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Hi I just released a video on how to extract NPC overworld model & texture using Flea as an example
and replacing Lynx PC overworld with her (making Flea ~playable!)

Tutorial Video link :

How to extract the model & texture of a specific NPC :
1) you wanna pick a room where your desired NPC appears in, like in the video I went and look for Bend of Time backroom to take Flea's overworld's model/texture, but you can pick just about any NPC (I think)

This doesn't seems to work with very big NPC such as Dragons, I tried and I think the Dragons models are just to huge to be put instead of a PC that simply, this needs more testing/editing to know

2) Using Purplecat tools you can find the room.cpt & .rgfx
the .cpt contains all the model(s) used in the room
the .rgfx contains all the texture(s) used in the room

using both unpackcpt.exe & tim2view you can extract both Model & Texture
*How to find the right model & texture?
- Opening the .rgfx as seen in the video, will open up all the texture(s) for the room
simply look for the texture of your desired NPC -> Flea in this case
- Once you got the NPC.tim extract it, open it in Hex Editor and look at the first line
the 01 EX is the VRAM corresponder values, shared between both the Model & Texture so the game knows which Model goes with which Texture for the room.

So simply confirm that the numbers for both are the same and you know it's the right model!

3) The .mdlx are exactly the Overworld Model NPC but with an extra ~line of code
You must absolutely delete that line to get the working overworld model for us to use!

4) Since Flea model/texture is a 128x256 we have to edit both to make them useable for PC
- Model Edit : Using the remap.exe you can half the Y axis model UV map (256 -> 128)
making a 128x128 model UV map!
- Texture Edit : Using PS6 .tim plug-in we simply reduce the size of the texture to 128x128
very easy to do and save with the setting used in the video, results may vary if you don't

5) Now that both your Model/Texture are 128x128 we can simply replace both instead of ~any PC, used Lynx in the video for easy demo

That's about it, ~all the tools can be found here on CCompendium utilities page :

but now everybody can replicate it  8) 
Enjoy! If you have any comments or info you want to share feel free to here :) !

On this page is all the currently known commands for the fieldscript

Here are all the Unknown Commands left :
03 - Unknown
04 - Unknown

27 XXYY - Unknown
28 XXYY - Unknown
29 XXYY - Unknown
2A XXYY ZZ - Unknown, ZZ is sign bits

32 XX YYZZ - Unknown
37 XX - Unknown
38 XX - Unknown
39 XX - Unknown
3E XXYY - Unknown

44 XX YY - Follow YY character ID with XX parameters? (See below)
47 XX - Unknown
4C PP QQRR SSTT UUVV WWXX YYZZ - Unknown, args may be one byte less than shown.
4D LL MMNN OOPP QQRR SSTT UUVV WWXX YYZZ - Unknown, args may be one byte less than shown.
4F WW XX YY ZZ - Unknown

59 - Unknown

63 XXYY - Unknown
64 XXYY ZZ - Unknown
65 XXYY - Unknown
66 WW XXYY ZZ - Unknown

74 WWXX YY ZZ - Unknown
76 WW XX YYZZ - Unknown
77 WW XX YYZZ - Unknown
78 WW XX YYZZ - Unknown

83 RRSS TTUU VVWW XXYY ZZ - Unknown (ZZ is sign bits for other arguments)
89 WWXX YY ZZ - Unknown, YY and ZZ may not be used
8B WWXX YYZZ - Unknown
8D XX - Unknown

91 XX - Unknown
92 XX YYZZ - Unknown
93 XX - Unknown
9A WWXX YYZZ - Unknown
9B VV WW XX YY ZZ - Unknown (effect-related?)
9C WW XX YY ZZ - Unknown
9D XX - Unknown

A0 XX - Unknown -> Randomize Movement  (00 = with pause, 01 = no pause)
A2 XX YYZZ - Unknown
A4 XXYY - Unknown
A5 XXYY - Unknown
A6 XX - Unknown
AB WWXX YYZZ - Unknown
AD XX - Unknown
AE XX - Unknown
AF TTUU VVWW XX YYZZ - Unknown (XX is sign bits for preceding arguments)

