Music (Chrono Cross)


Complete Track List[edit]

Track listings based off game data and .psf rips; all tracks composed by Yasunori Mitsuda, who owns all the rights.

Note that two translations were done for the soundtrack of Chrono Cross. The one that appears here is the more accurate but less proliferated translation; remixers and other sites commonly use the alternate, which can be found at Primary Translation. A new translation was also recently completed by Radical Pan; find it here. At some point in the future, the names will be standardized across the site. The names of the 3 discs, 起, 承, 転, are taken from the basis of writing a poem (in old Chinese). 起承転合(起承轉合, 起承转合), literally translated as Opening, Development, Change and Conclusion. Thanks to utunnels

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1. Chrono Cross ~ Scars of Time ~
2. Between Life and Death
3. Arni Village ~ Home World ~
4. Fields of Time ~ Home World ~
5. Lizard Dance
6. Reminiscing ~ Uneraseable Memory ~
7. On the Beach of Dreams ~ Another World ~
8. Arni Village ~ Another World ~
9. Ephemeral Memory
10. Lost Fragment
11. Drowned Valley
12. Termina ~ Another World ~
13. Departed Souls
14. Forest of Illusion
15. Viper Mansion
16. Victory ~ A Gift of Spring ~
17. A Child Lost in Time
18. Guldove ~ Another World ~
19. Hydra Marshes
20. Fragment of a Dream 2 (Same as Track 68)
21. Voyage ~ Another World ~
22. Ghost Ship
23. Death Volcano
24. Fortress of Ancient Dragons
25. Grief
26. Beginning of a Dream
27. A Narrow Space Between Dimensions
28. Termina ~ Home World ~
29. Dragon Knights
30. Voyage ~ Home World ~
31. Guldove ~ Home World ~
32. Marbule ~ Home World ~
33. Zelbess
34. The Splendidly Grand Magic Troupe
35. Nap
36. Chronomantique
37. Dilemma
38. Optimism
39. Isle of the Dead
40. Dead Sea/Tower of Destruction
41. Prisoners of Fate
42. A Light for Lost Hopes
43. Island of the Earth Dragon
44. Navel of the World
45. Gale
46. Victory ~ A Cry in Summer ~
47. Marbule ~ Another World ~
48. Magic from the Fairies
49. Etude 1
50. Etude 2
51. Magical Dreamers ~ The Wind, Stars, and Waves ~ (Intro)
52. Magical Dreamers ~ The Wind, Stars, and Waves ~ (Main)
53. Garden of God
54. Chronopolis
55. Fate ~ The God of Destiny ~
56. Jellyfish Sea
57. Burning Orphanage
58. The Girl Who Stole the Stars
59. The Dream that Time Dreams
60. Dragon's Prayer
61. Terra Tower
62. Frozen Flame
63. Dragon God
64. Dark Realms of Time
65. Life ~ A Distant Promise ~
66. Reminiscing - Uneraseable Memory (Same as Track 6)
67. Radical Dreamers ~ Unstolen Jewel ~
68. Fragment of a Dream
69. Between Life and Death (Variation)
70. Termina ~ Home World ~ (Variation)
71. Magical Dreamers ~ The Wind, Stars, and Waves ~ (Variation)
72. Birds Ambience
73. Cave Ambience
74. Cave Ambience 2

Official Releases[edit]

Chrono Cross Music Selection[edit]


Compact Disc (15:47)

Composed & Arranged by: Yasunori Mitsuda
Release: August 15, 2000
Label: Squaresoft
Catalogue Number: 3TP-0032K (VGMdb Listing)

Track List

1. Chrono Cross -Scars of Time- (2:29)
2. The Bend of Time (2:46)
3. Chronomantique (3:16)
4. Magical Dreamers -Wind, Stars, and Waves- (3:33)
5. The Girl Who Stole the Stars (3:43)


This music sampler came with copies of Chrono Cross that had been preordered.

Limited Availability

Chrono Cross Original Soundtrack[edit]


Three Compact Discs

Composed & Arranged by: Yasunori Mitsuda
Release: December 18, 1999 & June 29, 2005
Label: Digicube
Catalogue Number: SSCX-10040 (VGMdb Listing), SQEX-10047~9 (VGMdb Listing)

Track List

Disc One (60:40)

1. Time's Scar (2:29)
2. The Brink of Death (2:38)
3. Home Village Arni (3:23)
4. Fields of Time - Home World (3:26)
5. Dancing the Tokage (2:41)
6. Reminiscence - Feelings Not Erased (3:25)
7. Dream of the Shore Bordering Another World (2:22)
8. Another Arni Village (3:32)
9. He Sang of Feeling (2:51)
10. Lost Fragments (3:12)
11. Drowning Valley (2:00)
12. Another Termina (2:43)
13. Leaving the Body (3:43)
14. Shadow Forest (3:25)
15. Viper Manor (2:54)
16. Victory - Spring's Gift (0:56)
17. Lost Child of Time (3:24)
18. Another Guldove (3:26)
19. Hydra Marshes (3:10)
20. Dream's Creation (1:35)
21. Voyage - Another World (2:32)
22. Phantom Ship (2:00)
23. Death Volcano (3:39)
24. Ancient Dragon's Fort (3:54)
25. Grief (0:20)

Disc Two (59:50)

1. Start of the Dream (0:42)
2. Cleft of Dimension (2:47)
3. Home Termina (3:38)
4. Dragonrider (3:01)
5. Voyage - Home World (3:22)
6. Home Guldove (3:58)
7. Home Marbule (2:55)
8. Zelbess (2:42)
9. The Big Admirable Mysterious Sleight of Hand Group (1:31)
10. Nap (0:13)
11. Chrono Main Theme (3:18)
12. Predicament (2:47)
13. Optimism (2:19)
14. Isle of the Damned (3:11)
15. Dead Sea - Tower of Ruin (3:10)
16. People Seized with Life (3:26)
17. Previously Lost Hopes (0:32)
18. Earth Dragon's Island (3:16)
19. Gaia's Navel (2:59)
20. Gale (2:00)
21. Victory - Summer's Cry (0:53)
22. Another Marbule (3:00)
23. Fairies Make Way for Magic (0:13)
24. Etude 1 (0:12)
25. Etude 2 (0:14)
26. Magical Dreamers - The Wind, Stars, and Waves (2:02)

Disc Three (53:21)

1. Garden of the Gods (2:45)
2. Chronopolis (4:12)
3. Fates - Gods of Destiny (3:10)
4. Jellyfish Sea (2:55)
5. Orphan of Flame (2:44)
6. The Star-Stealing Girl (3:48)
7. The Dream that Time Dreams (4:01)
8. Dragon's Prayer (5:57)
9. Tower of Stars (2:26)
10. Frozen Flame (2:54)
11. Dragon God (3:21)
12. Into a Time of Darkness (0:42)
13. Life - Faraway Promise (6:32)
14. Reminiscence - Feelings Not Erased 2 (Same as Reminiscence - Feelings Not Erased) (1:39)
15. Radical Dreamer - Without Taking the Jewel (4:25)
16. Dream's Creation (2:00)

Liner Notes[edit]

Yasunori Mitsuda commented on each track; his words have been translated by Ongakusei, and posted at Chudah's Corner. Ongakusei has graciously allowed us to display the notes here; these are the absolute best available.

