Text List of Locations

{000} Load Screen
{001} Crono's Kitchen
{002} Crono's Room
{003} Lucca's Kitchen
{004} Lucca's Workshop
{005} Millenial Fair
{006} Gato's Exhibit
{007} Prehistoric Exhibit
{008} Telepod Exhibit
{009} Lara's Room
{00A} Lucca's Room
{00B} Ending Selector
{00C} Truce Inn (Present)
{00D} Truce Mayor's Manor 1F
{00E} Truce Mayor's Manor 2F
{00F} Truce Single Woman Residence
{010} Truce Happy Screaming Couple Residence
{011} Truce Market (Present)
{012} Truce Ticket Office
{013} Guardia Forest (Present)
{014} Guardia Forest Dead End
{015} Guardia Throneroom (Present)
{016} King's Chamber (Present)
{017} Queen's Chamber (Present)
{018} Guardia Kitchen (Present)
{019} Guardia Barracks (Present)
{01A} Guardia Basement
{01B} Courtroom
{01C} Prison Catwalks
{01D} Prison Supervisor's Office
{01E} Prison Torture Storage Room
{01F} Medina Square
{020} Zenan Bridge (Present)
{021} Medina Elder's House 1F
{022} Medina Elder's House 2F
{023} Medina Inn
{024} Medina Portal
{025} Ending: Legendary Hero
{026} Guardia Throneroom (Ending: Legendary Hero)
{027} Medina Market
{028} Melchior's Kitchen
{029} Melchior's Workshop
{02A} Forest Ruins
{02B} Cursed Woods (Ending: The Unknown Past)
{02C} Leene Square (Future)
{02D} Denadoro Mountain Vista (Ending: Legendary Hero)
{02E} Castle Magus Throne of Defense (Ending: Legendary Hero)
{02F} Heckran Cave Passageways
{030} Heckran Cave Entrance
{031} Heckran Cave Underground River
{032} Porre Mayor's Manor 1F (Present)
{033} Porre Mayor's Manor 2F (Present)
{034} Porre Residence (Present)
{035} Snail Stop
{036} Porre Market (Present)
{037} Porre Inn (Present)
{038} Porre Ticket Office
{039} Fiona's Shrine
{03A} Choras Mayor's Manor 1F
{03B} Choras Mayor's Manor 2F
{03C} Castle Magus Hall of Aggression (Ending: Legendary Hero)
{03D} Choras Carpenter's Residence (Present)
{03E} Choras Inn (Present)
{03F} West Cape
{040} Sun Keep (Present)
{041} Northern Ruins Entrance (Present)
{042} Northern Ruins Basement Corridor (Present)
{043} Northern Ruins Landing (Present)
{044} Northern Ruins Antechamber (Present)
{045} Northern Ruins Vestibule (Present)
{046} Northern Ruins Back Room (Present)
{047} Prison Cells
{048} Prison Stairwells
{049} Northern Ruins Hero's Grave (Present)
{04A} Unknown
{04B} Prison Exterior
{04C} Unknown (Lavos Spawn)
{04D} Unknown (Lavos Spawn)
{04E} Unknown (Lavos Spawn)
{04F} Guardia Throneroom (Ending: Moonlight Parade)
{050} Millenial Fair (Ending: Moonlight Parade)
{051} Leene Square (Ending: Moonlight Parade)
{052} Ending Selector
{053} Fiona's Forest Recriminations
{054} End of Time (Ending: Moonlight Parade)
{055} Telepod Exhibit (Ending: Moonlight Parade)
{056} Death Peak Summit (Ending: Moonlight Parade)
{057} Manoria Sanctuary (Ending: The Successor of Guardia)
{058} The End
{059} Zenan Bridge (Ending: Moonlight Parade)
{05A} Prison Catwalks (Ending: Moonlight Parade)
{05B} Ending: People of the Times (Part 1)
{05C} Ending: People of the Times (Part 2)
{05D} Ending: People of the Times (Part 3)
{05E} Ending: People of the Times (Part 4)
{05F} Ending: People of the Times (Part 5)
{060} Black Omen Lavos Spawn
{061} Black Omen 3F Teleporter (no exits)