B1 XX - unknown
B5 XXYY - Unknown
B6 WW XX YY ZZ - Unknown
B7 XXYY ZZ - Unknown (ZZ is sign bits)
B9 TT UU VVWW XX YY ZZ - Unknown (parameter grouping uncertain)
BE - Unknown
BF WW XX YY ZZ - Unknown (parameter grouping uncertain)

C7 XXYY - Unknown
C8 NNOO PPQQ RRSS TTUU VV WWXX YYZZ - Unknown. VV is sign bits for the three preceding parameters.
CA - Unknown
CF XX YYZZ - Unknown

D2 - Unknown
D7 WW XX YY ZZ - Unknown
D8 TT UUVV WWXX YYZZ - Jump to ZZYY based on an unknown condition. TT is a character.
DF SSTT UUVV WW XXYY ZZ - Unknown (WW is sign bits for preceding arguments)

FE 01 XX - Unknown
FE 02 XXYY - Unknown
FE 03 WWXX YY ZZ - Unknown
FE 04 XX - Unknown
FE 06 XX - Unknown
FE 07 XX - Unknown
FE 09 XX YYZZ - Unknown (XX is a character)
FE 0A XX YYZZ - Unknown (XX is a character)
FE 0D XXYY - Unknown
FE 0E XXYY - Unknown
FE 0F XX YYZZ - Unknown (XX is a character)
FE 11 XXYY - Unknown
FE 12 UUVV WWXX YYZZ - Unknown
FE 14 XX - Unknown
FE 15 XXYY - Unknown
FE 17 XX - Unknown
FE 18 XX - Unknown
FE 19 XX - Unknown
FE 1A - Unknown
FE 1D WWXX YYZZ - Unknown
FE 25 XX - Unknown
FE 29 XXYY - Unknown
FE 2A XX - Unknown
FE 2B XX YYZZ - Unknown
FE 2C XX - Unknown
FE 2D XXYY - Unknown
FE 2F XX - Unknown
FE 31 XX - Unknown (XX is a character ID)
FE 32 - Unknown
FE 33 XX - Unknown
FE 34 PPQQ RRSS TTUU VVWW XXYY ZZ - Unknown. ZZ is sign bits for all previous arguments.
FE 35 XXYY ZZ - Unknown. ZZ is sign bits for previous argument.
FE 37 WWXX YYZZ - Unknown
FE 3A VVWW XXYY ZZ - Unknown. ZZ is sign bits for first argument.
FE 3F - Unknown
FE 40 XXYY - Unknown
FE 41 XX - Unknown
FE 42 XX - Unknown (yaz0r has a note here saying "save parameter to external array", but I don't know whether that's an indication of what this does or a coding TODO for his own software)
FE 43 WWXX YYZZ - Unknown
FE 45 00 XX YY - Unknown (YY is a character ID)
FE 45 VV WW XX YY ZZ - Unknown (XX is a character ID, VV > 0)
FE 46 TTUU VVWW XXYY ZZ - Unknown (ZZ is sign bits for preceding arguments)
FE 47 TTUU VVWW XXYY ZZ - Unknown (ZZ is sign bits for preceding arguments)
FE 49 VVWW XXYY ZZ - Unknown (ZZ is sign bits for preceding arguments)
FE 4B XX - Unknown
FE 4C XX - Unknown (XX is a character ID)
FE 52 XXYY - Unknown
FE 59 - Unknown
FE 5A XX - Unknown
FE 5C WW XX YYZZ - Unknown (XX is a character ID)
FE 64 XX YY - Unknown. YY is a character.
FE 6B XX - Unknown
FE 6F XX - Unknown
FE 70 XX - Unknown (XX is a character ID)
FE 72 -   Is Not even listed on the Field Page -> Looks like   Make NPC Rotate
FE 76 XXYY - Unknown
FE 7E - Unknown
FE 81 XX - Unknown

New discovered commands :
A0 XX = Randomize Movement for specific NPC (confirmed)
FE 31 = Dialogue Related (under study)
FE 38  = SET_HP function (under study)

44 XX YY - Follow YY character ID with XX parameters?
44 00 ID (Go to entity)
44 01 ID (Wait until there)

Thanks to F-man's works and research, we are currently trying to properly identify all the missing functions!
We discovered that   A0 00  is actually use for    Randomize Movement
A0 00 = Randomize Movement with random pauses/waits
A0 01 = Randomize Movement with no pauses (perpetual)
other F-man's potential unknown command under research :

  "I think FE 38 is actually SET_HP function."

