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Quote from: kazmaka
i would agree that the reason theres not much dreamstone left is because:

1) there wasnt much to begin with (could be wrong, merely a guess)

Dreamstone once flourished before the fall of Zeal. Probably more so before Zeal became highly advanced, who knows. But there was a lot more to go around than there ever would be in the later eras such as the middle ages up to the distant future. Zeal, I would think, used up its available sources of Dreamstone or most of it at least. If Lavos hadn't done what it did in the dark ages, I think Zeal would have lasted for some time, but I can't say for sure.

Quote from: kazmaka
2) the zealian empire used an abundance of it, i would assume there whole city incorparated it, due to its ability to derive energy from sources (eg. lavos) it could of also absorbed the power of the sun stone, into a way the zealians could use it to keep their city in the sky.

Yeah, many things were made from the Dreamstone. I would think that the Dreamstone is what helped the continents of Zeal float above the clouds like they did. Magic would be a good guess as to how that happened but the power of the Dreamstone and even the Sun Stone could have been used for this purpose. The people of Zeal did use up the Sun Stone because I think someone in Zeal mentions how it'd be aeons before they'd see that glow again, or something along that line. But, Melchior could have also used it to make elemental weapons as well. There was after all, the blue pyramid on the northern Zeal continent, also known as the Forbidden Palace. I think just about everyone was forbidden to access that place. Someone even mentioned there being a key, but you don't ever get it in the game, to my knowledge and memory.

You could even say that the people of Zeal once used the energy of the planet but once they discovered the energy and power of Lavos, someone in Zeal says something about how they don't need the energy of the tired old planet anymore.

Quote from: kazmaka
i would say the rock existed in the planet since the begining of time, at a wild assumption i would say it contains "the soul" of the planet, not quite the soul but i cant think of a word to use instead."

Perhaps the Dreamstone contains the energy of the planet. It would appear that the stone originated from within the planet itself so maybe it harbors some of the planet's energy.

Quote from: V_Translanka
It could also be that there are more deposits of Dreamstone in the planet that simply have yet to be discovered...Maybe (farfetched, I know) their locations were hidden by Lavos somehow?

Yes, there very well could be. It could be possible that the people in the dark ages who mined for the Dreamstone didn't know all of the areas of where to find it. I figure that after the fall of Zeal, people never bothered to look for anymore Dreamstone. And even though many people sought out the Dreamstone in earlier times such as the dark ages, they most likely didn't know all of where to look or even after all of that time of mining for the Dreamstone and putting it to use and all that, there was still more to be found in the planet. But since nobody bothered to look more after the fall of Zeal, they never found it.

General Discussion / chrono comunity numbers
« on: June 27, 2005, 02:38:27 pm »
Quote from: Daniel Krispin
Rivalries are so much fun, aren't they?

Since you asked, I just answered. :)
Questions and answers are so much fun, aren't they? Let's play again! :D

General Discussion / chrono comunity numbers
« on: June 25, 2005, 02:02:41 pm »
I like how you are all so obsessed with Chronoshock. :)

It's cool, I just didn't want to confuse anyone. When I realized what I had done, I couldn't edit the post because I didn't see the button there so I could go and delete it, and repost under my regular username. Then I didn't know if anyone would believe me or not, but that is my post, and that's why I just figured that I'd make a post letting you know.

Yeah, for all we know, there could have been several dwellings in the Dark Ages. There could have possibly been other dwellings that existed in the other eras that you visit. You may not be able to technically visit these areas, for instance, using a game shark or whatever. But, in a geographical sort of way, we're not seeing all of civilization. I'm not sure if I stated a point like this in my previous posts but this is also a very good possibility why there could have been another dwelling in the Dark Ages before that continent sunk, and in other eras as well.

Oh, and about El Nido, that's true too. In this original timeline or whatever it was, El Nido wasn't really there at all, but in the altered timeline (or original, if you want to look at the altered version to being the original since El Nido was bound to exist someday and be placed on the map of existence when Crono and company started their journey to save the world, etc), El Nido is on the map. You can't still see it though, and it was still there in 1000 A.D., just twenty years earlier than the present events in Chrono Cross. You could look all over the map and you can't visit it either, whether you know it's there or not.

