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Characters, Plot, and Themes / Re: Is Leena Adopted?
« on: June 01, 2022, 04:18:55 pm »
Miguel is Leena’s biological father, although Una has similar hair color to Miguel… It is possible he fathered Una before he left with Wazuki but I’m not sure if Una’s age was ever referenced anywhere. He does look young, but he seems to be older than Mel in the sense he talks mature. Also, he may be a few years younger and just hasn’t hit a growth spurt yet  :D as far as both of them in Home or Another, they may be adopted by the old lady (Leena’s grandmother?) opposite the docks where Leena babysits the children swimming.

Not to change the subject, but aside from her and/or Una being adopted, Leena doesn’t get a lot of love… she is a top-notch character in terms of stats, but I’ve always felt she got the short-end of the stick both story and relationship-wise  :(  after Serge was teleported to Another World, she just states he shouldn’t play magic tricks on her after the deep conversation and marriage she alluded to him on Opassa Beach. It’s like all that serious talk went out the window. Kid comes into play and Serge just seems to forget about his childhood friend (and future spouse) altogether. I feel like there should be a case for Leena here… I kinda wish you had the option to choose who you wanted to be with at the end, or Leena would just challenge Kid to an Arni-style tribal fist fight or something lol (that would make amazing fan art haha)

Site Updates / Re: Masato Kato translated interview
« on: May 08, 2022, 11:52:18 pm »
Regarding Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, the truth is that I did imagine a final episode of the Chrono trilogy, later in time than Chrono Trigger, in which Kid and the others had to save Crono, Marle and Lucca.

Mother of God.

Late to the party here, but I hear you 100% on this, and thank you r66y for doing this for us!! In regards to Kato’s statement about it not coming out, this is standard for devs and when representing a current or past company, even if a new game wasn’t going to come out, as Kato-san stated… means nothing. Ultimately that’s up to SE or whoever has the rights, but in my personal opinion? Kato is playing a game of his own here and biding his time. This material was compiled well before the December 2015 publishing date. So what has changed since then? Masato Kato came back for the most recent 2022 release of the Radical Dreamers edition… and previously Another Eden (a game connected even if indirectly to the Chrono series) which was released in Japan on April 2017, and in North America on January 2019… and in a recent discovery of CC:The Radical Dreamers Edition’s files saw that work began in 2019… All of this is connected. I have found, especially as I’ve grown older, that everything in life is connected, which is also a theme in CT and CC, and it’s also something that passionate writers never forget about, ala Kato who helped make this series what it is today. The man, myth, and legend (along with the other members) were brought back, even if it was to just give the team direction, and/or give us answers to Twitter questions… or this new text ending after having to complete BOTH games. So why add this at all? Kato knew he wasn’t going to get anything but a “Remaster” for CC and this RD localization… so he did the next best thing… to give his fans a message, this secret ending text, which is meant to tell us both he, and Chrono as a series, are still alive and well, thanks to us. I believe it’s also a message to not give up, to continue in our own walks of life, and help bring about positive change to others and our world.

In regards to this draft he may or may not have, I had actually brought this up recently from the translated Twitter dev responses, and five will get you ten, Kato definitely HAS that draft, whether on paper locked away in Viper Manor’s treasury, or locked away in his mind.

So that probably means Crono and Marle definitively died in the Fall of Guardia, and as shades, perhaps through the planet or in some other way (like the ghost of Cyrus), appeared with Lucca to the Chrono Cross party. This could also open the question of whether the shades of Crono, Marle, and Lucca in Chrono Trigger DS's dimensional distortion also represent post-CT ending shades of themselves after their deaths.

