General Information[edit]

Chrono Cross[edit]

This organizes the enemies into groups to be used in combat. Each group has 0x1C bytes devoted to it, and the groups are ordered within the file in the same way as the 2543-3054 are ordered.

Bytes 00-02

These represent the types of enemies present (the enemy numbers match the order in which the battle models are stored—enemy Radius is 0x00, Beach Bum is 0x01, etc.). A value of FF indicates an unused slot.

Bytes 03-05

These give the number of enemies for each corresponding type byte in 00-02.

Bytes 06-08

These are not understood, but are the same (0x8D4BCB) for almost all groups except for #487 (0x92 Black Dragon x1, 0x3D Crossbones x1) and #488 (0x01. Beach Bum x4), which have 0x8D5BBC, and #425 (0x42 Dwarf x2, 0x45 ~Hi-Ho Tank x1), which has 0x9E6ECE.

Bytes 09-14 (0x0E)

These may have to do with positioning on the battlefield. One byte is assigned to each enemy present, with 11 filling the empty slots.

Byte 15 (0x0F)

This seems to be set to 0x00 for normal battles, 0x01 for Grand Slam battles, and 0x02 for battles with monsters that don't respawn after leaving the area (bosses, the Shadow Forest quadffid, etc.)

Byte 16 (0x10)

Not positively identified, but may contain a short series of bitflags. Values seen: 0x00 (normal value), 0x01, 0x02, 0x04.

Bytes 17-25 (0x11-0x19)

May represent some sort of targeting filter. Normally they contain the sequence 02 02 02 06 06 06 06 06 06, but #394, the scripted battle between Nikki and the 3 cassowaries in Shadow Forest (before Nikki joins) has 02 02 02 01 02 03 06 06 06, and #271 (Lagoonate + 2 Mantarrey) has 05 for byte 21.

Byte 26 (0x1A)

May represent the battlefield (although that might require some of them being lumped together) or some other form of location-related data. Values observed include: 00 and 01 for battles taking place at Lizard Rock, 02 for Fossil Valley, 03 for Shadow Forest and Viper Manor Bluffs, 06 for the interior of Viper Manor. The highest bit being set may indicate a star battle.

Byte 27 (0x1B)

Seems to be a bitmask indicating one or more of the enemies is hidden at the beginning of the battle. 0-bit = corresponding enemy is visible, 1-bit = enemy is hidden.

From: 2518-2542