Dragon God (Appearance of)


The Dragon God sort of looks like Lavos. It has a blue orb in its mouth and is also black and thorny in appearance. Is there a connection?


It is definitely possible. Firstly, let's examine the original article:

   The Dragon Gods were originally
   a singular plasma life-form...
   ...A living accumulation of the
   planet's energy!
   Originally it was a biological
   machine used to control the
   powers of nature in the future
   society of the Reptites.

Now, let's read what happened to the Dragon God:

   That thing...
   the '"Dragon God"'...
   is only a quasi-existence...
   ...A temporary form that
   the real Dragon God uses
   in order to appear within
   this dimension.

   The actual Dragon God
   was consumed long ago,
   in the distant past...
   Integrated by the entity
   known as Lavos in a time
   on the other side of the
   dimensional darkness.

With these items in mind, it is not outside the realm of possibility for the Dragon God to use part of Lavos's appearance in its avatar on the outside world. It may not have been as dark and scary looking during its original existence at Dinopolis. One theory postulates that the Dragon God used Schala as a genetic basis for creating Harle. This lends some credibility to the idea that the Dragon God would take on some of the Time Devourer's traits to appear menacing. One problem with this idea is establishing a motive. The similarity in appearance could be merely coincidence.

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