mind of there own (imagination). They draw their own thoughts not something that has already been drawn. That just says you are a good drawer.
They draw what they see in their mind not on TV or a Video game their feelings and things like that.  Get me??

That's kind of the same as saying that fanfiction writers aren't real writers, because they didn't create the world/characters featured in their stories.

General Discussion / Re: best villian in the SE universe.
« on: July 28, 2006, 01:46:56 pm »
I totally didn't understand what you meant for the longest time...I meant "clod" in the more traditional, "he's a clumsy bastard" eh?

So I take it you simply capitalized it to underline how important it is that he is a clod of a Cloud? =P

Something that I am a bit curious about now is what you would consider ideal weight for a woman? You've already mentioned a bit that you consider a woman closer to your own height to be more attractive, and what you would consider attractive weight would be an interesting thing to know as well, seeing as others have provided examples of what they would consider, and you have responded to a few of those considerations.

I am also curious as to what your definitions as far as "excess weight" are? You have stated that excess weight will overwhelm the body and cause certain problems, and I am wondering what weight you believe these problems are likely to happen at. 


If you have experienced some amount of prejudice, I suppose I owe an apology for my assumption. And now I'm more curious as to whether you were ostracized not necessarily for being very bright and quirky, but also possibly for being a bit argumentative as well? =P
Can I say that safely without having something repeated at me thrice as though I need it sufficiently beat into my thick skull?

Quote from: Lord J esq
Now, you might ask yourself how anybody could like the thought of being fat, but you would be forgetting that the reason this question occurs to you so intuitively is that you've grown up in a culture where fat prejudice is very strong.

I would like to point out that this question did not occur to me. As a critique, a lot of your responses in general to most people seems to lie under the assumption that weighing heavily in their mind, and behind a lot of what they say, is the strong culturally influenced ideal that fat is wrong, that everything everyone has said stems from this prejudice, and pointing out where you believe it might be showing through.  Truly, this might  be the case in many instances - still, it makes it nearly impossible to make a slightly adverse point to yours, because the point could always easily be written off as having an underlying prejudice that you are discussing showing through. Rearing its ugly head, one might say. Or... err... not say.

Also, it seems that it would be pointless to search and post links to anything such as a study that possibly links health problems to weight gain, simply because you have also mentioned several times that you believe such studies are taken up based on the prejudice - that these people are searching for why fat is bad, or noticing such things because they wish to prove that fat is bad, to back up their prejudice. Still, scientific research is rarely absolute - some people take certain theories as "law," but even these could possibly, in time, be debunked. In this sense, one could say that researchers are simply trying to prove that fat is bad, and it would be highly difficult to argue that point - but if there is a high correlation between such things as, say, weight gain and diabetes, is it really safe to so quickly toss it out the window as "possibly being backed by prejudice"?

Quote from: Lord J esq
You lost your logic line somewhere in there. Judging a person who judges a person by race, as racist, is not racist. (I dare you to read that sentence aloud.) Your statement is sort of a gibberish.

I know what he said used the wrong words, but is it really so difficult to figure out for one so bright and quirky as you, oh lord?
I believe what he meant was that, hating people who are racist is a prejudice within itself. We all have our underlying prejudices - I believe at some point you expressed that you have a prejudice yourself against people who are highly sexist.

...Still, I wonder about how we're using the word prejudice here. An exact definition always involves "preconceptions" and silly ideals that you hold about people that are not necessarily true. Once people throw around the word prejudice, the simplest definition seems to be that we all hate and judge, which isn't necessarily a correct definition of the word. Then again, I suppose that to judge a person without fully knowing them takes a certain amount of what you percieve about them that might not necessarily be true... and also the English language is ever changing... still I suppose this last bit is digression.

Dammit Flesher. Why don't you Just say Matt?

Waitwait.... you wear make up?

General Discussion / Re: best villian in the SE universe.
« on: July 27, 2006, 06:40:46 pm »
Why must Clod be stronger than Crono? Where Crono is as powerful as the magic he wields, Clod is only as strong as the Materia he happens to have equipped (and the mastery of said Materia)...Clod is basically using the Chrono Cross system...>_>

No longer is he a fluffy thing in the sky, but a dirtball on the ground.

....I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.

The reason I'm concerned about "the prejudices people have about overweight people," as you put it, is not because I worry about being a target myself--you should know by now that I have no interest in winning the approval of petty people--but rather because the prejudice itself is just so darn...well...wrong.