Still Green Around the gills

Seems it's been nearly 10 years since I started really coming to grips with my "musical job" (including my days of training). When I think about it carefully, it now seems I was charging on with no thought to consequence. And I'll probably keep doing the same thing... until I die... (laughs). Back in my days of youth, I often thought, "I'm working hard but...why does no one acknowledge it?" and flared up at various people for that. Considering it now, I realize that the production process is not important to others; what matters is the result, the meaning the listener gets out of my work. But at that time, I was too young to realize this. Even now, my immaturity hasn't changed, but I do feel that the real value for me is not in being recognized for my hard work, but in the emotions my music stirs in people. So perhaps I have grown a bit. Were you all moved to cry just once in this game?

Only Death Stops Learning

People keep learning until they die. My father always used to say that. For someone like me who hated studying, I really resisted this (laughs).

But recently I've come to think that it's not "studying" he was talking about, so much as "internalization". The world is full of fashion trends, but most people don't seriously question why something becomes fashionable, and simply submit to the vogue of the day. I'm the kind of person who isn't satisfied when something doesn't pass through my internal filter, so if something's concerning me, I always analyze it and attempt to digest it. So I finally arrived at an understanding of what my dad meant when he said "study".

I had no thought of writing "fashionable" music, and I realized that my awareness of this destiny, which finally passed through my internal filter, was directly tied to my personality, so I can't ignore that one really does "keep learning until they die". Heh. I'm trying, dad. (laughs).

The Power of Sound

Sound has a mysterious power. A power greater than anything you can say with words. I think that no matter how good a piece of music may be, if it isn't expressed with the right sound, it has no meaning. A composer saying that sounds don't matter is the same as him saying that he has no love for his own music. There are so many colors in sounds.

By way of understanding this, you'll notice that most of this soundtrack is built on a "guitar sound". Of course, it can't compete with the sound of a real guitar, but to enable people to perceive this atmosphere, I tried to use the "nerve" of the guitar to the maximum extent possible (does that make sense?). In pursuit of this, synthesizer programmer Ryo Yamazaki supported me without giving up to the very end. I cannot thank him enough.

If even a bit of the emotion this music possesses reaches you, you could say it's because of the power of his sounds.

The Power of All

Not just in this project, but always, producing game music requires the total commitment of everyone involved.

For example, to accommodate the slow disc loading speed, sound memory was reduced, so even if someone on the production level wanted to do something, the programmers frequently had to nix it. If I can only do half of what I envisage, I'm satisfied.

In the sound for this project, thanks to the combined efforts of the main programmer, the battle programmer, and many many others, we were able to overcome things I thought were physically impossible and finally arrive at this point. I would like to emphasize that the music echoing from these CDs is built on the power of all these people.

Folk Music Continues Onwards

I tried to apply a Mediterranean sound to all of this music, experimenting with Fado guitar type sounds.

I have a strong sense of Fado style as being represented by deeply expressive lyrics and minor-key music. But for a challenge, I tried to make my overall theme as writing music that could penetrate to the depths of one's heart with a bright, major-key sound.

In addition, as I've recently been studying African percussion, I made use of the rhythms of Africa, and the sounds of the ancient music of various lands like Finland, China, Mongolia and Greece. Of course, my Irish sound is also doing well...(laughs).

When I listen to this collection of music, the one thing I admire is that I'm able to achieve a well organized form out of seemingly disparate sounds. Could that be my greatest accomplishment!?...probably. (laughs).

From here on, in order to deliver more of that enjoyable yet mysterious Mitsuda sound, I'm really going to crack the whip on myself. Please have fun and wait for it.

Liner notes by Ryo Yamazaki (Sound Programmer):

Have any of you ever wondered while hearing the music in a game whether it's running off CD or being produced by the PlayStation sound chip? A lot of people might say "Well if the music's good, it doesn't matter", but for us who handle sound it's a big problem. Compared to recording the music, the process of cramming all the sounds into the hardware's available memory requires a lot more time and labor. When I work with outside creators who have no experience dealing with chip generated sound, they're generally dumbfounded by the hopeless hardware specs.

Because of that, a lot of creators who have to compose chip music give up or delegate the work out, but working with Mitsuda on this project, I never saw a trace of that disappointing attitude. Rather, he took the attitude that chip generated music was a challenge to be faced, and I felt incredible sympathy for him for that.

I did at times think it somewhat reckless to attempt to express some humanity through mechanical, computerized performances, but I was also just as often encouraged by Mitsuda's enthusiasm and insistence on communicating exactly what he wanted to convey through his music.

Afterall, achieving sound of this quality through the internal sound module may be due to no more than the ego of the developers, or else part of a process that gets left behind as hardware evolves. But no matter when or on what hardware, I would like for creators never to forget the history of conflict that arose in attempting to communicate something with all one's skill.

If listening to this soundtrack, permeated as it is with our obsessions, brings you to ponder even briefly your viewpoint on this thing called game music, it would be an honor.

Disc 1 ~ Awakening

Chrono Cross - Scars of Time -

The music adorning the opening of Chrono Cross. I think you can really sense how high the level of the musicians was. During the recording, new ideas constantly came to me and were quickly incorporated. The ambiguity of what the lead instrument is makes for a high tension piece. The mixing was extremely difficult. I thought the sound produced by laying a Gran Cassa (a huge drum) on its side and hitting it with brush sticks was very interesting.


I think there is one version of this with voices and one without, but I included the version with voices on the CD. I don't like the standard orchestral style very much, so I tried emphasizing the percussion. I really am such a contrarian (laughs).

Aruni Village ~ Home

All the "first town" themes I'd written to this point were very sunny and bright, so this time I tried to make something with a calmer atmosphere. I thought Fado guitar style music would be great for this town, but Fado music typically has a dark, sorrowful image. So I thought, if I tried writing a bright, peaceful song with a Fado guitar, what kind of music would it turn out to be? Well, maybe in that case it's not really Fado...(laughs)

The Field of Time ~ Home World

Oh! Where have we heard this melody before? That's right, I rearranged the main theme from Chrono Trigger. But since a simple rearrangement wouldn't be interesting, I started with the "C" melody section. So it takes a while before you realize it's from Chrono Trigger. Somehow, the sound of sitar seems to go well with Chrono.

Dance with the Lizards

The strange piece from the first dungeon in the game. I don't think there are many people who would use the hammered dulcimer in a shuffle tune. And since the Angklung (an Indonesian instrument) is rarely heard in games, I tried playing it faintly in the background. It's nice having a dungeon that reminds you of good weather, isn't it? (laughs)

Reminiscing ~ Enduring Memories

I wanted to bring out the sense of a memory both nostalgic and painful on solo piano. I'm not a very good pianist, but I was able to play the whole thing with only a few later corrections (for Playstation playback). I played it over and over again until it had the right emotion, so even though it's simple, you can feel the love right!? (laughs)

On the Shore of Dreams ~ Another World

Those who know will recognize this as the main theme of Radical Dreamers. The use of the themes from Chrono Trigger and Radical Dreamers for "Home" and "Another World" was the idea of Masato Kato, the director. I'm glad this theme didn't wind up being forever unknown.

