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This may not necessarily be true since I am just speculating on the idea. Well, I was looking at a full map of 12,000 B.C. before the fall of Zeal Palace in Chrono Trigger. I had been glancing at a few maps just out of boredom. Anyway, an idea came into my head and so I thought more about it and began speculating. Before I tell you my theory, I wanted to point out some other things real quick.

You can fully explore the entire area of the Prehistoric Era, Middle Ages Era, Present Era, Future Era, and even the Dark Ages Era after the fall of Zeal Palace and the Ocean Palace incident, thanks to the Epoch. At the End of Time, the dwelling where Spekkio and Gaspar reside is the only place of residence at the End of Time while the rest of that existence is infinite darkness/blackness. In the Apocalyptic Era, anything that was worth exploring (if allowed to) ends up becoming ruins anyway, and in the Future, you get to explore what is left after three centuries of the occurrence of the Apocalypse. Also, any and all of Zeal Palace that could have been explored that wasn't, ends up sinking anyway and we all already pretty much know what was in the Sun Palace/Sun Keep and the Forbidden Palace/Northern Palace, or know a bit about them.

So, back to the map of the Dark Ages before the fall of Zeal Palace, during the Ice Age blizzard. We never really get to explore the entire area of this era since we do not have the Epoch and when we do receive the Epoch, it cannot fly due to the lack of wings. We also get to access all of the continents on foot except for the northern/northwestern continent.

With all of that said, let me now explain my theory.

I speculated that there was another possible Earthbound dwelling that existed on that northern/northwestern continent in the Dark Ages before the fall of Zeal Palace, during the Ice Age blizzard. We absolutely have no access to it whatsoever, it is never mentioned with the lack of significance to the storyline and such, and by the time that we would have had access to the said continent, it is already under the sea which means that if there was an Earthbound dwelling, it was wiped out.

This is really just a theory that I came up with, and I even gave it some more thought which lead me to the making of this long, thought out post. To be truthful, I came up with it earlier and am typing this down as I go and the ideas that are relevant to this theory.

I also figured that if there truly was, or ideally was, an Earthbound dwelling, it would most likely be in the mountain(s) or in a cave in the mountain(s) that leads underground. I am also aware that, if there was a dwelling here, then we should have had access to it, or else why bother? Well, this was just an idea that I was playing around with and wanted to see what you guys thought about it.

This is all I can think of for now. Tell me what you think, give me reasons why this is flawed, agree or disagree, etc etc.

I also wanted to know what your answer is to this question. Do you all think that there might have been another possible Earthbound dwelling in the northern/northwestern continent, in the Dark Ages before the fall of Zeal Palace, during the Ice Age blizzard?

Alright, from what I've heard (I've never gotten this ending) when you free Schala in CC and beat it, that gives you the Good Ending. I also hear that she takes ALL the dimensions and timelines and such and she merges them all together into one true timeline existence. This would include the dimensions that were mentioned in all of the Chrono games. CT for SNES, CT for PSX, RD, and CC and dimensions that you don't visit such as the dimensions where the Reptites are the superior race and such. So we are left with one true timeline existence, right??

And now that we have one existence, I also heard that Schala and Kid merge into one true entity so there is only Schala, right?

And after all this, I hear that Schala goes back to find Janus and then will come back to find Serge. Now, I would understand her finding Janus since they were separated and how Janus was also searching for Schala. But something else bothers me. How does Schala know Serge and how does Serge know Schala, for Schala to be searching for someone who is from the Present while she was from the Dark Ages??

These quotes are from another forum that I go to. I wanted to make a thread about the dreams and reality in the Chrono Series.

What parts in the Chrono series were dreams or reality??

Dreams can be both dreams and reality in the Chrono world.

That sounds like the entire Chrono series was just a dream. Was it all just a dream? Was there any sliver of reality there??

...dreams and reality cross themselves in the Chrono world.

What does that mean? Now it sounds like there are more dreams put in with the reality? I am so confused...

In the series, everything is capable of dreaming... And all these dreams influence the time-space more or less:
-A CC song is called "The Dream That Time Is Dreaming".
-Belthasar's notebook in Zeal states humanity first became conscious thanks to a red rock which made them able to dream (Dreamstone).
-The Frozen Flame fulfilled humanity's dream of intelligence by evolving them faster.
-Melchior's dreams are embodied into Masa and Mune.
-A theory claims that Spekkio is Gaspar's dream.
-Doreen says she might be the dream of a dream of a dream etc.
-According to the Japanese game, the event at the Millenial Fair is a "dream" (see my previous post on the chapter titles) (Crono does dream of waking up in his house with Marle instead of his mom, after the first battle with Magus, before waking up in Ayla's hut "for real").
-During the campfire scene, Lucca's dream of going back in time to save her mother's legs was fulfilled in reality.
-Robo (even though he is a robot), kept preciously a seed in his circuits while replanting Fiona's forest, and was then able to create a "Green Dream".
-The Black Dragon's dream, in Another Marbule, materializes into the ghostly Lagoonates, in Home Marbule.
-The sleeping Acacia Dragoon, in Viper's Manor, materialized into Turnip, at Hermit's Hide-Away (what's more in the other dimension if I remember well).
-FATE's dream of reincarnating into a living species (that's what Marle says) made her possess Wazuki and turn him into Lynx.
-In RD, Schala's dream of not having destroyed Zeal, in 12,000 B.C., made her reincarnate into the innocent Kid, in 10xx A.D., thanks to the Frozen Flame.
-In RD, Serge(s)'s adventure(s) sound(s) just like a huge dream repeating itself.
-In CC, Kid's dream about Lucca's orphanage traps her into that event while her body is left unconscious.
-Schala says that living beings "are also perhaps nothing more than a dream dreamt by the planet before it is born."
-And many other stuff I forgot.

Some of these dreams aren't dreamt by living beings (time, the CT adventure, Robo, FATE, the Planet, etc.), yet they are there and influence reality, even in the past, the future, near, or far in space or time. The Planet's Dream could very well be...the Planet's one then.

But when did the actual reality occur? Yet more dreams?? I'm begining to think that everything was a dream..

-Belthasar's notebook in Zeal states humanity first became conscious thanks to a Red Rock which made them able to dream (Dreamstone).

So if humanity becomes conscious, making them able to dream, was reality ocurring before humanity picked up the Red Rock? Or was it humanity being able to create thier own dreams within more dreams? Or was it humanity waking up and being able to dream? Or something totally different?

And then you have Doreen who is the dream of a dream of a dream of a dream, etc etc....and how she seems to come from out of no where at random times, hence, her being able to transport in Enhasa and come out of no where when Masa and Mune talk in CC.... What is that all about?

You also have Spekkio's Origin too. I don't know where my thread went, might have been deleted by me. But..

A theory claims that Spekkio is Gaspar's dream.

..that can be another clue to Spekkio's Origin. He knows about magic, knew about Zeal Palace, him and Gaspar obviously have some connection.

Hopefully somebody can enlighten me on this matter. I am curious to know the answers to my questions and find out what events and parts in the Chrono series were indeed a dream or reality?

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