Glitches (Chrono Trigger)

Stuck in End of Time Glitch[edit]

Occurs in all versions of Chrono Trigger[edit]

I've never encountered this bug myself, nor heard about it happening in the SNES/PSX versions. After reading the posts on GameFAQs, and now here, I decided to investigate.

The problem occurs if the characters are moving when a save point is activated. It is possible to be out of bounds of the save point during the time the menu is activated and the screen transition is complete. Upon saving, instead of saving the exact coordinates, the value gets rounded. When the save game is loaded later on, the character could be stuck in the wall.

To avoid this situation completely, stop moving before activating the save point.

If you do get stuck in the End of Time, enter the menu, and the instant you press the button to exit, hold the d-pad and dash button towards the open area.

In action:

This video was done on the SNES version.

Other confirmed SNES locations:

  • Location 17C - Terra Cave
  • Location 194 - Ocean Palace entrance
  • Location 19A - Ocean Palace (the second save point)
  • Location 1C2 - Black Omen (save point before Queen Zeal battle)
  • Location 1DA - Lavos tunnel
  • Location 1EF - Death Peak cliffs

Unlike the End of Time, it doesn't appear possible to escape if you get stuck in the wall in these areas.

Thanks to JLukas for the explanation and the many people who pointed out this glitch.

2 Epochs Glitch[edit]

Occurs in SNES and DS versions of Chrono Trigger, PSX unconfirmed[edit]

After finishing Mt. Woe, the seal is broken on the 12000 BC cave gate and the skyway teleporters to Zeal. All of these are shared by bit 0x80 in 7F0057.

Warp the Epoch to 2300 AD Keeper's Dome. Then travel through the Sewer Access and Lab 32 to get to the Proto Dome, and use the portal back to the End of Time. Activate the warp pillar to return to 12000 BC. (It should be pointed out now that this would explain the rarity of the glitch - it's highly unlikely the player would take an unnecessary trip through 2300 AD on foot at this specific point in the story)

Continue the game normally until the upgraded Epoch is obtained.

After receiving the Chrono Trigger, fly the Epoch to 2300 AD and enter the Keeper's Dome. The Nu isn't blocking the door, and the original Epoch will crash the game when boarded. Pressing the confirm button will play the time warping sound over and over.

It is possible to avoid the crash, and delete the duplicate Epoch, if you move the original Epoch before talking to Gaspar. The next time you visit the Keeper's Dome, the Nu will be in the corridor.

Thanks to HyperNerd for addressing this. Thanks to JLukas for the explanation.

Control Lucca[edit]

I was experimenting with a Walk Through Walls code and I found an interesting use for it.

When you control Lucca alone in the Fiona's Forest event, you can walk around with one character if you use a code to leave Lucca's house. You can also use the Y button to switch with other people. Now you can walk around with one character! A couple of notes, though. If you go to an event or do an action that requires 3 characters to show a different graphic at one time (such as going to the End of Time), the game will freeze. Also, you'll need Epoch if you want to go somewhere else besides the present. You can still fight. Now Janus can go kill Lavos alone like he always wanted to! If you want to return to having 3 characters again, just go to Lucca's house and use the WTW to go into the red gate like you normally would. If the weird time warp music is played everywhere you go, just go to 1999 AD in Epoch and say so no to fighting Lavos and the music will return to normal.

Thanks to CetraRagnarok for this glitch.

Magus vs. Magus[edit]

I for one have wanted to see this happen for years. And, with a combination of info from this site, the classic GG codes, and plain dumb luck, I've finally pulled it off...a SOLO Magus vs. Magus battle! And I've got the savestate to prove it, if anyone's willing to host.

Here's how you can pull it off.

  • Load any advanced savestate and put Magus in the first position in your party. Go to 1000 AD Truce.
  • Enter the following code and activate it. This resets the event counter to just before Magus' battle.

7f000089 (Ozzie Defeated)

  • Enter the Truce Market, then enter these codes. After that, walk around in circles within the Market for a bit.

c0102cda (???)
c09b47ff (Walk Thru Walls)

  • You will appear in a wall near the midpoint of Magus' Castle. Walk through the wall towards the exit to your left. Enter it, then turn the last two codes off. A word of warning: even with those codes off, backtracking in the Castle, or pressing "down" in the wrong place, can cause you to go to an unexpected location such as Manoria Cathedral.
  • Fight through Magus' Castle until you reach the Inner Sanctum and approach Magus...
  • When you see the line, "Frog: Magus!!", then enter these codes and activate both of them.


This step empties the 2nd and 3rd positions in the active party. Those characters will be "erased" until you turn the codes back off.

  • Enjoy!

Thanks to BFG

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