Aruni Village ~ Another

Aruni Village Another gives you the sense of non-existence that comes from pure emptiness. So I arranged Aruni Village Home with a feeling of emptiness as the theme for this piece. The desolate sound of piano and guitar fit this village well.

Transient Thoughts

This is another simple piece, using only electric piano and clarinet, but it's full of Lena's thoughts for Serge. Love is by no means a major theme of this game, but working in the common thoughts one feels towards the opposite sex in every day life was terribly hard.

Lost Fragments

A guitar and cello version of the Chrono Cross opening theme. I tried to approximate Kira-san's phrasing in my sequencing of his guitar part. I was really worried it wouldn't work out.

Drowned Valley

I was trying to create a medieval-style melody featuring two recorders, and before I knew it, the piece had wound up in 5/8 meter. (laughs). I suppose when you compose from a melody, rather than consciously try to create an odd metered piece, the result sounds very natural.

Telmina ~ Another

Yup, here it is! This is my 18th festive song with a 6/8 beat. This time, I tried arranging it with a Scottish feel. However, it sounds just like the Guardia Millennial Fair from Chrono Trigger! (laughs). . . Well, you've got to have at least one of this kind of piece, you know.

Departed Souls

I wish I could have expressed the heroism of the Dragon Knights even more emphatically in the second half of this piece. The sense of harmony one perceives in the sound of the Shakuhachi and the Shinobue would have worked well here, but synthesized emulations cannot capture the particular essence of the actual instruments, so I didn't want to use them. And this is how the piece turned out. But I wonder if there wasn't a better solution?

Forest of Shadows

One of my favorite genres of music is minimalism; repeating the same motif over and over produces such a nice sensation. I don't know how many times I dozed off while writing this song. . . Did you all fall asleep while listening to this in the game too?

Jakotsu Mansion

We had extra memory here, so synthesizer programmer Ryo Yamazaki and I thought "what would be a really interesting sound to put in here?", and wound up putting in this really cool sound. We still laugh about it and think "how stupid".

Victory ~ Gifts of Spring

This is the same fanfare from Chrono Trigger, arranged for orchestra. Personally, I didn't like using fanfares, but when I put this one in, it gave it the flavor of an old-school RPG. I think this game has a real sense of the theatrical.

A Child Lost in Time

I'm particularly fond of the sound of the cello and the pizzicato phrases in the second half of this piece. Does it cause you a sense of unease? Personally it just makes me laugh...this one's stupid too. (laughs).

Galdorf ~ Another

When you move back and forth between the dimensions in this game, the "Home" and "Another" towns each have their own versions of their themes. But sometimes you lose track of which dimension you're in, probably because of the different arrangements. But personally, I thought the effect of losing track of where you are was kind of interesting...

Hydra Swamp

I broadly synchronized this to the movements of the dwarves. If the timing's right, it should look like the dwarves are dancing. I hope, anyway... This map had both a sense of pop and a sense of mystery, so it was tough trying to attend to both of those elements.

Pieces of Dreams

You may have noticed already, but in one of Kato-san's projects, you always have to have a music box theme. I really think that even though the music box is very simple, it's a strange instrument (or is it a machine?) capable of powerfully affecting musical expression.

Sailing ~ Another World

The kind of music I'd like to hear while lazily sailing around on a boat. At first glance (or is that first listen?) it sounds perfectly natural, but the form and chord changes make it a good but kind of strange piece. In musical terms, it changes key rapidly via a II-V progression until the harmony comes full circle and arrives back at the original key. So it's a mischievous piece.

Phantom Ship

No matter what, when I hear the sound of a Vibra Slap, I think of Saburo Kitajima's song "Yosaku". I was conscious of this when I used the sound and tried to slip past that image so the listener wouldn't make the association was no good (laughs). This piece really makes you realize the impact of "Yosaku".

Death Volcano

After a fretless bass intro, an African beat fades in slowly. After that, the development changes up and the Uillean Pipes of Ireland and distinctive Udo percussion come in. There are instruments from all over the world in this piece.

Ancient Dragon's Fort

I had to rearrange this piece 2 or 3 times before I was satisfied with it. At first, it was a progressive rock piece that sounded like the Italian band Goblin, but as I rearranged it, it took on a completely different feel. If I had more space on the staff paper, I would have written a long 20-minute track (laughs).


Please listen to Mitose's "demonic wails" (laughs). The track lasts only a few seconds, but it produced a very frightening effect when synched with the video. This sort of thing is the most interesting aspect of writing music for images. I tripled each of Mitose's 6 parts to make an 18 voice choir altogether. (In fact I wanted to include even more...) You keened very nicely for me, Mitose-san, thank you.

Disc 2 ~ Acceptance'

Beginning of a Dream

This was composed for Square's internal presentation, not used in the game itself. But I figured only a few people had heard it and I'd gone to the trouble of writing it, so I should include the full version here. This was my first image of Chrono Cross. It truly sounds like the sea.

The Bend of Time

I had a pressing urge to compose this, and finished it in 2 hours. (laughs) Some strong inspiration must have hit me. If it was like this all the time, I could finish a whole soundtrack in 10 days (laughs).

Telmina ~ Home

The way I handled the music for Telmina was special, so strictly speaking I would call this the theme music for events that occur in Telmina. I also based this on ancient music, while preserving something of the feel of a festival.

Dragon Knights

This is so-called pop orchestra (laughs). This type of feel brings out the knights' bravery and pride. Yamazaki-san re-recorded this numerous times to get the brass sound right.

Sailing ~ Home World

I sampled a distortion guitar very meticulously, so the sound actually approached the quality of the real thing. I wanted this one to be very fast paced.

Galdorf ~ Home

I composed this piece early on in the production, and so thought of using it for Aruni village, but I switched it over to Galdorf instead, which it fit very well. I put a guitar tremolo in midway through, but I declined to even try to play it on a real guitar. I really wish I was better at guitar...

Marbule ~ Home

I composed this with medieval music in mind. Because ancient instruments have so many limitations, it was difficult to write this as if it could have been genuinely performed, but I wonder if it wouldn't be possible afterall...If I ever do an ancient music arranged album, I'd like to take a shot at it.


In this comfortable, pleasurable town of paradise, you learn an important lesson about how to live your life. Enjoying yourself is important, but as a human, so is experiencing hardship. This town teaches you how to best find that balance (laughs).

The Great Sneff's Troupe

Somehow when I hear the word "magic", I think of China, but why? Is it only me? I like how this track messes with my mind. (laughs)

Bed Time

OK everyone, let's sleep. 1. .2. .3. . zzzz...


This is my cheap attempt at a reggae version of Chrono Trigger (laughs). It's only heard briefly in the game, but it's a pretty long track (for game music). In arranging it, it really turned into a different piece of music. This piece makes me think I need to study up on arranging a lot more.


Just like with "Jakotsu Mansion", we had extra memory for this track, so I wondered if I couldn't do something with voices, and added in the exclamation "Zon!" with a male voice. It changed the character of the music, but I thought it was interesting. Do you get a sense of climbing up a cliff?


Somehow optimistic, but also a bit funky. It develops into a very sweet arrangement in the second half, but the first half is so cheerful it makes me laugh. There sure are a lot of tracks that make me laugh in this game...