{062} Black Omen 45F Teleporter
{063} Black Omen Platform (no exit)
{064} Black Omen Platform Shaft (Downward)
{065} Black Omen Platform Shaft (Upward)
{066} Black Omen Celestial Gate (no map)
{067} Black Omen Celestial Gate (no map)
{068} Black Omen Celestial Gate (no map)
{069} Black Omen Celestial Gate (no map)
{06A} Black Omen Celestial Gate (no map)
{06B} Black Omen Celestial Gate
{06C} Lucca Explains Paradoxes
{06D} Ancient Tyrano Lair
{06E} Ancient Tyrano Lair Traps
{06F} Ancient Tyrano Lair Nizbel's Room
{070} Truce Canyon
{071} Truce Canyon Portal
{072} Truce Couple's Residence (Middle Ages)
{073} Truce Smithy's Residence
{074} Truce Inn 1F (Middle Ages)
{075} Truce Inn 2F (Middle Ages)
{076} Truce Market (Middle Ages)
{077} Guardia Forest (Middle Ages)
{078} Guardia Throneroom (Middle Ages)
{079} Guardia King's Chamber (Middle Ages)
{07A} Guardia Queen's Chamber (Middle Ages)
{07B} Guardia Kitchen (Middle Ages)
{07C} Guardia Barracks (Middle Ages)
{07D} Castle Magus Doppleganger Corridor
{07E} Geno Dome Main Conveyor
{07F} Geno Dome Elevator
{080} Geno Dome Long Corridor
{081} Manoria Sanctuary
{082} Manoria Main Hall
{083} Manoria Headquarters
{084} Manoria Royal Guard Hall
{085} Zenan Bridge (Wrecked)
{086} Zenan Bridge (Middle Ages, no map)
{087} Zenan Bridge (Middle Ages)
{088} Sandorino Pervert Residence
{089} Sandorino Elder's House
{08A} Sandorino Inn
{08B} Sandorino Market
{08C} Cursed Woods
{08D} Frog's Burrow
{08E} Denadoro South Face
{08F} Denadoro Cave of the Masamune Exterior
{090} Denadoro North Face
{091} Denadoro Entrance
{092} Denadoro Lower East Face
{093} Denadoro Upper East Face
{094} Denadoro Mountain Vista
{095} Denadoro West Face
{096} Denadoro Gauntlet
{097} Denadoro Cave of the Masamune
{098} Tata's House 1F
{099} Tata's House 2F
{09A} Porre Elder's House (Middle Ages)
{09B} Porre Cafe (Middle Ages)
{09C} Porre Inn (Middle Ages)
{09D} Porre Market (Middle Ages)
{09E} Fiona's Villa
{09F} Sunken Desert Entrance
{0A0} Sunken Desert Parasytes
{0A1} Sunken Desert Devourer
{0A2} Ozzie's Fort Entrance (no map)
{0A3} Magic Cave Exterior
{0A4} Magic Cave Interior
{0A5} Castle Magus Exterior
{0A6} Castle Magus Entrance
{0A7} Castle Magus Chamber of Guillotines
{0A8} Castle Magus Chamber of Pits
{0A9} Castle Magus Throne of Strength
{0AA} Castle Magus Hall of Aggression
{0AB} Castle Magus Hall of Deceit
{0AC} Castle Magus Inner Sanctum
{0AD} Castle Magus Throne of Magic
{0AE} Castle Magus Throne of Defense
{0AF} Castle Magus Hall of Apprehension
{0B0} Castle Magus Lower Battlements
{0B1} Ozzie's Fort Entrance
{0B2} Ozzie's Fort Hall of Disregard
{0B3} Ozzie's Fort Chamber of Kitchen Knives
{0B4} Ozzie's Fort Last Stand
{0B5} Ozzie's Fort Throne of Incompetence
{0B6} Ozzie's Fort Throne of Impertinence (wrong map)
{0B7} Ozzie's Fort Throne of Impertinence
{0B8} Ozzie's Fort Throne of Ineptitude
{0B9} Choras Old Couple Residence (Middle Ages)
{0BA} Choras Carpenter's Residence 1F (Middle Ages)
{0BB} Choras Carpenter's Residence 2F (Middle Ages)
{0BC} Choras Cafe
{0BD} Choras Inn (Middle Ages)
{0BE} Choras Market (Middle Ages)
{0BF} Sun Keep (Middle Ages)
