General Information[edit]

Chrono Trigger[edit]

DS Name: Schist
Era: 65000000 B.C.
Home Area: Dactyl Nest
Level: 23
Attacks: Volcanic Bomb
Charm: None
Item Won: Petal


HP: 250
Attack: 35
Defense: 180 (Shist), 135 (Pahoehoe)
Magic: 10
Magic Defense: 60 (Shist), 50 (Pahoehoe)
Speed: 1 (Shist), 16 (Pahoehoe)
Stamina: 10
Evade: 12
Hit: 25
TP: 3
Exp: 94
Gold: 0
Absorbs: None
Resists: None
Cancels: None (Shist), All (Pahoehoe)
Weakness: None

The Shist is thrown by the Cave Ape if both are present in battle. Alone, it is harmless, and turns into a Pahoehoe when attacked.

Japanese Equivalent[edit]

Japanese: ゲンブ
Translation: Genbu

Name Origin[edit]

One of the four mythological Chinese gods who govern the four quadrants of the sky, Genbu (玄武 in kanji) appears as a tortoise and rules over water and the northern sky.



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