Edit: This also begs the question, how do you save Crono/Marle/Lucca? Because there's a pretty established, canonical way to pull that off, using clone dolls and a Time Egg. I have to assume he wouldn't have gone via an established route like that...if Crono/Marle died in the Fall of Guardia, that's fairly straightforward—you just roll in and substitute the dolls with time frozen...or if you lacked the time freeze effect, you give Dalton and Porre a beatdown, and then enjoy the complete and utter clusterfuck in the timeline from stopping Porre's ascent. Likewise, if Lucca still dies in the orphanage, it suggests that Lynx/Harle's visitation is preserved in time despite the Ideal Timeline coming into existence via the healed dimensions—that'd be some truly hardcore Time Traveler's Immunity at work. Again, straightforward—grab Lucca at the right moment and get the hell out of there with the kids.

Surely, there has to have been a grander design; maybe Crono, Marle, and Lucca survive in the Ideal Timeline but got into some other kind of trouble?

It is conceivable that Crono and Marle were made aware of some master plan Dalton was planning, so bad that Dalton needed to crush the only ones capable of subverting his scheme. I doubt Crono and company were killed or trapped with the Dream Eater when attempting to save Schala before the events of CC, as we have our amnesiac Magus becoming Guile later on.

But much to all of your points here, I think the “how” of their death is also in question here too. During the Fall of Guardia, Crono and Marle were either killed in the battle, by Dalton or another party, or sent away and sealed by Dalton in a pocket dimension or dimensional vortex like where Sprigg was, but frozen with no way out, where time doesn’t exist. Due to Crono and Marle’s extremely strong ties to the planet (perhaps even a bond to the planet), the shades were produced because the Entity had a plan for them, similarly to Cyrus and Toma, the latter appearing because of an item with a strong tie to the user, with the ultimate purpose in aiding Crono whom the Entity knew was integral to removing the parasite of Earth… but getting back to the Fall of Guardia and Porre, Crono and Marle are raw magic users thanks to Spekkio, albeit not as refined and powerful as Dalton’s magic capability, so this leads me to believe they were not killed from the assault, but instead removed from the equation via a dimensional vortex by Dalton. It was either Crono and Marle vs Dalton, or Dalton confronting them individually at different stages of the siege. Lucca on the other hand is different because Lynx and Harle were involved, not Dalton, as far as we know. She was (and I hate to say this) either beaten to death and thrown out the top story of the orphanage, incinerated via magic, or possibly sent into a dimensional vortex by Lynx, similarly to Serge at Fort Dragonia… but Lynx still needed Lucca for the Prometheus Circuit, right? Why kill her? Burning the orphanage was enough to break Lucca’s spirit in general to make her unlock the circuit, but she still wasn’t going to give in , and Kid suffered as she probably watched as Lucca getting thrown around (as evidenced by her glasses on the floor) and saw her “die” presumably, whether abducted and taken away via a portal that made it seem like she was vaporized. It emotionally scarred Kid forever, as the detail of her memories there were suppressed. The Entity creates a shade of Lucca, just like Crono and Marle, as echoes of those who are no longer of this world, but still capable of aiding CC’s party to champion the planet.

If the original team is “dead” then we would need multiple Time Egg’s and perfect clones from Norstein Bekkler, or the Neo-Epoch, or possibly intervention from the Entity. But if they are suspended in a dimensional vortex, or worse, then there may be a way to save them via Masa/Mune/Doreen, Dalton if confronted, or the original Zealians like Gaspar/Melchior/Belthasar/Schala/Magus/Guile.

Now here’s the kicker… Dalton probably knows we would attempt time travel to get them back, which leads me to believe he planned ahead to ensure time travel wasn’t an option to reacquire the ones who ruined his plans in the past. They are not dead, but sealed away from our reach and the Entity’s reach. They are integral to the planets survival, and are the only ones who can stop Dalton’s master plan, being magic wielders and the planets champions. The army of Porre is not even the tip of the iceberg though… Dalton wants power, for himself, or to possibly resurrect Zeal, or more sinisterly, to resurrect the Queen and Lavos by obtaining its DNA from a deceased Lavos spawn shell.