Island of Departed Souls

This was a dungeon theme I really felt compelled to write. I thought the flute keening that comes in midway through made a big impact; I liked that a lot. I also thought the Ring Rhythm (my own term) percussion came off great (laughs). To explain, "Ring Rhythm" creates the effect of revolving percussion through speaker positioning. I was able to put minimalism and polyrhythm to use. If the piece was just rotating percussion, it wouldn't have been much.

Dead Sea / Ruined Tower

The sound of the clarinet was very troubling to me here. A particular problem with the Playstation hardware is that reverb breaks up the sound to which it's applied, and since there were very few tracks in this piece, it was extremely noticeable. On top of that, the volume was very low and out of balance with the other pieces, so it was a really bad situation. Thanks to Yamazaki-san, the issue was skillfully solved.

Prisoners of Fate

The heart-wrenching scene of the fateful battle with Migel (Lena's father). When I heard this song during the battle, my hands faltered in inputting the commands. In any case, I used the emotion of this scene to shape the chord progressions and string arrangement. So sad, so sad...

A Light for Lost Hopes

This was the first track to be programmed into the game. The theme of this one was a "guitar sound", and I wrote it while checking the memory. This piece was very important in determining the overall sound for the game. Even so, they only used it as the game over message theme, so this game does have its poisons. (laughs)

Earth Dragon's Island

I think this piece really dealt with the concept of atmosphere well. The sense of transparency matched up to the images nicely and really expressed a sensation of space, despite the music's simplicity. Somehow it turned out really well, but it was just as much thanks to Yamazaki-san's power as mine. (laughs)

Navel of the World

Percussion was the focus here, and produced a very fast-paced mood. Even though the scene it's used in has a very laid-back feel, it matched up unexpectedly well. There were so many tracks in this one, mixing it was a real trial.


The abundant use of polyrhythm created a battle theme unlike anything else. Mixing 9/8, 3/4 and 4/4 meters together in the climax, then throwing 5/4 in as well, resulted in something completely crazy. I call this "Radical Traditional" (laughs).

Victory ~ Shouts of Summer

This trackname was thought up by Kato-san, and what a great title it is. It's the "Shouts of Summer"! I've never seen a jingle tune with such a great title before (laughs). It ties in so well with "Gifts of Spring"(laughs).

Marbule ~ Another

I arranged the Marbule theme in so many different ways, I wasn't really sure which one was the "original", but this was the first version. It's really simple, isn't it. I wanted to use instruments of the thinnest possible sound, as it's always a task of mine to make my music as clear as possible.

The Fairy's Magic

This is the "model" of this tune for the important scene where the dancer Miki teaches Slash about music and the joys of life. At first I just used the sound of Slash's guitar for this, but it was much too floaty, so I made up this version very quickly.

Etude 1

Kigoshi-san, who came up with this event, told me "Slash does know his way around a guitar, so rather than having him play wrong notes at the start, please show his development through the 'soul' he puts into the music", so that's what I had to do. (It was really hard!) I wonder if you can really tell the difference?

Etude 2

I think this has more "soul" than Etude 1 but...what do you think? I'm sorry if I didn't really get it.

Magical Dreamers ~ Wind, Stars, and Waves

As I listened to Etude 2 more, I decided it did sound like a satisfying performance, but for me, this version has the most "soul", so I decided to use this take. The Mike Oldfield-style guitar in the second half really enhanced the medieval quality of the melody and gave the whole thing a very unique flavor, I thought...

Disc 3 ~ Return

Garden of the Gods

I had planned to use a boys' choir only in the "Garden of the Gods" sequence, but it was used right in the opening. But to recreate the originally intended track sequencing, I put it on the CD here. It's perfect for the start of disc 3. And now, the surging waves of high-tension music begin...


I created this track using the chord progression from "Chrono Trigger" over a techno rhythm. You might think this one track is far removed from the general image of Chrono Cross, but I really think this kind of music has a place in Chrono. Perhaps those who have played Chrono Trigger will understand.

FATE ~ God of Destiny

Once again, a progressive tune. I particularly like the 4 measures in the middle where the organ and bass take over. This was the very last piece I composed for this game; incidentally, in Chrono Trigger, the 2nd boss battle theme was also the last one I composed. Somehow, the two situations wound up being the same. How strange...(laughs).

Jellyfish Sea

This is an ambient style piece. The transparent sound of the fretless bass and piano really evoke the impression of being deep underwater. If I'm picking my top 5 pieces from the soundtrack, this is one of them. Just like with "Forest of Shadows", I kept falling asleep while listening to this (laughs).

Orphanage Fire

When I tried combining a female Gregorian chant chorus and a male operatic chorus, this was the result. I really love the sudden modulation just before the final chord loops back to the beginning. Hearing this music should make you want to swear vengeance against Yamaneko. Yamanekooooooooooo!

The Girl who Stole the Stars

Hidden within Kid's tough exterior is a kind heart, and this piece portrays that side of her. Noriko Mitose's "lan, la, la, lan" scat suited Kid's image perfectly. She was personally one of my favorite characters in the game.

Dreams of Time

This was the music for the demo version's trailer, but I made some slight alterations here. It tries to sum up the essence of the whole game by including the themes from Chrono Trigger and Radical Dreamers. The perfect music for quickly giving a sense of the game's content from a storefront demo.

Dragon's Prayer

Jerry Goldsmith is one of my favorite composers, and I challenged myself to somehow absorb his unique sense of development and orchestration for this track. But...I'm at a loss for words. (laughs). I still need to study how to write various styles of music...

Star Tower

At first, there may appear to be nothing unusual about this track, but the Yoik vocals that slowly fade in and out give it a real sense of the macabre. This piece serves to remind you that you're getting closer and closer to the end. Did everyone's heart start to pound?

Frozen Flame

This piece was used in Radical Dreamers, but here it paints the beauty of the frozen flame, and describes the pattern of human misery that surrounds the gem. The music sounds normal on the surface, but I believe it actually presents a parade of key changes. I don't really remember how I composed this one (laughs).

Dragon God

This piece makes use of Yoik vocals and string quartet, on top of which I added a sizeable amount of percussion. To better frame the introductory Yoik vocal, I kept the strings and brass arrangements in the middle simple. I tried playing this battle before there was any music, and thought "what an easy going last boss", but when I put the music in, it became an incredibly up-tempo battle.

Life ~ Faraway Promise

In this piece, sound effects gradually synchronize into music, but it can't really be explained without the images. I had goosebumps for days after I first saw this scene. I suppose there are people who've bought this CD without playing the game, but if you get a chance, you should really hear this one song with the visuals.

Reminiscing ~ Enduring Memories

This piece is heard at the beginning, but also appears at the end of the story, as the keyword "enduring memories" for the 2 people. Which were the most important memories to Serge? And what was the meaning of that photograph...?

Radical Dreamers ~ Unstealable Gem

Kira's piquant guitar and Mitose's beautiful voice matched so well in this song. Initially, I twice thought about adding strings to the song, but it promised to sound too conventional, so I dared myself to stick only to vocal and guitar to the very end. It took a real act of courage to bring such a simple song for the ending theme. The difficulty of pulling off a song with so few parts is really felt keenly here. If the song truly is persuasive enough, I would consider that a great success. Noriko Mitose's lyrics are wonderful too, so please reflect on them while you listen.