  "opFE31 might be used to tell the target of dialogue. If you 0C it, game gets stuck waiting for dialog. "

I will update this post when more Unknown Commands are discovered!?

If you have any information you want to share to help this post please do share with us here! ty :)

Chrono Cross Modification / Dario - Playable Character Release 1.0
« on: February 18, 2024, 02:44:18 am »
Hi y'all! It's been a long time!
I'm happy to release this first version of playable Dario mod!!!! 8)   
*This mod has been made/tested on ePSXe v2.0

** This mod features : **
- replaces Turnip character for Dario
- removes Turnip joining scenario and his Tech 7.
- adds a new scenario for Dario to join
- Dario's stats are enhanced
- Dario can equip both Einlanzer 1 & 2  (doesn't show 2 blades as it needs another model)
- Viper's unlimited Dragoon Glory bug is fixed
- Removed 1 ~useless chest in Water Dragon Island (Another) for Dario's joining event (sadly had to but turns out there are several unused Var_Bit -> will provide updates someday)  Done! No more losing chest!
- Bend of Time now accessible in regular game

I do not know how to make patch so here's the link to both .iso   :
(version 1.3 - fixed missing standards animation + Innate Color issue!)

*Warning - Something seems off with the innate color, encountered that a few times I'm trying to figure out why if you close the emulator and reboot before Dario joins his color resets to Green somehow, maybe something in the memorycard stores a preset of all characters stats? I'll try to figure it out

For a workaround in the meantime simply use Save States instead of regular save/load. That seems to work fine for now!

Innate color when loading game has been fixed! it will auto fix if you load your game on v1.3 !

*Make sure you start a new game to have Dario's name, stats, innate color & element Tech 3-5-7 to work properly (Dario should be Yellow Innate)

*Dario can join the moment Riddel joins your crew!

There are a few minor details still left, he is ~99.5% completed I will try to fix those whenever I can

1 : Rectangle Image in both End-Battle and Menu Screen isn't edited, it needs a good polishing

2 : Dario Dash&Gash camera during the first part of the move is odd -> Probably because it's supposed
     to be an NPC using the spell.

3 : Dario's cloak during certain animation(s) isn't fully edited. Needs a bit more editing

4 : Laughing Animation also needs editing.   All animations Overworld/Standards have been ~100% Completed!

5 : Blinking animation make some spot appear in both battle & status screen, not a big deal

6 : The text for the event when Dario joins the party is not finalize and have errors in it (need to make a little dialogue between Dario & Riddel ideally)

I think that's about all of the remaining issues! Please let me know if there are any other issues ty!

Enjoy  :)

Chrono Trigger Modification / Stam/Hit/Evade/Mg.Def Tabs now working!!
« on: March 11, 2021, 02:15:26 am »
Hey guys, I just found out that someone has made a little patch to edit the Stats that Tabs gives!!! It works it's amaziiiingg!!  :o :o :o

you can download the patch here :

it's very easy to use, you need to download Asar.exe first from SMW to apply the "patch.asm" (well known Mario Hacking Forum) :

To apply the patch, simply open Axar.exe :
it will ask "Enter Patch Name" -> Drag and drop "patch.asm" then press enter
now it will ask "Enter Rom Name" -> Drag and drop your rom
and there you go! but this patch by default make Tabs gives +2 stats

I just found out how to edit the "patch.asm" so you can change the amount!
I open it in HxD (hex editor) , if you look at the end you'll see (look at image below)

so for exemple : If I want to make Power tabs to give 1 Power and 1 Stam

you will have this

%IncreaseStatBy1($000B, $63) ; power.
%IncreaseStatBy1($000C, $63) ; stamina.

you can simply remove the line if you want only 1 Power or 1 Stam

%IncreaseStatBy1($000B, $63) ; power.
%IncreaseStatBy1($000C, $63) ; stamina.