With the parasite removed, the DBT purged of the Time Devourer, the parallel worlds merged, what else is unresolved? Dalton. Everything comes back to Dalton. He is the key and connection here and going forward. He’s the only bad actor still at play who doesn’t belong in this time period. What are his goals? What does he want? Who are the ones that can stop him? Do we have something he needs? If going on the original trademark, does he intend to “break” time or stop/halt time (brake) via the introduction of anti-time in order for his grand vision of a world ruled by Zeal again?

Only time will tell. I say we ask Kato-san what this draft entailed :twisted:


It’s a very good point. My belief is that the devs wanted us to have multiple playthroughs recruiting different characters, choosing different paths, decisions, a party made up of different characters depending on where you were in a previous playthrough and where you are now, etc. I don’t think that the history making sense is the case here; rather the choices you make have direct impacts on the CC world, like how the Dwarves won’t raze Fairyville at Water Dragon Isle after having been pushed out of the Hydra Marshes, taking care of the baby Hydra as others stated, etc. The devs wanted us to see that our choices have an effect on the world.


This is one of the many reasons I’m enjoying replaying the game! I had forgotten the little things like this, with character field dialogue especially. I actually just cleared Water Dragon Isle on my current first playthrough, and I had saved Razzly at the Hydra Marshes, but took Pierre’s path so I had him in my party. After beating the entire scenario, Razzly appeared on-field with Pierre while the fairies blamed Serge and company… so I reloaded the game (I didn’t save on purpose), and replaced Razzly with Pierre to get extra dialogue when entering Fairyville, when talking to the fairies that were currently alive, and at the very end after Hi-Ho Tank, when Razzly freaks out when she sees Rosetta… It was sad and hit me hard, because she’ll explicitly stay behind to be with her, prompting me to call back Pierre to talk with the Water Dragon.

One of many reasons why this game is amazing. Though curiously enough, taking Razzly to Another World Water Dragon Isle pre-Home World Water Dragon Isle, Rosetta and Razzly have no interaction  :o

The English Twitter account started posting answers, but the two answers currently posted are just translations of answers from the Japanese one. New information to you maybe, but not for me.

Thanks so much Vehek!
I know it’s not much but hearing from the devs is always cool.

I had thought of a question, of course way after the fact since my brain has been garbage lately… but a good question to ask the team would’ve been to directly ask Kato-san that if there was a new Chrono game that was in fact green-lit, do you have an idea ready to propose to management of what story you would want to tell? Did you write down somewhere notes or thoughts of the direction to take the events after Cross? before Trigger?

I kinda wish Famitsu would’ve asked something like this since they have more media power, instead of just ask if a new game is potentially in the works…


Thank you Beach Bum for confirming the shadow!
I’m glad it wasn’t taken out.

Good God…

Thank you for this… I just had a feeling something was added…

There's a lot of talk going around that the game is really just an emulated version, even has the CDROM.dat files inside the data folder...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Just some dat files with the game files inside it.

Looks like this port has been in the works since 2019, going by the files timestamp lol.

I believe there was a Nvidia leak or dump somewhere around 2019 (or 2020?) that leaked CC getting a remaster or update of some kind, along with another Onimusha game that has been hush hush so far.

I bought the game on PSN and my goodness those new tracks at the main menu are beautiful. Love the artwork too, and I actually find it interesting that Leena is next to Serge, and Kid was down in front. Of course you got Guile in the back too, cuz Magus  :wink:

Speaking of Magus, has anyone played up to the part with Kid reading the letter from Lucca? Was that character shadow still there?

It sounds like they kinda did.

Given the low odds that this will amount to anything, I have somewhat mixed feelings.

     Guile as he was previously characterized had a sense of charisma and charm to him, that seemed to suggest that even if he has lost all knowledge of his past, it has also been a blessing in disguise, letting him develop a more well-adjusted personality and a healthy hobby. Now though, by basically going back and saying "He's still Janus deep down", now it's like "so is he no better off?" Why go back and confirm strongly imply he's Janus, if we're probably not going to see them do anything with it?

I'd be fine with it, if there was an in-depth reason (ie: some sort of interaction between him and Schala), but doubting this, it feels empty.