Fragment of Dreams

Listening to this tune will surely put you into a peaceful state of mind. (laughs). After I finished watching the ending, I just sat there for awhile, listening to this music. Quietly close your eyes, and think back on the many adventures you had in the game.

Liner Notes 3: Masato Kato – The Devil’s Pawn

So, the time has come to bring an end to another – albeit enjoyable – ordeal. What sort of story should I do next? In any case, I should give a few words to commemorate the release of Chrono Cross.

It’s already been four years since Chrono Trigger came into the world. During that time I’ve worked on such games as Radical Dreamers, Final Fantasy VII and Xenogears. Perhaps through these games you and I have come into contact, then parted ways again.

So why is it Cross this time? If we’re talking about the progression from Trigger to Cross, I have to touch on Radical first.

Radical was a game somewhat like an independent film that I put together with a few colleagues in the short space of about three months. At first I didn’t intend for it to be like that, but before I knew it, it had become the continuing story of a sub character from Trigger. I guess I wanted to take anything I wasn’t able to explore in full in Trigger, show what happened to those characters and properly tie up the loose ends.

However, after being plagued by deadlines and working at it day and night without much success, production of Radical had to be halted in its half-finished state. …Well, these things happen.

After that the months and years rolled by… Xenogears made slow progress, but was eventually finished, and when I was asked what kind of story we should do next, I heard Kid’s voice echo from within me. “My fight’s not over yet!” Thus those reckless Radical Dreamers once more took the stage…

In the beginning, there was Chrono Trigger.

But, like I mentioned earlier, since then a fair amount of time has passed, and the hardware we work with is also different. We’re not so weak nor cheap as to try to make something exactly the same as Trigger. What we were aiming for was a new kind of fun for a new console, while still maintaining the feel and atmosphere of Trigger…

As before we started on a trial and error basis, and welcomed days filled with both joy and despair. And right in the middle of all that were Kid and Serge… Accordingly, Chrono Cross is not Chrono Trigger 2. It doesn’t simply follow on from Trigger, but is another, different Chrono that interlaces with Trigger. When you see the ending you’ll probably understand what I mean…

My desire is that Chrono Cross will see the conclusion of the battle that started in Trigger and continued in Radical. And that people who do and don’t know Chrono, who do and don’t know Kid, can all enjoy this game. That’s right, because the stars’ dream isn’t over yet…

Well, I guess that’s it… When I think about it, is there anything else I can add? People who aren’t interested won’t take note anyway.

That said, I am definitely satisfied that while this is the Chrono we all know, we were also able to give birth to a new kind of Chrono in this form.

At the start of Autumn when development entered its final stages, I would sometimes get bogged down, feeling that somehow while everyone else was chasing up fine-tuning and debugging, I was the only one laboriously working on event data…

One of those times, I took a ride on my motorcycle,

“Ah, I can feel the wing beats of my dreams…”

That’s what I suddenly found myself thinking.

What kind of dreams will take flight from your hands?

I hope that you, too, are a Radical Dreamer…

That’s right, because our dream isn’t over yet.

Mitsuda also corrected the liner notes at Procyon Studio Question and Answer Forms.

This is the 13th track on Disc 1 of the Chrono Cross soundtrack. In the title list on the first page, it's "Gone Ones" while in the song description, it's "Gone Ones". Please let me know if there are any other typos.

There are many more typos that have been found, so I'll correct them all here at once for the Chrono Cross soundtrack. This booklet has a large number of words, which is rare in modern times, and there are many typos and omissions, and I deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused to everyone. The booklet has a lot of words, which is rare in modern times. On the first page of the booklet, in the list of songs, and on the eighth page, in the explanation of the songs, the words "CHRONO CROSS: Scars of Time" (wrong) should be changed to "CHRONO CROSS: Scars of Time" (correct). The last battle" on page 15: Last Battle (wrong) → Dragon God (correct). Other corrections: ●The kanji for Mr. Yuki in the (C) notation (on the package and booklet): Nobuteru Yuki (wrong) → Nobuteru Yuki (correct) ●The title of Ryo Yamazaki in Liner Notes 4: sound programmer (wrong) → synthesizer programmer (The above is correct. Also, in the soundtrack of the PS version of Trigger, there are two 24th songs (you can obviously tell which one is the 24th song, right?), and "Kaze no longing" (correct) is changed to "Kaze no sentiment" (wrong)... I'm really sorry. I'm sure this will be fixed with each printing, so please forgive me if this is a bonus (?) of the first edition. So, please forgive me.

Why is it that the number of songs on Disc 3 of the Chrono Cross soundtrack is listed as 16, but there are only 15 songs in the commentary?

It's because the 12th track, titled "In the Darkness of Time," is just a sound effect (environmental sound) for the final boss battle. It's not really a song, but it's the sound of an important scene, so they included it as one track.


All Music Composed, Arranged & Produced by: Yasunori Mitsuda

Synthesizer Programmer: Ryo Yamazaki
Sound Programmer: Minoru Akao
Recorded & Mixed by: Kenzi Nagashima
Mastered by: Ichiko Furukawa (Bernie Grundman MASTERING)
             Hitomi Misaizu (Bernie Grundman MASTERING)

Art Direction & Design: Keiichi Yamashita (LOTUS GRAPHICS)

Directed by: Kishio Ozawa, Tsuyoshi Takemura
Sales Promotion: Saiko Fukui

Production Coordinator: Kosei Ito
Production Assistant: Emiko Funahashi
Production Manager: Keiji Hamada
Supervisor: Susumu Arai, Hirofumi Yokota
Co-Executive Producer: Kensuke Matsushita
Executive Producer: Nobuo Uematsu

Presented by SQUARE ENIX CO. LTD.

CHRONO CROSS ~Toki no Kizuato~

Composed & Arranged by: Yasunori Mitsuda

Acoustic Guitar & Bouzouki: Tomohiko Kita (ZABADAK)
Shinobue & Shakuhachi: Kinya Sogawa
Percussion: Tamao Fujii
Electric Upright Bass: Hitoshi Watanabe
Keyboards: Yasunori Mitsuda
Strings Quartet:
1st Violin: Hijiri Kuwano
2nd Violin: Motoko Fujiie
Viola: Jun Yamamoto
Cello: Haruki Matsuba

Recorded & Mixed by: Kenzi Nagashima
Assistant Engineer: Ken Hiranai (GREENBIRD)
Recording Coordinator: Kenichi Funayama

RADICAL DREAMERS ~Nusumenai Houseki ~
Composed & Arranged by: Yasunori Mitsuda
Words by : Noriko Mitose (Kirche)

Acoustic Guitar: Tomohiko Kira (ZABADAK)
Vocal: Noriko Mitose (Kirche)

Recorded & Mixed by: Kenzi Nagashima
Assistant Engineer: Ken Hiranai (GREENBIRD)
Recording Coordinator: Kenichi Funayama

Special Thanks to:
Hiromichi Tanaka, Masato Kato, Keiji Kawamori,
Takeharu Ishimoto, Satoshi Akamatsu, Hideaki Katayanagi (MAGNET),
Fumio Takano (TOUSHITSU), All Staffs of "Project KID = CHRONO CROSS"


[1] 3,364 Yen

Note that this is the ONLY way to buy the official Chrono Cross OST at the moment. Square Enix reissued it in Japan, and Amazon Japan will gladly ship overseas to American customers.


