Chrono Cross Enemy AI Notes

General Information[edit]

Chrono Cross[edit]

Action scripts for enemies during a battle, written in Battlescript. A number of files, corresponding to empty enemy groups from the list in 2534, appear to contain copies of some sort of empty template file. Interestingly, the deleted Family Tree monster appears to have had some battle logic written for it, as its file (2980) does not match this template.

(Note: I was forced to break this up because putting all the file listings on one page caused a "script froze up" dialogue box, but the breakdown is crude in the extreme, with anomalies everywhere. If you can't find a given file in what seems to be the most logical block, try 1. the misc blocks, 2. the blocks after the most likely one, 3. all the rest.)

Files First encountered before...
2543-2578 First arrival at Termina(Another) (mostly)
2579-2632 End of the Viper Manor Break-in
2633-2680 First arrival at Fire Dragon Mountain
2681-2720 The ~Body-Swap
2721-2788 The Destruction of the Dead Sea
2789-2880 Terra Tower
2881-2976 Misc. block 1 (pre-body-swap (mostly) bosses and misc.)
2977-3054 Misc. block 2 (post-body-swap (mostly) bosses and misc.)

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