I probably can't prove it but this was actually my reply but I wasn't logged in so it appeared as guest. I forgot that you could still reply to threads while logged off. Sorry in advance.

Ahh, so that explains it. Well, in that case, that answers my question.

How were you able to access that continent? I'd agree with you and dismiss this whole theory of mine but it confuses me how you were able to access that continent before the fall of Zeal Palace which is also before the time that the Epoch even has a set of wings. The Epoch can't move either, when it doesn't have wings. I don't know, maybe I missed something.

This may not necessarily be true since I am just speculating on the idea. Well, I was looking at a full map of 12,000 B.C. before the fall of Zeal Palace in Chrono Trigger. I had been glancing at a few maps just out of boredom. Anyway, an idea came into my head and so I thought more about it and began speculating. Before I tell you my theory, I wanted to point out some other things real quick.

You can fully explore the entire area of the Prehistoric Era, Middle Ages Era, Present Era, Future Era, and even the Dark Ages Era after the fall of Zeal Palace and the Ocean Palace incident, thanks to the Epoch. At the End of Time, the dwelling where Spekkio and Gaspar reside is the only place of residence at the End of Time while the rest of that existence is infinite darkness/blackness. In the Apocalyptic Era, anything that was worth exploring (if allowed to) ends up becoming ruins anyway, and in the Future, you get to explore what is left after three centuries of the occurrence of the Apocalypse. Also, any and all of Zeal Palace that could have been explored that wasn't, ends up sinking anyway and we all already pretty much know what was in the Sun Palace/Sun Keep and the Forbidden Palace/Northern Palace, or know a bit about them.

So, back to the map of the Dark Ages before the fall of Zeal Palace, during the Ice Age blizzard. We never really get to explore the entire area of this era since we do not have the Epoch and when we do receive the Epoch, it cannot fly due to the lack of wings. We also get to access all of the continents on foot except for the northern/northwestern continent.

With all of that said, let me now explain my theory.

I speculated that there was another possible Earthbound dwelling that existed on that northern/northwestern continent in the Dark Ages before the fall of Zeal Palace, during the Ice Age blizzard. We absolutely have no access to it whatsoever, it is never mentioned with the lack of significance to the storyline and such, and by the time that we would have had access to the said continent, it is already under the sea which means that if there was an Earthbound dwelling, it was wiped out.

This is really just a theory that I came up with, and I even gave it some more thought which lead me to the making of this long, thought out post. To be truthful, I came up with it earlier and am typing this down as I go and the ideas that are relevant to this theory.

I also figured that if there truly was, or ideally was, an Earthbound dwelling, it would most likely be in the mountain(s) or in a cave in the mountain(s) that leads underground. I am also aware that, if there was a dwelling here, then we should have had access to it, or else why bother? Well, this was just an idea that I was playing around with and wanted to see what you guys thought about it.

This is all I can think of for now. Tell me what you think, give me reasons why this is flawed, agree or disagree, etc etc.

I also wanted to know what your answer is to this question. Do you all think that there might have been another possible Earthbound dwelling in the northern/northwestern continent, in the Dark Ages before the fall of Zeal Palace, during the Ice Age blizzard?

Magic, Elements, and Technology / Spekkio...
« on: January 26, 2005, 08:16:50 pm »
Quote from: Faulce
Quote from: Hiroshino
And since Spekkio wasn't around the same area where Gaspar landed, which would supposedly be the same area where the Time Gates/Buckets is, Spekkio was embodied from Gaspar's dream(s).

Nice little If-Then-ish statement you have there. (sarcasm intended-but I'm not being mean :D )

Oh, that, yeah.  :wink: Hehe, sorry for automatically assuming things there. I reread what I said and it's as if I was saying, in my opinion of what I said at least, that there was no other alternative. But, it seems that he really is a god.

Magic, Elements, and Technology / Spekkio...
« on: January 25, 2005, 11:33:57 pm »
Quote from: Hiroshino
I'm not saying you're wrong or anything, but notice how when Janus, Belthasar, and Melchior arrive, they appear out of Time Gates right? And how Gaspar just kind of falls from the top of the screen? Well, then notice how Crono and company do the same when they are accessing the Time Gates/Buckets at the End of Time. When they leave they seem to ascend to the top of the screen and when they arrive, they seem to fall from the top of the screen just like Gaspar did. My whole point in explaining that is, is that maybe Gaspar had truly landed in the same location as to where those Time Gates/Buckets are located, at the End of Time. And then I'm guessing that when Gaspar had gotten his bearings straight, and being the Guru of Time and all, he, like you stated, probably hawked some stuff from various time periods to give him a solid ground and such, and had made that area that you now see at the End of Time. And since Spekkio wasn't around the same area where Gaspar landed, which would supposedly be the same area where the Time Gates/Buckets is, Spekkio was embodied from Gaspar's dream(s).