{0C0} (empty map)
{0C1} (empty map)
{0C2} (empty map)
{0C3} Giant's Claw Entrance
{0C4} Giant's Claw Caverns
{0C5} Giant's Claw Last Tyranno
{0C6} Manoria Command
{0C7} Manoria Confinement
{0C8} Manoria Shrine Antechamber
{0C9} Manoria Storage
{0CA} Manoria Kitchen
{0CB} Manoria Shrine
{0CC} Guardia Forest Frog King Battle
{0CD} Denadoro Cyrus's Last Battle
{0CE} Guardia Throneroom Cyrus's Final Mission
{0CF} Schala's Room (no map)
{0D0} Bangor Dome
{0D1} Bangor Dome Sealed Room
{0D2} Trann Dome
{0D3} Trann Dome Sealed Room
{0D4} Lab 16 West
{0D5} Lab 16 East
{0D6} Arris Dome
{0D7} Arris Dome Infestation
{0D8} Arris Dome Auxiliary Console
{0D9} Arris Dome Lower Commons
{0DA} Arris Dome Command Central
{0DB} Arris Dome Guardian Chamber
{0DC} Arris Dome Sealed Room
{0DD} Arris Dome Rafters
{0DE} Reptite Lair 2F
{0DF} Lab 32 West Entrance
{0E0} Lab 32
{0E1} Lab 32 East Entrance
{0E2} Proto Dome
{0E3} Proto Dome Portal
{0E4} Factory Ruins Entrance
{0E5} Factory Ruins Auxiliary Console
{0E6} Factory Ruins Security Center
{0E7} Factory Ruins Crane Room
{0E8} Factory Ruins Infestation
{0E9} Factory Ruins Crane Control Room
{0EA} Factory Ruins Information Archive
{0EB} Factory Ruins Power Core
{0EC} Sewer Access B1
{0ED} Sewer Access B2
{0EE} Ending: Dream Team (no map) (TBD)
{0EF} Ending: A Slide Show?
{0F0} Ending: Goodnight
{0F1} Keeper's Dome
{0F2} Keeper's Dome Corridor
{0F3} Keeper's Dome Hanger
{0F4} Death Peak Entrance
{0F5} Death Peak South Face
{0F6} Death Peak Southeast Face
{0F7} Death Peak Northeast Face
{0F8} Geno Dome Entrance
{0F9} Geno Dome Conveyor Entrance
{0FA} Geno Dome Conveyor Exit
{0FB} Sun Palace
{0FC} Millenial Fair (Ending: Dino Age)
{0FD} Sun Keep (Last Village)
{0FE} Skill Tutorial
{0FF} Sun Keep (Future)
{100} Geno Dome Labs
{101} Geno Dome Storage
{102} Geno Dome Robot Hub
{103} Factory Ruins Data Core
{104} Death Peak Northwest Face
{105} Prehistoric Canyon
{106} Death Peak Upper North Face
{107} Death Peak Lower North Face
{108} Death Peak Cave
{109} Death Peak Summit
{10A} Ending: Dream Team (no map) (TBD)
{10B} Geno Dome Robot Elevator Access
{10C} Geno Dome Mainframe
{10D} Geno Dome Waste Disposal
{10E} Leene's Square (Ending: Dino Age)
{10F} Special Purpose Area
{110} Mystic Mtn Portal
{111} Mystic Mtn Base
{112} Mystic Mtn Gulch
{113} Chief's Hut
{114} Ioka Southwestern Hut
{115} Ioka Trading Post
{116} Ioka Sweet Water Hut
{117} Ioka Meeting Site
{118} Ioka Meeting Site (Party)
{119} Forest Maze Entrance
{11A} Forest Maze
{11B} Reptite Lair Entrance
{11C} Reptite Lair 1F
{11D} Reptite Lair Weevil Burrows B1
{11E} Reptite Lair Weevil Burrows B2
{11F} Reptite Lair Commons
{120} Reptite Lair Tunnel
{121} Reptite Lair Azala's Room
{122} Reptite Lair Access Shaft
{123} Hunting Range
{124} Laruba Ruins
{125} Dactyl Nest, Lower
{126} Dactyl Nest, Upper
{127} Dactyl Nest Summit
{128} Giant's Claw Lair Entrance
{129} Giant's Claw Lair Throneroom
{12A} Tyrano Lair Exterior
{12B} Tyrano Lair Entrance
{12C} Tyrano Lair Throneroom
{12D} Tyrano Lair Keep
{12E} Tyrano Lair Antechambers
{12F} Tyrano Lair Storage
{130} Tyrano Lair Nizbel's Room
{131} Tyrano Lair Room of Vertigo
{132} Debug Room?
