Chrono Trigger Translations

General Information[edit]

Since ROM Hacking became accessible and practical, many fans of the game around the world have started translation projects to port Chrono Trigger to their language. Some were more successful than others, but the most notable translator is bisqwit, whose utilities called Chronotools allow translation into any language by budding ROM hackers. Just make sure you're damn, damn good in C.

Now, enjoy the international efforts of fans, and check out the translations below. All translations are complete unless otherwise noted.

English Retranslation[edit]

KWhazit and the Chrono Compendium undertook an English retranslation to clear up questions regarding the original plot of the game. In order to obtain the highest accuracy possible for plot points, the retranslation leaned on the literal side.

See Retranslation.

English Re-retranslation[edit]

Doctor L attempted to clean up the Chrono Compendium Retranslation and make it a little less literal.

Finnish Translation[edit]

This was undertaken by Bisqwit, who has some translation tools at his website.

Old Versions

Compendium Backup

Compendium Backup (Readme)

French Translation[edit]

Undertaken by Terminus Traduction, who have also translated Radical Dreamers, Chrono Cross, and the Chrono Trigger Music Library into French.

German Translation[edit]

Done by Manuloewe.

Old Version (1.01)

Greek Translation[edit]

Done by Greek Roms, it's at 50%.

Italian Translation[edit]

Done by SadNES.

Polish Translations[edit]

Done by mteam (complete).

Done by CTTT (69%).

Portuguese Translation[edit]

Done by CBT.

Romanian Translation[edit]

Done by Dynamic-Designs.

Russian Translation[edit]

Done by Chief-Net.

Spanish Translations[edit]

Done by Traducciones Magno (101%).

Done by Paladin Knights, (85%).

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