Author Topic: Dead Summer Update  (Read 1713 times)


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Dead Summer Update
« on: June 27, 2013, 04:55:36 pm »
Time for a cute little update! All's quiet as the lone and level sands stretch far away over our beloved dead franchise.  [1]  CHRONOTORIOUS, the wonderful album by the Bad Dudes (formerly OneUpStudios), has been reprinted and is on sale again. Kodokami's got details here.  [2]  Mikisho's started a Chrono Trigger Let's Play; check it out here.  [3]  G4 recently placed Chrono Trigger as the 27th greatest game of all time, as shown here. Not the most relevant thing in the world, but it's nice when the franchise gets exposure.

[FA]  First up is grey_the_angel with Kid Quick Sketch 2!  mysticalpha's meanwhile updated with Rat Bat and Domestic Dispute!  [FF]  On the fanfiction side, the sole new work is Legendary Biologist's co-written Fellowship, a Chrono Cross work; check it out!  [DOUJIN]  D.S.2 by Ebox -  Famicom Bento by Gourmetmania - Video Game Piano Arrangements Vol. 1  [REMIXES]  'Song of Ruin 2' by Blue Magic - 'Weaving the Threads of Time' by Chris|Amaterasu