{133} Lair Ruins Portal
{134} Black Omen 1F Entrance
{135} Black Omen 1F Walkway
{136} Black Omen 1F Defense Corridor
{137} Black Omen 1F Stairway
{138} Black Omen 3F Walkway
{139} Black Omen Auxilary Command
{13A} Black Omen (TBD)
{13B} Black Omen (TBD)
{13C} Black Omen (TBD)
{13D} Black Omen (TBD)
{13E} Black Omen (TBD)
{13F} Black Omen (TBD)
{140} Black Omen (TBD)
{141} Black Omen (TBD)
{142} Black Omen (TBD)
{143} Black Omen (TBD)
{144} Black Omen (TBD)
{145} Black Omen (TBD)
{146} Black Omen (TBD)
{147} Sunkeep (Prehistoric)
{148} Zeal Palace Schala's Room
{149} Zeal Palace Regal Hall
{14A} Zeal Palace Corridor to the Mammon Machine
{14B} Zeal Palace Hall of the Mammon Machine
{14C} Zeal Palace Zeal Throneroom
{14D} Zeal Palace Hall of the Mammon Machine (Night)
{14E} Zeal Palace Zeal Throneroom (Night)
{14F} Enhasa (wrong map)
{150} Land Bridge (TBD)
{151} Skyway? (TBD)
{152} Present Age Home Room (Ending: The Dream Project)
{153} Prehistoric Age Jungle (Ending: The Dream Project)
{154} Dark Age Ocean Palace Room (Ending: The Dream Project)
{155} Present Age Jail Cell (Ending: The Dream Project)
{156} Dark Age Earthbound Room (Ending: The Dream Project)
{157} Present Age Northern Ruins Room (Ending: The Dream Project)
{158} Arris Dome Food Locker
{159} Lucca's Workshop (Ending: The Oath)
{15A} Arris Dome Guardian Chamber (Battle with Lavos)
{15B} Prison Catwalks (Battle with Lavos)
{15C} Heckran Cave (Battle with Lavos)
{15D} Zenan Bridge (Battle with Lavos)
{15E} Cave of the Masamune (Battle with Lavos)
{15F} Dark Ages Portal
{160} Land Bridge (TBD)
{161} Land Bridge (TBD)
{162} Skyway (TBD)
{163} Enhasa
{164} Skyway (TBD)
{165} Kajar
{166} Kajar Study
{167} Kajar Belthasar's Private Room
{168} Kajar Magic Lab
{169} Zeal Palace Belthasar's Private Room
{16A} Blackbird Scaffolding
{16B} Blackbird Left Wing
{16C} Blackbird Right Port
{16D} Blackbird Left Port
{16E} Blackbird Overhead
{16F} Blackbird Hanger
{170} Blackbird Rear Halls
{171} Blackbird Forward Halls
{172} Blackbird Treasury
{173} Blackbird Cell
{174} Blackbird Barracks
{175} Blackbird Armory 3
{176} Blackbird Inventory
{177} Blackbird Lounge
{178} Blackbird Ducts
{179} Reborn Epoch
{17A} Future Age Room (Ending: The Dream Project)
{17B} End of Time (Ending: The Dream Project)
{17C} Algetty
{17D} Algetty Inn
{17E} Algetty Elder's Grotto
{17F} Algetty Commoner Grotto
{180} Algetty Shop
{181} Algetty Tsunami (wrong map)
{182} Algetty Entrance
{183} The Beast's Nest (wrong map)
{184} The Beast's Nest
{185} Zeal Teleporters
{186} Prehistoric Hut (Ending: The Dream Project)
{187} Castle Magus Room (Ending: The Dream Project)
{188} Mt. Woe Western Face
{189} Mt. Woe Lower Eastern Face
{18A} Mt. Woe Middle Eastern Face
{18B} Mt. Woe Upper Eastern Face
{18C} Mt. Woe Summit (wrong map)
{18D} Mt. Woe Summit
{18E} Leene Square (Ending: What the Prophet Seeks)
{18F} Crono's Kitchen (Ending: What the Prophet Seeks)
{190} The End (Ending: Multiple?)
