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General Information

Radical Dreamers uses two love and point systems. The former determines how much Kid appreciates Serge, and the latter determines Serge's health. These affect the endings and whether Serge dies in combat. At the beginning of Le Trésor Interdit, Serge starts with 120 health and 38 love points. Combat and in-game events can reduce Serge's health count, while Kid's love count is increased by these events:

  • Attacking the Feral Cats immediately - 10
  • Attacking the Feral Cats again - 8
  • Answering "No way - let's go!" after Feral Cats battle - 18
  • Examining the music box in Riddel's room - 20
  • Hiding under the desk in the study - 6
  • Finding the key to the vault - 8

The love count is decreased by these events:

  • Picking a wrong book to find the key - 10
  • Showing Esmeld the picture collection of Kid - 30

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