So what we have here is not actually "new" tabs, we are still limited to 3 different Tabs maximum, but we can make combination of any stats!! (I think)!
I haven't tried to put 5 stats in one tabs yet, but this is amaziiiing! We will convert Speed tabs to Hit tabs in our hack!! :D

Shoutout to Phi for this wonderful tool! Huge thanks!

Hey guys, happy new year!
In this post I will provide the necessary tools and explain how to switch Dario with an existing Character, I think you can switch Dario with any Playable Character, (I haven't tested all of them, but so far it works for every Char I tested). This post will be updated upon request or if I manage a better way to explain it :)

In this Example I will switch Dario with Turnip. (like we intend to do in our hack!)

There are many things to change in order to have a fully workable PC :
1 ) Overworld Texture/Model
2 ) Battle Texture/Model/Weapons (if)/Battle Animation (.DRP)
3 ) In Game Menu Status Screen -> Same as Battle Texture/Model
4 ) In Game Menu Status Screen Description
5 ) Menu Big Rectangle Image
6 ) End of Battle Big Rectangle Image (turns out is it not the same, either this one or the Rename Character Screen Rectangle Image, I know one of them is smaller/less detailed)
7 ) Speaking Portrait Image
8 ) Default Name
9 ) Default Innate Color (If needed)
I think that's about it but I might forget something (remember the post is "In Progress"  :D )

(Concerning the In Game Menu Status Screen Models, The Battle Model is much bigger than in the Status Screen, for exemple I'll use Serge. Serge's Battle Model have 22 Different Animation while his Status Screen Model only have 4 (the 4 different you can see in the menu are :
1) Standing Still
2) Running to Enemy
3) Waiting on Attack
4) I believe it is the "weaken/Low HP" animation (but I am still working on it, atm I'm making Dario Model for the Status Screen (4 Anim instead of hmm I think it is also 22 Anim for Dario Battle)

So first thing first,
I will start with switching the Battle Texture/Model/Weapons/Battle Animation
In order to easily switch a PC, I use the ISO(or Img) Format 2048 (If you are not familiar with Format, see this page for more Info!

Basically there are 2 type of Format :
1) 2048  -> this format can't be read by most Emulator (so I only work with it to do the changes I need, then convert it to 2352.)

2) 2352 -> this format can be read by most Emulator (if not all of them?)

It defines the size of every sector.

So how can I get an ISO format 2048 to work with ? :
You need to use the famous PurpleCat Tools, here's a link to my PurpleCat tool , if I remember well there was an issue with dumping CD2 so I had to edit one of the file (maybe I'm wrong, but this version works 100% so it's fine)

In order to make PurpleCat work, you need to have Perl (Perl (command line))
I think there are no tutorial/explanation on how to make Perl work on ChronoCompendium, so I'll explain in detail what needs to be done before being able to Switch any Character!

To install Perl, download and install this version (Perl
(strawberry-perl- you can either download it on their main website or from my google drive link (for Windows/I work with Windows) :

(I am thinking of making a video tutorial for Perl Installation as it can get a bit tricky for those unfamiliar with CMD.exe/command Prompt, but I'll make it as simple as possible in this post!)

Once you have downloaded Perl 5.16 -> Installed it, you should be able to launch it from the windows start menu (press windows button , type : Perl
you should see :  Perl (command line)

now you have the black screen windows, you should see  the line
now type     perl -MCPAN -e "shell"
it will prompt you to the CPAN configuration, once it is done
Type     install List::MoreUtils
it will install the utilities needed to make PurpleCat works! (it take a couple of minutes, let it do his installation)

Once it is done you can start using PurpleCat! So in the PurpleCat Folder you should find
builder.bat (Use to build an ISO format 2048 from a Dumped ISO -> Using dump.bat)
dump.bat (Use to dump a regular ChronoCross Iso/Img)