{191} Zeal Palace
{192} Zeal Palace Hallway
{193} Zeal Palace Study
{194} Ocean Palace Entrance
{195} Ocean Palace Piazza
{196} Ocean Palace Side Rooms
{197} Ocean Palace Forward Area
{198} Ocean Palace B3 Landing
{199} Ocean Palace Grand Stairwell
{19A} Ocean Palace B20 Landing
{19B} Ocean Palace Southern Access Lift
{19C} Ocean Palace Security Pool
{19D} Ocean Palace Security Esplanade
{19E} Ocean Palace Regal Antechamber
{19F} Ocean Palace Throneroom
{1A0} Ocean Palace (TBD)
{1A1} Ocean Palace Eastern Access Lift
{1A2} Ocean Palace Western Access Lift
{1A3} Ocean Palace Time Freeze (wrong map)
{1A4} Ocean Palace Time Freeze (wrong map)
{1A5} Ocean Palace Time Freeze (wrong map)
{1A6} Time Distortion Mammon Machine
{1A7} Ocean Palace Time Freeze
{1A8} Last Village Commons
{1A9} Last Village Empty Hut
{1AA} Last Village Shop
{1AB} Last Village Residence
{1AC} North Cape
{1AD} Death Peak Summit
{1AE} Tyrano Lair Main Cell
{1AF} Title Screen (wrong map)
{1B0} Flying Epoch
{1B1} Title Screen
{1B2} Bekkler's Lab
{1B3} Magic Cave Exterior (after cutscene)
{1B4} Fiona's Forest Campfire
{1B5} Factory Ruins (TBD)
{1B6} Courtroom King's Trial
{1B7} Leene Square
{1B8} Guardia Rear Storage
{1B9} Courtroom Lobby
{1BA} Blackbird Access Shaft
{1BB} Blackbird Armory 2
{1BC} Blackbird Armory 1
{1BD} Blackbird Storage
{1BE} Castle Magus Upper Battlements
{1BF} Castle Magus Grand Stairway
{1C0} (Bad Event Data Packet)
{1C1} Black Omen Entrance
{1C2} Black Omen Omega Defense
{1C3} Black Omen Seat of Agelessness
{1C4} (Bad Event Data Packet)
{1C5} (Bad Event Data Packet)
{1C6} (Bad Event Data Packet)
{1C7} (Bad Event Data Packet)
{1C8} Reptite Lair (Battle with Lavos)
{1C9} Castle Magus Inner Sanctum (Battle with Lavos)
{1CA} Tyrano Lair Keep (Battle with Lavos)
{1CB} Mt. Woe Summit (Battle with Lavos)
{1CC} Credits (TBD)
{1CD} (Empty Data)
{1CE} (Empty Data)
{1CF} (Empty Data)
{1D0} End of Time
{1D1} Spekkio
{1D2} Apocalypse Lavos
{1D3} Lavos
{1D4} Guardia Queen's Tower (Middle Ages)
{1D5} Castle Magus Corridor of Combat
{1D6} Castle Magus Hall of Ambush
{1D7} Castle Magus Dungeon
{1D8} Apocalypse Epoch
{1D9} End of Time Epoch
{1DA} Lavos Tunnel
{1DB} Lavos Core
{1DC} Truce Dome
{1DD} Emergence of the Black Omen
{1DE} Blackbird Wing Access
{1DF} Tesseract
{1E0} Guardia King's Tower (Middle Ages)
{1E1} Death of the Blackbird
{1E2} Blackbird (no exits)
{1E3} Blackbird (no exits)
{1E4} Blackbird (no exits)
{1E5} Blackbird (no exits)
{1E6} Guardia King's Tower (Present)
{1E7} Guardia Queen's Tower (Present)
{1E8} Guardia Lawgiver's Tower
{1E9} Guardia Prison Tower
{1EA} Ancient Tyrano Lair Room of Vertigo
{1EB} (empty map)
{1EC} (empty map)
{1ED} Algetty Tsunami
{1EE} Paradise Lost
{1EF} Death Peak Guardian Spawn
{1F0} Present
{1F1} Middle Ages
{1F2} Future
{1F3} Prehistoric
{1F4} Dark Ages
{1F5} Kingdom of Zeal
{1F6} Last Village
{1F7} Apocalypse
{1F8} (empty map)
{1F9} (empty map)
{1FA} (empty map)
{1FB} (empty map)
{1FC} (empty map)
{1FD} (empty map)
{1FE} (empty map)
{1FF} (empty map)

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