True enough as it may be that you have no interest in "winning the approval of petty people," most people for the most part still worry to some extent how others view them or percieve them as being.  Not really related to anything, and could lead into a variety of thoughts, but I'm running on little sleep and just got off of work, so I doubt I could explain myself coherantly if I tried to follow it through. So why am I even writing? I don't know. Okay, moving on...

Now, what does "straight and white" have to do with the rest of your sentence? What does it have to do with anything? Maybe you have some other prejudices to work out, too.

"Straight and white" mainly in the context that assuming you are straight, white and male, I also assume that you do not necessarily deal with the amount of prejudice that certain other people might. Of course, arguably, straight, white males are the only people in the United States that it is socially acceptable to show open prejudice to - I have heard this point before - but I have yet to see people stare at a white boy suspiciously and for no good, conceivable reason for fear of being mugged as I have seen people do with my black friends, and I rarely hear of instances of someone white who can speak perfectly fine English being told to go back to their own country - which has happened to Asian people I know who speak perfectly fine English. And while some females do make rather sexist remarks towards males (usually most especially in frustration, or the annoying habit that some women have of not attempting to be equal, but to be superior) you do not really hear of men being held back in any way for these remarks. Nor do you hear of straight males being beaten to near death or ostracized for their sexual preference. Of course there are probably exceptions and examples proving that such occasions of prejudice do occur to straight, white males, but by far it is more unusual and less likely to occur, and as such, I also take in an assumption that possibly you yourself have never, or at least very very rarely, experienced any extreme discrimination.

But then this is ignoring religion, the possibility that you have traveled out of the country and met people/met a lot of people online who hate all Americans, and the possibility that you have met/know people who are minorities who have an extreme prejudice towards white people - which is a lot to ignore. But I was more interested in the one point possibility that you were more worried about prejudice aimed at you than in anything else, which possibly prompted the thoughts in the first place. Also add in the factor that I'm fairly apathetic about most things and I didn't really care that I was taking too much on assumption. So sue me. But don't. I'm very broke.

Also, the main reason that I think that 120lbs at 5'8 is considered incredibly skinny is because I'm 5'3 and have been told by a variety of people that the "ideal" weight for me should be 115-120lbs - for some people to consider that ideal for someone who is also 5 inches taller than me is a bit disturbing.

So... since everyone seems to be mentioning their height/weight in this thread, I'll jump on the bandwagon for the heck of it.
5'3 or 5'4, or at least somwhere in between. 155-160lbs (fluctuates dependent on how much/what I eat within a week).


Anyway, I suppose prejudice is bad but, hey, it just exists Lord J. Like I said, I'm 145lb and 6', which is incredibly scrawny. I look very gaunt, in fact. That puts me in rather the same position, you know? You might say that guys have a prejudice against overweight women, but I can tell you that women are just the same against scrawny guys. It's a two-way thing.

Actually, I know quite a few girls who regularly date skinny guys, or find them attractive. Just like I know quite a few guys who date girls who are a bit overweight.

I seem to see a lot of couples that consist of a girl who is overweight and a guy who is bony too.

General Discussion / Re: y does life have to be so heartbreaking
« on: July 26, 2006, 01:18:53 pm »
Well NIGHTMARE he started it. and watch i bet you hes gone to another on of my post to to down something to get me pisstoff. And NIGHTMARE hven't you noticed he's only replying to my post no where else

The best piece of advice for you, especially if you are already aware that he's just trying to piss you off, is to ignore him. He'll have to stop sometime, and just drawing it out this way is incredibly immature. If you really have to complain/respond, don't do it to him directly. Keep a journal of MattHate, or rant to a friend. Every response you give him is just fueling a fire.

General Discussion / Re: y does life have to be so heartbreaking
« on: July 26, 2006, 01:10:04 pm »
Both of you, settle this in a PM, please.


Or maybe in mortal combat.

General Discussion / Re: best villian in the SE universe.
« on: July 26, 2006, 12:43:23 pm »

Of course. You walk in a completely doomed land, you think "Oh crap, what a fucking smell of smoke". Then you go follow a blood trail and you thing "Omigosh, I'm certainly going to get my ass killed".

Which begs the question, since you think you're gonna get your ass killed, why are you following the blood trail in the first place?

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