Well, when I consider this theory of mine, I also wonder where else Spekkio could have came from in all of that infinite nothingness of darkness other than the area where Gaspar arrives at and resides at when he establishes the place that we see in the game. If it's the "End of Time", then there's nothing left. Where else would Spekkio go or be? And where would he come from? When I asked myself these, and considered the facts and compared them with my theories, I thought that the idea of Spekkio being the dream of Gaspar made more sense than Spekkio coming out of no where with no solid evidence, that I'd know of, of where he exactly came from. This would also eliminate the idea of him being a machine since Spekkio would have to have had a creator and that the idea of him being a time-traveler seems void considering that he really didn't appear to have anything that would make him capable of traveling time. Maybe he had the items like Crono having the Rainbow but not showing it on the screen when he moves around? Or perhaps his magic made an illusion, I don't know. And then there's that theory that Spekkio is a god and I can't think of anything contradictory for that one. But, I seem to have answered your question, Faulce.

Polling / 1/15/05 - Which Fan Project are you most looking forward to?
« on: January 15, 2005, 01:40:51 am »
Personally, I look forward to all of these but if they don't come out, I'd shrug it off. I like fanfics, I like to read fanfics, and I even try to write my own. If they don't come out, it would kind of be a shame that such great works were cancelled unless for a good reason. If all of them or even some came out, then cool. I look forward to seeing them all come out and checking them out. Thus, I remain neutral in this vote.

Just a quick note; it wasn't me that you quoted there. :wink:

I always thought that there was one DBT anyway. It would make sense. The place where timelines/dimensions are thrown in to and such.

Polling / 1/8/05 - Which games have you played and in what order?
« on: January 05, 2005, 09:22:26 pm »
When I first played Chrono Trigger, I had never owned the game. A close friend of mine (at the time he was an acquaintance) had gotten Chrono Trigger off of a friend of his who had gotten it from some guy. So the guy sold it to my friend's friend or gave it to him, then he either gives/sells/trades it to my friend. Him and his group of friends played it at this one guy's place and I was lucky just to come in and watch. Chrono Trigger looked like a really cool game but eventually I was banned from coming over because I acted hyper a lot back then. Later on (weeks or months), I was able to actually borrow CT but the dude who lived at the place where I used to watch it being played at wouldn't let me borrow it most of the time and I had to get my friend to have him let me borrow it. So eventually, over the sequence of months of borrowing the game and the many files that were saved, erased, and copied and such....eventually, I bought the game off of my friend for 40 dollars and had it until it was stolen this year.

When I had played Chrono Cross, it was probably months and months after I had discovered Chrono Trigger, or at least somewhere around that time. The same friend who had Chrono Trigger, had Chrono Cross. I didn't get to play it a lot at first but eventually I was borrowing it and such and getting to know more about the game. About two years ago, that game was also stolen and I had bought a new one earlier last year until it was stolen at a later time last year.

Unfortunately, I have never played Radical Dreamers.

I swear though, one of these days I'm downloading all the Chrono games so I can enjoy them again.

Polling / 1/8/05 - Which games have you played and in what order?
« on: January 05, 2005, 09:10:36 pm »
Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross.

I played Chrono Trigger first for the SNES around the time when Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy IX came out. Then, later on, months or years later (I think), I had played Chrono Cross. Unfortunately, I have never played Radical Dreamers.

Quote from: Jasson Knight
I don't think she merged at all with what can be considered a totally different person.

I know what you're saying and all but that's another thing that concerns me. Kid in a way came directly from Schala. She has no true biological parents because Schala made/created/cloned/whatever Kid and then she was found by Lucca in a forest or somewhere on the mainland. My point with that is; I kind of always thought that Kid was cloned from Schala so then when they merged, they were one again or something. I don't know if that makes sense but, yeah.

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