(Whenever you are dumping/building CD1 or CD2 , make sure you Edit your Dump.bat and Builder.bat (can be edited in Notepad/Notepad++) so it correspond to the CD# you're working with. By default it is set for the CD1

Default dump.bat for CD1
 perl -iso=Chrono_Cross_CD1.img -tablefile=out_addrs.csv

if you want it to work for CD2 , put this line instead
 perl -iso=Chrono_Cross_CD2.img -tablefile=out_addrs_2.csv

Chrono_Cross_CD1.img      should be the name of your Original ChronoCross ISO
(I don't know If I can/have the right to provide a link for the Original CC Iso I am working with, I will ask ChronoCompendium if I can!)

Default builder.bat for CD1
 perl -tablefile=out_addrs.csv

if you want it to work for CD2 , put this line instead
 perl -tablefile=out_addrs_2.csv -cd2

So now that your builder.bat, dump.bat and Perl are ready, and you have an Original ISO/IMG of chronocross in your PurpleCat folder,   open Perl command
navigate to the PurpleCat folder in Perl, (let's say your PurpleCat folder is on your Desktop)
Type :     cd C:\Users\Username\Desktop\PurpleCat
you should see the new line

once you are here, type       dump.bat
(make sure you have your ISO named the same as in the dump.bat line! (mine is Chrono_Cross_CD1.img)

it will dump the CD1 into a folder name   "files" , inside it are all the .out files seen in the Modification Main Page
"File number"
I won't go into details as it is not what we are looking for (Switching Dario with Turnip!)
so once you have your "files" folder, go back in Perl command , and Type     builder.bat
now this will build a new iso in the PurpleCat Folder (always named cd1.iso , even if you build the CD2 , it will name it cd1.iso)

Now this cd1.iso is in Format 2048! Which We need to switch Dario and Turnip easily!
(I know this is a huge post , but every details are important! I couldn't just assumed everyone knows how to get a 2048 format so I'm making this as much detailed as possible, to avoid any confusion!, Let me know if there are things you aren't sure/understand so far!)

Now you need and Hex Editor (I use HxD) you can download it on their main website or from my link :

super friendly to use, takes no place, works like a charm.
so once you have opened HxD  (see picture #1 at bottom of the post)
you can just drag and drop your "cd1.iso" in it  (see picture #2 at bottom of the post)

Now we are getting close to our goal!
If you look in the upper-left part in HxD you will see the   Offset (h)  this is the corresponding line , for exemple : Turnip Texture starts at Offset  1186E800 (press CTRL+G in HxD to get the "Go to Offset" tab -> Type in   1186E800 then enter, it will put you at the Offset)

You should see at this line 
02 00 00 00 10 00 00 00 3C 82 00 00 68 94 00 00

this is the first line of Turnip Texture.
Turnip Texture starts at 1186E800 and finish at 11878000 (9800 Long)
1186E800 + 9800 = 11878000

Oh and before doing that you need Dario Battle Texture/Model/Anim(.DRP)
here's a link to them, I have edited Dario original Battle Texture/Model in order to have it work perfectly use these :

Ok so , to switch Turnip's Texture
1) Drag and drop Dario_Swordless.atim in HxD and press CTRL+A it should look like (See picture #3) , at the mid-bottom of HxD you can see the selected Length (Dario Texture Length is 8230 long)

2) go to line 1186E810  (yes 1186E810 , you need to leave the first line of the Texture intact. I will go in detail later on that, but for now , go to line 1186E810 then press  CTRL+E  (open the Select Block tab) in the tab you will see

in length put   8230  , then press Enter, it will select 8230 from the beginning of Turnip Texture
Now , Copy and Paste Dario_Swordless.atim (8230 long) in the Offset selected in cd1.iso)
you can just do  CTRL+C  (Dario_Swordless.atim) -> CTRL+V (cd1.iso)
or right click then copy (Dario_Swordless.atim) -> right click then paste (cd1.iso)
(That's why I want to make a Tutorial Video  :P )

Okay once you have copied the data, simply Save (CTRL+S) the cd1.iso, and go to line 11878000  this is Turnip's Model first line
06 00 00 00 20 00 00 00 C0 64 00 00 80 67 00 00