Yasunori Mitsuda Fanclub: Hopeful Weeds 2002 Membership Renewal Bonus CD[edit]


Compact Disc (7:00)

Composed & Arranged by: Yasunori Mitsuda
Release: 2002
Label: Procyon-Studio
Catalogue Number: HW-0003 (VGMdb Listing)

Track List

1. Lost Fragment (2:32)
2. Guldove ~ Home World (4:28)

Hopeful Weeds is the name of an annual bonus CD given out to members of Yasunori Mitsuda's fan club. In 2002, it featured two performances of songs from the Chrono Cross Guitar Arranged book.


Limited Availability

Mitsuda took down the Hopeful Weeds shop, so look for this on auction sites. The fan club is still in opreation here.


To Far Away Times: Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross Arrangement Album[edit]

TFAT Cover.jpg

Compact Disc (42:32), Vinyl LP

Composed by: Yasunori Mitsuda
Arranged by: Tomohiko Kira, Sachiko Miyano, Kumi Tanioka, Yasunori Mitsuda, Laura Shigihara, Natsumi Kameoka, Kazune Ogihara
Performed by: EKS Masters Orchestra (Tsunehiro Shigyo, Masahide Denda, Yoshitaka Hirooka, Mizue Akaike, Kimiko Nakagawa, Koji Suzuki, Kozue Harada, Naoko Umae, Kota Nagahara, Eri Takimura, Tetsuo Tsushima, Ayumu Koshikawa, Naoko Wakatabi, You Mashiko, Takahiro Enokido, Sachiko Suda, Taku Koike, Mayuko Takagi, Tomoya Kikuchi, Wataru Mukai, Rentaro Tomioka, Shiori Shimizu, Koji Akaike, Koichi Yonenaga), Millennial Fair (Koko Komine, Sarah Àlainn, Laura Shigihara, Akio Noguchi, Akihisa Tsuboy, Yuka Fujino, Tomohiko Kira, Natsuki Kido, Kumi Tanioka, Chiaki Umeda, AKIRA, Hitoshi Kusunoki, Yasunori Mitsuda)
Lyrics by: Koko Komine, Sarah Àlainn, Laura Shigihara
Release: October 14, 2015
Catalogue: SQEX-10501 (VGMdb Listing, LP Listing)

This is the fabled Chrono Cross arranged album announced in January 2005. In December 2008, Yasunori Mitsuda posted one track to Procyon Studio for preview. Click the track below to download. It was finally released in 2015 with tracks from Chrono Trigger as well.

Mitsuda left words to fans in the insert:

Come to think of it, I've wanted to make an album like this for a while now. Of course, it didn't always have a title like To Far Away Times. When Chrono Cross was released, I wondered, "What happened to Kid, or Schala, after the ending? Was she able to cross time and meet Serge?" I was sure the players felt the same way. The characters, each with his or her own grand story to tell, are what make the Chrono series unique. Kid and Schala, however, were particularly prominent characters in both games and are very special to me; so, for a long time, I wanted to reapproach them from a musical standpoint. The Chrono Cross soundtrack has three discs entitled "Cause," "Unveiling," and "Change," and I dreamed of one day adding another called "Connection" as Kid and Schala's album. That dream has at last been realized here as To Far Away Times. This album, connected to my own feelings towards Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, has finally given me closure. Kid's journey doesn't end here, though. It transcends time and continues on into eternity. Until the day we meet again, Kid.

Track List

  1. Time's Scar 4:47
  3. Wind Scene 4:28
  4. Schala's Theme 4:07
  5. The Frozen Flame 3:21
  6. Marbule 4:01
  7. The Bend of Time 3:35
  8. Corridors of Time 3:54
  9. On The Other Side / Epilogue ~ To Good Friends 4:12
  10. To Far Away Times 4:36

Purchase (3,240 Yen for the CD)

Note that a vinyl LP was also released (VGMdb page).



Chrono Cross Original Soundtrack Revival Disc[edit]

B4706ca20b12896d4ff913961ad98f91 640 640.jpg

Blu-ray disc (183:05)

Composed by: Yasunori Mitsuda
Arranged by: Yasunori Mitsuda
Lyrics by: Noriko Mitose
Release: August 14, 2019
Catalogue: SQEX-20068 (VGMdb Listing)

The actual blu-ray content is a jukebox/sound test, showing scenes from the games alongside the tracks.

Track List

  1. Chrono Cross -Scars of Time- 2:25
  2. The Brink of Death 2:43
  3. Arni (Home World) 3:26
  4. Plains of Time (Home World) 3:28
  5. Dances with Lizards 2:42
  6. Reminisce -Enduring Thoughts- 3:24
  7. Shore of Dreams (Another World) 2:27
  8. Arni (Another World) 3:32
  9. Fleeting Thoughts 2:47
  10. Missing Piece 3:13
  11. Fossil Valley 2:01
  12. Termina (Another World) 2:43
  13. The Departed Ones 3:43
  14. Shadow Forest 3:20
  15. Viper Manor 2:55
  16. Victory -Boon of Spring- 0:52
  17. Lost in Time 3:21
  18. Guldove (Another World) 3:30
  19. Hydra Marshes 3:12
  20. Fragments of a Dream 1:32
  21. Sailing (Another World) 2:32
  22. Ghost Ship 2:05
  23. Mount Pyre 3:39
  24. Fort Dragonia 4:06
  25. Sorrow 0:21
  26. Prelude to a Dream 0:39
  27. The Bend of Time 2:48
  28. Termina (Home World) 3:34
  29. Dragoons 3:08
  30. Sailing (Home World) 3:25
  31. Guldove (Home World) 4:00
  32. Marbule (Home World) 2:53
  33. Zelbess 2:47
  34. Miraculous & Mystifying 1:30
  35. Slumber 0:11
  36. Chronomantic 3:23
  37. Peril 2:44
  38. Paradise 2:17
  39. Isle of the Damned 3:13
  40. The Dead Sea -Tower of Geddon- 3:13
  41. Bound by Fate 3:22
  42. Light Cast on the Lost 0:31
  43. Earth Dragon Isle 3:14
  44. Gaea's Navel 2:57
  45. Whirlwind 1:55
  46. Victory -Call of Summer- 0:52
  47. Marbule (Another World) 2:57
  48. Fairy Magic 0:12
  49. Étude 1 0:11
  50. Étude 2 0:12
  51. Magical Dreamers -Wind, Stars, and Waves- 3:30
  52. The Sea of Eden 2:45
  53. Chronopolis 4:11
  54. Fates -Divine Destiny- 3:08
  55. The El Nido Triangle 2:55
  56. Burning Orphanage 2:41
  57. The Girl Who Stole the Stars 3:46
  58. Dreams of the Ages 3:58
  59. Dragon Prayers 5:34
  60. Terra Tower 2:24
  61. The Frozen Flame 2:55
  62. Dragon God 3:22
  63. The Darkness of Time 0:53
  64. Life -A Distant Promise- 6:50
  65. Reminisce -Enduring Thoughts- 1:36
  66. Radical Dreamers -Le Trésor Interdit- 4:30
  67. Fragments of a Dream 2:00


Square $49.99

Chrono Cross Orchestral Arrangement[edit]

