Removing Lavos attack modes to free up location pointers

by Zakyrus

Skill Level: Beginner / Intermediate
Estimated Editing Time: About 15 minutes (for me, it seemed like an eternity to sort through it)
Requirements: (besides a backup of a CT ROM and TemporalFlux editor)

  • Basic knowledge of events and the event editor.

In this tutorial we will be removing the Lavos Attack Modes so that we can use those location pointers for more locations. Another advantage to this is that it frees up more monster slots because you won't be fighting all those attack modes (so you'll gain about 9 locations and 17 free monsters). Waste not, want not...To make up for the fact that the Lavos attack mode battles will no longer be there and preserve rudimentary functionality, we will replace Lavos with the Ocean Palace version of Lavos enemy which is MUCH harder.

  • Step 1

Load up location {1D3} Lavos, and enter the event editor. Now, there are two ways this can be done. One, we could trace and delete all links to the other locations, which is a total pain. Two, we change the mem value so that the game thinks all the attack modes are defeated and goes straight to the Lavos battle. If we do the second method, we have much less that needs to be changed and / or deleted.

So, scroll all the way down to [11BD] and change the enemy to EB instead of EC. You could delete the above if statement instead and have the same effect, but it *could* potentially cause problems. It's unlikely, but it's best to delete as little as possible. This replaced the Lavos wiith 10,000 HP with the Ocean Palace one that has 30,000 and much higher damage (to you).

  • Step 2

Scroll back up to near the top and delete [04A0] which is the text "Lavos enters attack mode!"

  • In [049C], which was above the command you deleted - change the value to 9.
  • In [04A9] - change the location to {1D3} Lavos, Variant to E0, Xcoord to 7, Ycoord to C, Unknown to 0.

Changing the above two will make the game reload the location and run through the script again, since 7F00DE is now 9, it will skip past all Lavos attack modes except the very last one.

Remove these various unneeded commands:

  • Remove [04A6] and [04A8].
  • Remove [0CFC], [0CFE], & [0D00]
  • Step 4

We could leave the last attack mode because it doesn't involve changing locations, it just spawns them in as you enter the area. However, if you do want to go directly into battle with Lavos and completely remove all pre-Lavos battles; then read on.

This part was a real pain for me to figure out, this is because this entire location script is pretty much one, huge event that is intertwined together. Adding these will make Lavos load up and skip the last attack mode:

  • Add a command directly below [04A4]; make it into Assignment, Command: Value to Mem, Variant 56, Value: 7,Store to: 7F00CE, Width: One byte.
  • Then add another command directly below that one and make it into Catagory: Object Function, Command: Call Object Function, Variant: 04, Mode: Object, Object/PC: 8, Arbitrary: 3, Priority: 3, Wait Status: Halt.
  • Final notes

That about does it; now we no longer have all those annoying attack modes, we get completely owned by Lavos when we fight it, and we have more free location pointers/monsters to boot! It kind of sucks having to remove game material to get free space. But hey, think about the awesome dungeon or area you would be able to have as a result of this sacrifice...because I'm sure you already have all the other free location pointers used up or reserved for something. :)

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