Now do the same as the previous step for the Texture, but copy
Dario_Battle_Model_With_Weapon.out (F800 long)
in cd1.iso
from line 11878000 to 118877FF (F800 long)

this will replace Turnip's Model for Dario!

and you have to do it one more time for Dario_DRP (F000 long)
go to line  12BFA800   Turnip's Battle Animation
starts with
64 72 70 00 00 00 00 00 00 03 00 00 3C 00 00 00
same thing, copy past Dario_DRP in cd1.iso !

one more thing need to be done for Dario's Model to work,
Go to Offset 0000F338   -> you should see these four values  F0 30 02 A7
change the A7 for 84  , if you don't do this, the game will crash at the beginning of the battle!!
Doing this "enables" Dario model, I have no Idea why/how it works really, I know the first three bytes are the sector pointer (F03002 is readed as 0230F0 which is the sector at which Turnip Model is located, I have no idea what the fourth byte does, but I know that if you don't put 84 It will not work! (84 is from Serge Model, he has 84 and Dario works in it.. :o ) or 5A (Guile Model uses 5A and I think it worked for Dario too, but yeah we don't need further info on this hehe)

Alright, we are getting there everyone  :lol:  one more steps left.
Our last step is to convert our Iso (2048) back in Iso (2352)

there is one program I am familiar with for this, it's IsoBuster (I use version 4.6, Here's a link for it

(Version 4.3 also works I think, there are probably other similar tools that would work but I only know this one)

(When you open IsoBuster, it ask for Registration Email, just hit cancel/remind me later,
another window pop too, just say no.)

once it is open, you can drag and drop your cd1.iso you should have (See Picture #4)
Now right click Session 1 -> Extract Session 1 <Content> -> Extract RAW data (2352 bytes/block) (*iso)     (choose the Last option)
it will ask where to create a new folder -> named "Session 1", inside it will be the new Iso named "Track 01.iso"

There you go you finally have you New Iso in format 2352 readable for most emulator.
And if you take turnip in your party and go in a battle, it will be Dario!  8)

I will definitely make a video tutorial for this, as this is only the first part, It is the most "complicated" but you pretty much have to do this for the other changes, like Overworld Texture/Model, In Game Menu Status Screen Texture/Model.

I will be making full Tutorial on this matter, for now let me know if this has been clear enough, if there are question/detail I should address, I am all ear!

*** Oh and if anyone is familiar on how to make a patch, just like the Magus Unmasked patch, it would be fantastic, it'll be much friendlier to use. I have no idea where to start to do such thing, so feel free if you want to make one  :)

Chrono Cross Modification / Custom Boss(es) (99% Completed)
« on: December 10, 2020, 08:09:36 pm »
Hey guys! Here's something that took us a couple of weeks (if not more xP) to accomplish from almost scratch!

We didn't knew how to edit Room Script properly, but after a little while..  :D

This is one of the extremely exciting things that we really wanted to add to CC!!

Lots of new things are possible to do now!
There's only the Battle Script left to be understood, I can change the Element the enemy is casting but that's pretty much it  :shock:

This is also on the to do list! I'll be giving updates on this too whenever I can!
Let us know what you think   :)

Here you can access the Bend of Time (New Game+ content only) in a regular game!
Always thought it would be cool to be able to fight "them" in a normal game  :wink:

Simply open(drag and drop) your Iso/Img/(Bin?) in an Hex Editor (I use HxD , very easy to use)
and then edit 2 values!   

Go to the corresponding Offset (seen below) and changes these values : 05 80 -> Set to  54 60

 FORMAT 2048
Offset = 0E0CE395 => 05 80 EB -> Set to 54 60 EB

Offset = 0DEDD395 => 05 80 EB -> Set to 54 60 EB

 FORMAT 2352
Offset = 1022CCED => 05 80 EB -> Set to 54 60 EB

Offset = 0FFF208D => 05 80 EB -> Set to 54 60 EB

Info :

Here's my additional info on the Bend of Time Room

This doc is a bit old so not all of it make sense, now I know much more about Room/Script!
but still can be useful maybe

Chrono Cross Modification / Dario & Slash are now 100% Playable!
« on: November 16, 2020, 05:10:01 am »
Hi everyone, long time!