80b22159ebf371a044ed7fe390506ebe 640 640.jpg

Compact disc (35:33)

Composed by: Yasunori Mitsuda
Arranged by: Yasunori Mitsuda
Performed by: Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra
Release: September 17th, 2019
Catalogue: SQEX-10725 (VGMdb Listing)

Supposedly arranged under the supervision of Yasunori Mitsuda, although there is no proof of his involvement. The message on the box set states:

Enjoy the emotional, magnificent and powerful music as long as "time" permits. -Yasunori Mitsuda

Track List

  1. Chrono Cross -Scars of Time- 2:33
  2. Arni (Home World) / Shore of Dreams (Another World) 4:28
  3. Whirlwind / The Brink of Death 4:14
  4. The Girl Who Stole the Stars / Dreams of the Ages 4:10
  5. Bound by Fate 3:52
  6. The Frozen Flame / Dragon God 5:55
  7. The Darkness of Time / Life -A Distant Promise- / Reminisce - Enduring Thoughts- 5:37
  8. Radical Dreamers -Le Trésor Interdit- 4:44

The BOX version contains four additional tracks (see VGMdb listing here; catalogue number SQEX-10727~9 ).

  1. Chrono Cross -Scars of Time- (Piano Duo ver) 6:46
  2. Schala's Theme (Piano Duo ver) 6:51
  3. The Girl Who Stole the Stars (Piano Duo ver) 5:01
  4. Chrono Trigger (Piano Duo ver) 6:15


Square $34.99


Chrono Cross 20th Live Tour[edit]


Three compact discs

Composed by: Yasunori Mitsuda
Arranged by: Yasunori Mitsuda
Performed by: Procyon Studio, Millennial Fair
Release: April 14, 2021
Catalogue: VLPS-0001~3 (VGMdb Listing, and,

Comes with "Our Cerulean Skies" guitar arrange album.

Track List

  1. Prelude to a Dream 0:53
  2. Chrono Cross -Scars of Time- 2:24
  3. Dreams of the Ages 3:16
  4. The Sea of Eden 6:33
  5. The Brink of Death 3:48
  6. Arni 4:43
  7. Shore of Dreams (Another World) 3:34
  8. Fossil Valley 4:59
  9. Termina (Another World) 5:08
  10. Shadow Forest 4:06
  11. Viper Manor / Whirlwind / Victory -Call of Summer- Medley 6:33
  12. Slumber 0:51
  13. Guldove 3:56
  14. Sailing (Another World) 4:05
  15. Fort Dragonia 5:42
  16. Dimension Breach -The Bend of Time- 4:10
  17. The Dead Sea -Tower of Geddon- 4:16
  18. Bound by Fate 3:37
  19. Étude 1 / Étude 2 / Magical Dreamers -Wind, Stars, and Waves- 5:14
  20. Gaea's Navel 5:50
  21. Fates -Divine Destiny- 4:01
  22. Burning Orphanage / The Girl Who Stole the Stars Medley 6:16
  23. The Frozen Flame 4:07
  24. Dragon God 4:12
  25. The Darkness of Time / Light Cast on the Lost / Life -A Distant Promise- 10:52
  26. Radical Dreamers -Le Trésor Interdit- 5:34
  27. Fragments of a Dream 3:37
  28. Miraculous & Mystifying / Zelbess 19:22
  29. Sailing (Home World) 4:08
  30. Chronomantic 4:42
  31. Marbule 27:42
  1. Meeting 42:23
  2. Studio Rehearsal 51:54
  3. Tour DAY 1 - DAY 4 99:32
  4. Tour DAY 5 - DAY 6 107:00
  1. Chrono Cross -Scars of Time- 2:31
  2. Arni (Home World) 2:06
  3. Shore of Dreams (Another World) 2:29
  4. Whirlwind 1:38
  5. Guldove (Home World) 2:11
  6. Termina (Another World) 2:43
  7. The Girl Who Stole the Stars 3:49
  8. Gaea's Navel 2:49
  9. Bound by Fate 3:32
  10. Dragon God 3:27
  11. Reminisce -Enduring Thoughts- 1:45
  12. Radical Dreamers -Le Trésor Interdit- 4:40


See the VGMdb links. You may have to use a VPN to fake being in Japan.


Download the booklet and pamphlet here (ZIP, 329 MB).

Chrono Cross - The Radical Dreamers Edition Vinyl[edit]

5733625c9a493a63b97e36fa60a92456 640 640.jpg

Vinyl EP (13:24; 16:48)

Composed by: Yasunori Mitsuda
Arranged by: Yasunori Mitsuda
Performed by: Aisling McGlynn, Dreamers' Circus
Release: June 22, 2022
Catalogue: SQEX-10936 (VGMdb Listing)

Track List

Side A

  1. Dreams of the Past, Memories of My Soul 3:14
  2. CHRONO CROSS -Scars of Time- 3:24
  3. A Dream Never Forgotten 3:48
  4. A Vow of Wind and Dreams 2:58

Side B

  1. Sailing (Another World) 4:09
  2. Termina (Another World) 3:27
  3. Bound by Fate 4:33
  4. Fossil Valley 4:39


Square $42.99

Unofficial Releases[edit]

Chrono Cross Demo Rip[edit]

The Chrono Cross Demo was released on a disc called "Square's Preview, Vol. 5", packaged with the Japanese PlayStation releases of Chrono Trigger and Legend of Mana. Nine songs appear in the demo, and the instrument selection and acoustics are somewhat different. If you know how to rip .psf tracks from PlayStation games, please contact Until the Compendium gets a proper rip, it will present this manual recording originally hosted at KH Insider.

  1. Beginning of a Dream (shorter; no "Final Fantasy Prelude" type instrument)
  2. The Dream that Time Dreams (different instruments)
  3. Between Life and Death (less percussion and no angry shouts at 01:10)
  4. Arni Village ~ Home World ~
  5. Nap
  6. Fields of Time ~ Home World ~ (different instruments)
  7. Viper Mansion (no "boom" sounds; at 00:42 for example)
  8. Lizard Dance
  9. Reminiscing ~ Uneraseable Memory ~

Also check out The Cutting Room Floor's rip:

As a rule, music in the demo sounds slightly crappier that what was used in the final, mainly due to the addition of superior mixing and reverb during development. Tracks from the demo all have an annoying fade-in which is unavoidable both in gameplay and the soundtest. Playing anything in the music test past track 11 will result in a sequence (usually the game over theme) being played with the instrument data of the most recently heard track, or possibly crash the game.

This one can only be heard through the sound test in the debug room. It doesn't loop.

The demo version is missing the tambourine and chanting right before the loop.

The crash at 0:42 and the echoing percussion right before the loop are different.

Also accessible only through the music test. Sounds like there's another note to the bagpipes chords in the final, but it might just be the mixing.

Accessible only through the debug room music test. The guitar sounds a lot crappier in the demo.

The sitar was changed (for the better) between demo and final.

The instrumentation is completely different. The demo version uses samples that sound like they came from an SNES game.

This is played on the demo's title screen as the audio component of an FMV that isn't present in the final at all. An updated version appeared on the game's official soundtrack.

.psf Rips[edit] (Tracks 2-19, 21-24, 27-65, 68-74)

Note that it is currently impossible to rip the entire track list, as certain songs are played during cutscenes or are streamed, conflicting with the ripping process.

