Radical Dreamers Love / Point System

General Information[edit]

Radical Dreamers uses two love and point systems. The former determines how much Kid appreciates Serge, and the latter determines Serge's health. These affect the endings and whether Serge dies in combat. At the beginning of Le Trésor Interdit, Serge starts with 120 health and 38 love points.

Health Point System[edit]

Combat and in-game events can reduce Serge's health count. It's raised by these in-game events:

  • Eat the stew in the kitchen - 30

And it's lowered by these:

  • Hiding under the desk in the study - 2
  • Reading the sexual blue book - 18
  • Showing Esmeld pictures of Kid - 40
  • Refusing to carry the Einlanzer - 10

It can be manipulated with these codes:

  • 7E0901 XX
  • 7E3001 XX

Where XX is the hexadecimal value of Serge's health. Please note that a value of FF (or 255) causes Serge to die after battles. Depending on Serge's health, he talks about his condition after conflicts with different statements:


Ouch... My body is screaming at me from all of my cuts and bruises, and I'm a mess upstairs, too. I don't know how much more of this I can handle... I really need to watch myself from here on out.


Kneeling down, I rest for a minute to tend to my wounds.
"Hey, no whinin'. Yer not that bad, mate. I've seen worse hangovers than how you look right now."
I wish I had her determination... After I finish applying my bandages, I get up, hoping I'll be okay.
I can't start to give up now. But boy, these cuts are really starting to hurt...


"Phew... you okay, mate?"
"Yeah, I'm not bad. I've got some bruises here and there, but nothing too serious. You?"
"Aw, are you kiddin'? I kicked that thing's arse so bad, it didn't even have time to say its prayers!"
Yeah, we did pretty good back there, didn't we...


I really think I'm starting to get the hang of this whole fighting thing. I'm barely hurt at all!

Love System[edit]

Kid's love count is increased by these events:

  • Choose the "April showers bring May flowers" option (Demiforce translation) / first option (original version) for Serge's thought - 18
  • Attacking the Feral Cats immediately - 10
  • Attacking the Feral Cats again - 8
  • Answering "No way - let's go!" after Feral Cats battle - 18
  • Examining the dresser in Riddel's room - 20
  • Hiding under the desk in the study - 6
  • Finding the key to the vault - 15
  • Finding a small gem after battle - 24

The love count is decreased by these events:

  • Picking a wrong book to find the key - 10
  • Showing Esmeld the picture collection of Kid - 30

You can manipulate the love count by these two memory modifying codes:

  • 7E0902 XX
  • 7E3002 XX

Where XX is the hexadecimal value of Kid's affection. Depending on the count, Kid will respond to Serge's performance in combat different ways:


"Dammit, Serge! When are ya gonna bloody grow up and start fightin' like a man?"
Kid's glare shoots into me like an icy lance. I swallow a dry gulp, and continue down the corridor behind her.


"You got a thing or two to learn, but yer gettin' there, mate."
Kid's mischievous eyes sparkle as I glance at her for a moment in the dim moonlight.
I set off down the corridor with her, ready for what's next.


"Not bad, Serge... not bad at all," Kid says, catching my eye.
A few moments pass, and... she's still staring at me, smiling. Oh man, what do I do? Should I say something?
"...Uhh, heh..."
I look away after a nervous moment, but full of glee. I can never handle this kind of thing -- those baby blues of hers get me every time...

A Love value greater than 40 is needed to complete the game. Any value below this makes Kid hold on to the Chrono Trigger. The love value also has an impact on the ending of The Shadow Realm and the Goddess of Death, leading to these divergences in ending text:


"Hey! What are ya doin', ya grub!?"
"You were brought back to life, Kid. I thought I'd lost you..."
"But why do ya always have to be so clingy!?"
"She's back... just like always.
However, this time I know I'll have someone waiting for me when I get back.
After this line, the credits immediately appear with only Serge present.


Our hearts beat as one, as we continue to hug each other tightly...
However, this time I know I'll have someone there with me, right by my side.
"Serge, wait up!" Kid calls out, eagerly catching up with me as I set off.
The diary then closes as the new Kid arrives to explore the Kitsune forest, and afterwards Serge and Kid are both present in the ending credits.

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