Chrono Trigger Translations

General Information[edit]

Since ROM Hacking became accessible and practical, many fans of the game around the world have started translation projects to port Chrono Trigger to their language. Some were more successful than others, but the most notable translator is bisqwit, whose utilities called Chronotools allow translation into any language by budding ROM hackers. Just make sure you're damn, damn good in C.

Now, enjoy the international efforts of fans, and check out the translations below. All translations are complete unless otherwise noted.

Arabic Translation[edit]

Chrono Trigger SNES Arabic Translation, Fully translated by ExtraOrdinary. Proudly the first complete JRPG translated to contain Arabic script complexity with full consideration of dialogue and menu messages.

Catalan Translation[edit]

The translation is based on the US version, but several text improvements have been introduced from the Japanese retranslation, including the uncensoring of alcohol and religious elements.

English Retranslation[edit]

KWhazit and the Chrono Compendium undertook an English retranslation to clear up questions regarding the original plot of the game. In order to obtain the highest accuracy possible for plot points, the retranslation leaned on the literal side.

See Retranslation.

English Re-retranslation[edit]

Doctor L attempted to clean up the Chrono Compendium Retranslation and make it a little less literal.

LethargicOwl Addendum[edit]

LethargicOwl then provided an addendum: "This is an updated version of Doctor L’s released translation that fixes many issues and further localizes the text, with the final product hopefully being something closer in quality to an official translation."

wakkoswami Revision[edit]

wakkoswami then came along and attempted to build on LethargicOwl's work to release a final revised version.

Chrono Trigger Bugfix and Uncensoring[edit]

This patch by Chronosplit fixes several bugs and also restores censored dialogue from the Japanese original, as well as restoring things referenced by Chrono Cross that were not originally localized for the American release.

Chrono Trigger Complete[edit]

This project by Kakera Sorcerer seeks to make a complete experience by adding in Chrono Trigger DS lines where appropriate, clarifying any mistranslated or vague lines, and adding original lines (such as those referencing the Frozen Flame in Zeal), all while striving to keep the original wonderful Ted Woolsey spirit from the 1995 translation.

Finnish Translation[edit]

This was undertaken by Bisqwit, who has some translation tools at his website.

Old Versions

Compendium Backup

Compendium Backup (Readme)

French Translation[edit]

Undertaken by Terminus Traduction, who have also translated Radical Dreamers, Chrono Cross, and the Chrono Trigger Music Library into French.

German Translation[edit]

Done by Manuloewe.

Old Version (1.01)

Greek Translation[edit]

Done by Greek Roms, it's at 50%.

Italian Translation[edit]

Done by SadNES.

Polish Translations[edit]

Done by mteam (complete).

Done by CTTT.

Portuguese Translation[edit]

Done by CBT.

Romanian Translation[edit]

Done by Dynamic-Designs.

Russian Translation[edit]

Done by Chief-Net.

Spanish Translations[edit]

Crackowia Team[edit]

This is a translation by Crackowia team. It has been made from scratch by Rod Merida, with the contributions, for certain dialogue fragments, of Mire Scarlet (Ozzie, Flea and Slash dialogs in Magus’ Castle) and Leo Lorenzo (Cyrus’ tomb, creators’ ending and Spekkio). Final script review and corrections by Vicks Dg have been added.

Traducciones Magno[edit]

Done by Traducciones Magno (101%).

Done by Paladin Knights, (85%).

Turkish Translation[edit]

Hot Chocolate Chrono Trigger Turkish Language Project

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