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Porre-Guardia War
« on: August 01, 2014, 10:23:47 pm »
Porre and Guardia War

Sorry for my English I´m not from the US

First we all know that Guardia fell at 1005 but we also know that Porre was looking the frozen flame because they need extra power in order to defeat a northern country
We also know, during the Kid general ending,  kid spoke literary that they should attack Guardia first

So between 1005 and 1020 Guardia was restore

In real history the eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire) fell at 1204 but it was re conquered by Nicaea empire under the Palaiologos dynasty (their dynasty had ties with two old roman imperial families the Doukas and the Kommeid) so after they claimed the capital they reestablish the Roman Empire, that could happen to Guardia

Lets imagine this:

we know Dalton and Porre army defeat and destroy the imperial city of Truce and Guardia´s castle just like the crusaders did with Constantinople but like the crusader they didn’t conquer all the lands some part of the empire remain strong enough to lunch counter attack

Just like US has many military bases outside America borders and US navy is all over the world

Guardia was a massive empire, they control almost the entire planet except Medina and  El Nido

It possible that they had several military bases all over the planet and their navy split all over the world

During the main attack when Truce was destroy it was possible that all Porre war effort was focus on Truce and left Choras unharmed

Is impossible that during only 5 years Porre could built a navy strong enough to defeat the Guardian imperial navy specially because  Dalton wanted to keep his plan secret , building a massive navy in the middle of the ocean is not secret at all specially under Guardia´s Nose

So the attack in north Zenan was made only with earth forces

After Zenan fell only Choras remains

With that in mind we can say that the entire navy fleet went there and also the survivors of the attack and soldiers left behind in other parts of the planet, like soldiers in random military bases in some islands and military outpost in north parts of North Zenan

Between 1005 to 1020 Choras soldiers used their navy advantage and took over North Zenan again destroying the bridge between south and north Zenan, so as longer Guardia navy remain strong Porre cannot attack Truce again
then Choras reestablish Guardia Kingdom just like the Nicaea empire did

We also saw that in the real world with the Nazi and England, Great Britain stop the nazi because Great Britain controlled the sea

Is quite possible that the war between Guardia and Porre halt for several years Porre could not attack Truce or Chorras because the imperial navy was strong enough to stop them and Guardia cant lunch a counter attack because Guardia lost manpower during the destruction of north Zenan and reduction of its population

We can also explain why in the ending of general kid they hate so much Guardia

In WWII many people In Europa were happy with the allies because they saved them, but let’s imagine if they allies never saved them and just attack Germany leaving the rest of Europa in despair

in Guardia- Porre war, Guardia did nothing to save Nido,

Guardia could send some ships and cut Porre supply line and gives el Nido a chance to revolt

So The Nido blames Guardia for not helping them in their time of need and did nothing to stop Porre

That could be true, Guardia best interest were in north Zenan and Choras and maybe in Medina too we don’t know If medina was against Porre also el Nido was never a part of the Empire so Guardia was not morally bound to help them
But we do know that Guardia was able to restore something of its former glory, strong enough to give Porre a pain in the ass
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Re: Porre-Guardia War
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2014, 06:59:15 pm »
Youre inculed CC at CT history... at CT at robos time there not even hint(?) that porres revolt?


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Re: Porre-Guardia War
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2014, 07:54:31 pm »
no, if Porre revolt or not we can’t tell, but we do know that the sucess of Porre revolt against Guardia was achieved thanks to Dalton