So I'm trying to make Slash become a fully playable character.
I think I have all the right tools for it and I'm really close but I still have 1 major issue and 1 minor issue

I manage to "extract" Slash Overworld model and Texture(.Tim) from
1928.room_524_bend_of_time_-_spekkios_room.script.cpt (in sector 115254)

Major issue : Slash Overworld uses a .Tim format 128x256
while all PC uses a .Tim format 128x128

I edited the Slash Texture using Photoshop (Tim Plugin) to set the size to 128x128

(I put both texture, Slash Overworld & Battle Model in the .rar)

I know that if I only do this, Slash Model will not apply the texture properly, so I have to edit the model so it can map the 128x128 texture, I don't know how to do that .
While reading some post I found the remap.exe , it seems to be exactly what I need to do but I can't figure how remap.exe works properly  :shock:
And remap seems to be using Battle Model only, can it work for Overworld Models too?

Minor issue : Whenever Slash is in the second character spot, he became all explody/glitchy lol! I have no Idea what causes that or how to start to fix it   :?
here's a video of it :

Slash in battle is 99.99% complete , I only need to remove the blinking eyes and it's 100% done! (I saw a post on that somewhere I think) Still not a major issue tho
Here's Slash in battle fully working :

*** I just thought of a possible solution to my Major issue
What if I could point to another Texture from the Overworld Model?

How does a Model (.mdl) knows which Texture (.Tim) to use?
Does it uses the first file it sees directly after the .mdl? (unlikely)
Is it called by a pointer? (I hope it uses that)
Or maybe it's the texture that knows which model it has to go to? (less logical answer)

If I look at Pierre's model and texture
overworld_model_Pierre.mdl   Y   CD Sector 6727 = 00D23800 (Length 7440)  (uses 15 Block = 7800)
overworld_texture_Pierre.tim   Y   CD Sector 6742 = 00D2B000 (Length 4220)  (uses 09 Block = 4800)

I would need to make Pierre.mdl to use(point to) Overworld texture_slash.tim   Y   0E18EA78 to 0E196C97 = 8220 (would use 17 Block = 8800)
which is very far away from the Player Character Field Files List  (for reference) I wonder if it is possible

I'm working on this at the moment! If anyone knows how a Mdl calls it's texture, maybe that would work :o !

Hey guys, I can't figure out how to edit the Price of items
Let's say I want to edit :

Rainbow Axe    Forge = 24,000    Sell = 10,957
Here's a few other number

Bone Axe  150     245
Iron Axe   560     522
Silver Axe 2,000  1,210
Stone Axe 7,980  3,987

I've changed every 10957 in the iso (2ACD, and in little-indian CD2A) both didn't work.
I tried doing 10957 x 2 , sometime it uses 1/2 the value, I can't remember where I've seen it for money but I think it's related to Newgame+ (just like enemy's HP do) didn't work either,
I also found out in the script to buy the Masterhammer for 10000 (2710) or (1027), the value was actually (10A7) , so I looked for (CDAA)
if 2710 -> 1027  -> 10A7
   2ACD -> CD2A -> CDAA
Still no luck changing every CDAA in game (lots of visual glitch but price didn't changed) xP

Scanning through
0197.smith_shop_goods_list.out   Y   5698   Y   5698
0198.smith_shop_costs_list.out   Y   5700   Y   5700

I made these lists

I Found that the number of mats it cost to forge the corresponding Item, will affect the Forge Price but Not the Sell Price. (I listed the mats price in the Weapon Forge Cost)
The way it calculates the price of an Item is using the (let's call it) "Main" mats and multiplies it buy the number of total mats. (Sorry sounds dump at first) but here's an example :
If I make an item cost 10x Bones and 1x Rainbow Shell to forge, the price will be the same as 11 Rainbow Shell (11 x 2400 = 26400)

I'll keep looking around

I think it should be somewhere there.

