Old Charter

Old Chrono Compendium Charter[edit]

I. Introduction[edit]

  • This document provides a general outline of the Chrono Compendium. The charter is not intended to be a definitive resource and is subject to change as the site evolves.

II. Organizational Structure[edit]

a. Heirarchy
  • General Members
All registered Chrono Compendium members belong to this group. General Members are able to post messages in all Site Discussion Forums and the Works in Progress Forum.

  • Master Chrono Scholars
Chrono Compendium members who have been selected by the site administrators to become moderators form this group. Master Chrono Scholars are able to moderate all Site Discussion and Site Content Forums.

  • Entities
This group is the top echelon of the Chrono Compendium. Entities include the original founders of the Chrono Compendium and the select few members chosen to become site administrators. Entities have control over nearly all aspects of the site.
b. Registration
To post messages or submit content, you must become a Chrono Compendium member by registering for the Forum. This is for several reasons: 1.) To help control the content of the site and 2.) To identify the author of submissions. Only a valid E-mail address is required for registration. Only one membership is allowed per person to prevent confusion and abuse of the site.
c. Promotion
Chrono Compendium members of good standing who meet the necessary requirements will be selected to join the higher level User-Groups by the Entities or Master Chrono Scholars.
d. Rank
Chrono Compendium members receive a rank based their post count which is displayed under their user name. Members may also be awarded with special titles such as Guru of Life, Time and Reason. These titles serve to recognize outstanding contributions to the site.

III. Code of Conduct[edit]

  • Chrono Compendium members

1. shall treat all other members in a courteous and respectful manner.

2. shall not post or link to any material which may be found offensive by other members.

3. shall not post derogatory or insulting statements toward any other member or post comments intended to annoy or provoke other members.

4. shall respect the privacy of all other members.

5. shall not engage in any activities which disrupt the normal functioning of the website.

6. shall not create an user name intended to impersonate, mock, or antagonize another member or falsely claim to be another member.

7. shall not attempt to gain access, privileges, or abilities unintended by the design of the website or gain unauthorized access of the user account of another member.

8. shall endeavor to convey the highest possible level of truth and accuracy in every post or submission.

9. shall not knowingly submit any theories or statements which are false or erroneous nor modify any body of evidence to support such a claim.

10. shall not claim ownership of any work created by another person. If the work of another person is reproduced in whole or in part, full credit shall be given to the original author.

11. shall not post, link to, or openly discuss any material which violates copyright law.

IV. Disciplinary Procedures[edit]

a. Moderation
Moderators may remove material found in violation of the code of conduct. Moderators may also move, edit or delete material to maintain the order of the site.
b. Penalties
Violators of the code of conduct will receive a warning and may have special privileges or titles revoked. Repeated and serious violations may result in members being suspended or banned from the site. Moderators are able to issue warnings, but an administrator is required to modify the account privileges of members.
c. Appeals
Members who find the actions of the moderators unfair or unwarranted may ask the administrators to reevaluate the decision, however the judgment of the administrators is final.

V. Site Index[edit]

a. Encyclopedia
The Encyclopedia is the compilation of all factual information collected about the Chrono Series. Chrono Scholars are responsible for maintaining and updating the content of the encyclopedia.
b. Site Content
The Chrono Compendium hosts various fan works created by its members. New works are added by posting them in the Submission forum. Chrono Scholars are responsible for maintaining and updating the content section. Site Content is cataloged as follows:
  • Articles
Articles are objective and analytical essays on some aspect of the Chrono Series.
  • Editorials
Editorials include opinion pieces, persuasive essays, and subjective papers on some aspect of the Chrono Series.
  • Reviews
Reviews are objective and subjective evaluations of any of the games in the Chrono Series.
  • Fanfiction
Fanfiction includes fictional works based in the Chrono series written by fans.
  • Fanart
Fanart includes drawings or other visual works created by fans.
c. Discussion Forums
The message board is the center for discussion and debate and community for the Chrono Compendium. Access to some boards is restricted to certain Usergroups. Master Chrono Scholars serve as global moderators for the forums.
  • Announcements
Site updates, important news items and fan work releases are posted here by the administrators.
  • Chrono Series Analysis
This is the location of any discussion related the analysis of the Chrono Series. This entire forum should be considered to contain spoilers.
  • General Discussion
Any discussion which does not belong in another forum is placed here.
  • Chrono / Gameplay Help
General, non analytic dialogue about the Chrono series takes place here. Help requests and gameplay discussion also take place here. All spoilers must be clearly marked in this forum.
  • Chrono Compendium Discussion
Help topics on technical matters and discussion of the organization of the site takes place here.
  • Kajar Laboratories
Authors may post unfinished works for comments and suggestions. Authors may also ask for help editing or proofing their work. All kinds of fan projects can be previewed here as well.
  • Submissions
Completed works which are ready to be published on the site shall be posted here. Chrono Scholars have moderator privileges for this forum, and are responsible for placing the posted works in the applicable section of the site.

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