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[Notes from old forum posts.]

The Terminus Traductions tool set apparently requires a BIN format game image that is nevertheless named ~CC_CD1.iso (BIN format is 2352 bytes/sector, whereas ISO format is 2048 bytes per sector; the tool set needs the file to be "physically" in BIN format, with the .iso extension just a filename convention). My game image is 736,651,104 bytes long in BIN format for the first CD.


Alrighty, finally got this baby working, apparently. I was trying to launch ~Dump_Main.bat first thing, and apparently one needs to launch all the other batch files first, and then ~Dump_Main.bat does its thing correctly.

Something to note -- the Terminus Traductions tools only seem to dump up to OUT 3054 -- in other words, we might have missed the battle models completely were it not for Yazoo's tools. I'm not sure how to get this baby to dump everything just yet, or even if it is capable of doing so. My main goal is to explore the ~Lzss_D function and ~Dump_Ptr function, as these may immensely further our exploration of fieldscript, battle script (this is code I'm talking about, not to be confused with dialogue), and hacking that requires pointer changes. If anyone has success using the ~Dump_Ptr function, give us a holler here.

EDIT: Okay, I think I just Lzss decompressed a bunch of stuff with the Terminus Traductions tools. I did a ~Lzss_D command after I had dumped everything up to OUT 3054, and a bunch of D### folders popped up under 30_~Fichiers_Avant. I guess after we complete the Magus Edition patch and figure out the remianing texture issues and model animation format, my next step will be to write a guide on using the Terminus Traductions tools successfully.

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