I have all the Element Shop listed, it's very easy to edit Element price :o but sadly it is not build the same way as blacksmith's Shop >.<

Ideally I'd like to change everything (Forge/Sell)
If anyone knows something about this don't hesitate to let us know : )  thx!

Chrono Cross Modification / Need Help Finding Chest Content
« on: April 26, 2019, 07:50:19 am »
I feel like I'm very close to it but after hours and hours of trying I'm still not able to edit Chest Content

I've been testing the chest containing Fireball in 0482.room_042_lizard_rock_home_-_entrance.script.cpt   Y   16313 (Hex 024973B0) "Format 2352" .

After reading

in the notes it mention
BB XX YYZZ - Item give/take: if XX is 0, item ZZYY will be added to the inventory;
if XX is non-zero, the item will be taken away.
By default, ZZYY refers to a normal item (forge material/weapon/armour/accessory).
If bit 0x200 is set, the item will be an Element.
If bit 0x400 is set, the item will be a key item.

I Strongly suspect that this could be the chest but I can't figure out how to read/find/edit any of those values.

I know that when your using code to add elements in your inventory the value is
0007 = Fireball
I tried changing most/all 0007 and 0700 but in vain   :picardno

still working on it at the moment , will update if I got anything

Chrono Cross Modification / Some usefull Hex list
« on: September 14, 2017, 04:50:35 pm »
Hey guys, I haven't had the time to work on the CC hard hack for a while, anyway here's some data that could be added to the "Modification" page! They're not all 100% complete so feel free to edit/correct them! Hope it help :)

Character Element Grid :
Character Stat Growth  :
Character Description   :

Accessory Stats :
Weapon Stats  :

Armor Stats :

Weapon Armor Access and Item ID Description :

Weapon, Armor, Access & Item Text Description :

Enabling-Disabling Weapon, Armor & Accessory :

Weapon, Armor, Accessory & Item Name ID and Text :

Element Shop Price :

Shop Element :

Chrono Cross Modification / Chrono Cross Hard Hack
« on: November 26, 2016, 01:02:35 pm »
Hi guys! First of all I wanna thank everyone on this forum for sharing their wisdom and time innovating on this Game! Chrono's game is such a fantastic universe, its part of my childhood and I will always enjoy talking/thinking about it!
*Sorry if sometimes my writing seems a bit odd, as english isn't my first language Ill try to do my best!

This a topic about the hack me and my brother are working on.
Here's a list of content we want/will change : 

All enemies stats, element they use, drop/steal will be change, possibly the battlescript for a couple of boss (if its not too complicated), will add stars/boss, All Main character stats and stats growth will be rebalanced, some will have different signature move (ex: Dash&slash), element grid allocation will be modified (possibly the order you can unlock them). We made Slash 100% Playable (will replace Pierre! and we have make a super cool artwork for the rectangle in menu ^^ ill upload it so u guys can enjoy it to). Replace a few main characters by enemies like (Funguy => Dwarfy, Doc => Marbule Sage, Orcha  => Dark Orcha). Will change a few main character looks (mostly clothe's colors). Add New weapon/armor/accessory, change their prices, changing the shop goods, and Blacksmith forgables. Change some element, allowing enemies signature move to be use like an ordinary element!(like icebreath, CrashPulse, OmegaWhite, OmegaBlue..). All the battle starting color fields will be modified ;) . I think this wrapped up most of what we have edit for now!

Some element will be modified like Hellsoul => AnimateDead, here's a little example!

Slash image isn't the last version but it should look pretty similar to this one, we're really trying to make it as if it was made for the game!

All of this is on the work/some is 100% done!
Now for the few things we still have trouble with like : Import new model for weapons, Unlock the doors of time so it can be accessed through a normal game, make Dario fully playable (adding space for model seems to be quite a challenge at the moment, I know some people here on the forum are also working on the same issues! We'll get it guys don't give up ^^!). And changing the Chests content. Those are the few remaining things were having problem with. If you have any tips or knowledge on these matter, feel free to let us know :D , ill be updating here and there when we complete a new step! Thx you for reading this topic!

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