I think that all but confirms it especially for those who played CT DS and watched the final bonus ending. It is not as direct so-to-say and a few could argue the same, but no, Guile is the amnesiac Magus from CT DS’s dream eater ending. There is no other possible explanation now. The only thing I’d still argue is that our Magus (not the original) is the one who cured Kid, and not Norris, simply because that ending which “confirms” it was Norris is not canon with the main story arc.

Lastly I just want to say, it is ironic that they state Pierre can’t handle a sword, yet ends up being an absolute power house of a heavy-hitter in your party later on (heck even earlier on too).

Thanks again for all the character translations!!

Also off-topic but, I've gone through several reviewers (who are self-proclaimed big time fans of the game) and all of them were mind blown by the fast forward and slow mo feature and none of them seemed to be aware this was actually a feature of the original...u just had to earn it by beating the game... @____@

Ignorance is bliss lol

Thanks sergecross73 for those links! Those were good reads! I am looking forward to experiencing the game again, especially for the fact that Kato-san said he cleaned up the original text. I wonder if a few things were added… hmm… but anywho I am also curious what this post-credits thing is … could it be a hint at something to come? or a thanks from the staff? Probably the latter, but I’m excited regardless.

@Beach Bum
Maybe boost encounters increases the encounter rate in the field when random encounters are turned on?

The songs are so different, but I do like them so far, especially the vocals! It almost feels like a new game with these unique tracks… thanks for sharing!!

You might want to temper expectations a bit. Sometimes it's just social media interns answering stuff like this. And a lot of the questions out there are like "What's your favorite character and why?" and "Will there be physical copies of the game released?" type stuff. It doesn't appear many are asking about the type of stuff we tend to dig into here. Not many "What is Zoah's true identity" type ones.

I hear you 100% and I appreciate that, however I disagree. Granted the American twitter account will not be as active, and may not have the powers to forward certain questions to the development team (as they did state they would actually be doing), but that shouldn’t stop us from engaging with them. If no one is asking that kind of stuff, then let us be the ones that do. Whether it is answered or not, we at least MADE the attempt… we at least DID something while CC and Chrono in general are trending and back in the news cycle. An opportunity like this may not come again for a long time. If they are indeed sharing these with devs, then let us ask the devs burning questions the community have been dying to ask. It’s a golden opportunity with so much to gain and nothing to lose.

We should still keep an eye out on the Japanese CC page as well.

English version Q&A

Thank you!!

I know this is separate from the Japanese one, but we should still compile a list of questions to submit (or one questions that's of utmost importance), and if someone with a Twitter account would like to volunteer to tweet them, that would be amazing!

ALSO... I know maybe it may have been more prudent to make an actual thread of it's own, but CT's birthday was a few days ago as you all know, and there is new merchandise (music) and a cool tweet of the OG team I found, credit to RPGSite.

Take a look! :)

Chrono Trigger music

The OG team

Thanks a lot Acacia SGT!! (and DeepL) :D

I am curious if they will update Guile’s bio and/or acknowledge the potential of CTDS Magus being Guile…

Do you have a link to their Twitter page?

Here's their Twitter:

Thanks! I’ll do some digging.

It’s crazy but I just noticed Starky at the top of the sail in the newest CC promotional art… hmm…

Long time no see.  Today, the Japanese Chrono Cross official has started accepting questions about the work on Twitter.  If you understand Japanese, why don't you use "#クロノクロスクエスチョン" to ask a question?

Do you have a link to their Twitter page?

I think this should be of highest current priority, as our Japanese counterparts may be asking legit questions, and I know for a fact there are fans over there just like us who have been waiting AGES for anything Chrono-related.

Chrono News / Re: Rumor - Chrono Cross Remaster
« on: February 18, 2022, 02:14:35 pm »
Chrono fans never die.  They just hibernate.


I’m also all for a Dream Splash event, hell I’d even offer up a reward if we included an art contest or something!

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