Wolflobe Sword

General Information[edit]

Chrono Trigger[edit]

Type: Sword

How to obtain:

While fighting throughout the game, there is a possibility a player will receive a 'Wolflobe' sword as a drop or charm from battle.

The Wolflobe Sword is the first four sword names combined. At times, the game will glitch and will give the character a charm or drop of 00, which isn't assigned to any single weapon. The first four will thus result; Wood Sword, Iron Sword, Lode Sword, Red Katana.

Name Origin[edit]

Wolflobe is derived from a number of unreadable characters that partly spell the word; this weapon is a glitch, and does not actually exist.



Wolflobe Sword

Picture thanks to FFCrono

From: Weapons (Chrono Trigger)