What is a .psf?

A PlayStation Sound Format (PSF) file is a sound data file (akin to .SPC from the Super NES) ripped directly from a Sony PlayStation video game.

The PSF format was created by Neill Corlett in 2003. Neill Corlett later created the PSF2 format. Highly Experimental is the name of the Winamp plugin that plays PSF and PSF2 files. This plugin can improve on the original Playstation sound by playing the PSF's at sampling rates above 44.1 KHz.

Generally PSF files contain a number of samples and a sequence player program. This takes far less space than the equivalent streamed format of the same song (WAV, MP3) while still sounding exactly like the original song (as opposed to formats such as MIDI which depend on the creator's accuracy and quality of the MIDI synthesizer it's played on). Several PSF subformats also have a miniPSF/PSFlib capability, wherein data that is used by multiple tracks need only be stored once (in the PSFlib) and the differences are stored, with reference to the PSFlib, in a miniPSF file, further increasing storage efficiency. Additionally sections of the PSF are zlib compressed. Generally, background music stored in PSF files can be played forever, as the sequencer properly handles its own loop points, another advantage over streamed formats.

A PSF2 file is a sound data file equivalent to the PSF, but ripped directly from a Sony Playstation 2 video game.

Both PSF and PSF2 files contains a header which specifies the type of video game system the file contains data for, and an optional set of tags at the end which can give detailed information on the file (game name, artist, length, etc.) The organization of the data is determined by each individual subformat.

PSF initially stood only for "PlayStation Sound Format", but with the addition of the PSF2, SSF (Sega Saturn Sound Format), DSF (Dreamcast Sound Format), USF (Nintendo Ultra 64 Sound Format), and QSF (Capcom Q-Sound Format) subformats, a more generic backronym was developed: Portable Sound Format.

From: Wikipedia

.psf players can be found at, the recommended choice being Highly Experimental.

Albums and Doujins[edit]

See: Albums and Doujins


See: Concerts


Chrono Compendium[edit]

These are remixes which have fallen outside the major sites or were personally submitted to the Compendium.

Track 1. Chrono Cross ~Scars of Time~

Track 3. Arni ~Home World~

Track 4. Fields of Time ~ Home World

Track 7. On the Beach of Dreams ~ Another World

Track 8. Arni Village ~ Another World

Track 10. Lost Fragment

Track 12. Termina ~Another World~

Track 15. Viper Mansion

Track 20. Fragment of a Dream 2

Track 22. Ghost Ship

Track 37. Dilemma

Track 40. Dead Sea/Tower of Destruction

Track 53. Garden of the Gods

Track 54. Chronopolis

Track 55. FATE ~ The God of Destiny ~

Track 56. Jellyfish Sea

Track 58. The Girl Who Stole the Stars

Track 59. The Dream that Time Dreams

Track 63. Dragon God

Track 65. Life ~ A Distant Promise

Track 67. Radical Dreamers ~ Unstolen Jewel

Track 68. Fragment of a Dream

Overclocked ReMix[edit]

Overclocked ReMix is a video game music remixing organization. Production values are high, if nothing else!



ThaSauce is a remixing / video game music news site with its own original remix subdivision.


VGMix X sucks, and the promised archive of VGMix 2 did not appear. Until then, you may find an archive of remixes by clicking the links below. Check the text file to see if you have any we're missing, then contact'

VGMix is part of a community of amateur musicians who write arrangements of video game music.


Please note that only remixes that have been rated Above-Average appear here for quality control.

Stuff of Legends


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VGMix 4


Blake Robinson

Blake does orchestral arrangements under the Synthetic Orchestra banner.


Celestia is a major biannual event in the Japanese remixing community, where several RPG fans come together to make tens of remixes. There are pieces of excellent quality in each festival. From Celestia 1, the lyrical At the Bottom of Night is a must, as well as the song simply titled Chrono Trigger.

The project itself, with all the other remixes, were originally hosted here. The headquarters is now at this page. Take note that the remixes are usually issued in .zip or .lzh format. You will need WinRAR or an appropriate utility to decompress them.

Celestia: Square Enix Music Arrange Festival (2005)

Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross & Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger

Lyrics and Notes (Thanks to D.Radium):

【 曲 名 】僻歌
[Song Title] Higauta -
【 出 典 】Chrono Trigger 「夜の底にて」より
Chrono Trigger, from "Depths of the Night"
【 作曲者 】光田 康典
Composer: Mitsuda Yasunori
【 作詞者 】Liar
Lyrics: Liar
【 編曲者 】岬
Arranger: Misaki
【  歌  】Liar
Vocals: Liar
【 使用音源 】KORG TRITON-Rack YAMAHA MOTIF-Rack Roland SC-8850
Filesize: 4.2MB
Date of Completion: 2005-09-17
Length: 3:40

Lyrics [they include a bracketed version of text to explain the lyrical meaning, since it's written in a bit of an older style]

赤く 喰らい込みその火蛾  飽かずも逝き遅る
(赤い炎に捕らわれた蛾  満足したわけもなく死に残る)
Caught within the red flames, the moth dies without necessarily being content with life.

黒く 爛らかしその彼我  虚く宿命だと謂う
(黒く爛れたあたしとお前  気が抜けたような宿命だったわね)
Blacked to a crisp, you and I, our destiny seems to have lost its will.

見え透いた諦め  腐り始めた眼差
(見え透いた諦め  腐り始めた眼差)
Giving up is so apparent, our perceptions begin to corrode.

あたしという  矜持を否む
(あたしという  存在の誇りを否定して)
Rejecting my existence, my honour, me.

紛う 愛しみ僻歌  行き失す定けし瞬時
(入り乱れてもうわからない 可愛らしい僻歌  行方も分からない確実な今という瞬間)
So complex nobody understands any more, the cute song. Where will the concrete present go, to become the unknown future.

赤く 喰らい込みその彼我  飽かずも逝き遅る
(赤い炎に嵌り込んだあたしとお前  満足したわけもなく死に残る)
Red flames enveloping you and I, dying without necessarily being content with life.

黒く 爛らかしその火蛾  虚く運命だと謂う
(黒く爛れ焼けた蛾  むなしいうつろな運命だったわね)
The moth blackened to a crisp, such an unfortunate fate.

今 君を捨て行こうか  君さえ存在しなければ
(今 君を捨てて行くわ  君の存在さえなかったならば)
Let me leave you behind, if only you had never existed.

独り 憶ってくれればいい  失いたあたしを嗤って
(独り 思い出してくれればいい  泣いて自分を失ったあたしを嘲笑ってくれたらいい)
Alone, just remember me. Smile for me, I, who cried and lost myself.

君とはぐれて 遠く
(今 君とはぐれて遠くへ)
Now, I'm lost and far away.

ただ独り 憂いてくれればいい  微笑って
(ただ独り憂い想ってくれればいい  微笑みながら)
Alone, just anxiously think of me, while smiling.

[Additional Commentary]
This is my submission to Daijin's community music event, "Celestia". I'm still an amatuer, but it's an honour to be involved.

Hello everyone, I'm Circle's representative, Misaki. This is the first event our music group "Victy" has officially participated in, so this is kind of a debut for our song. As the chief editor [for our group] for this online event, I chose this song for it's powerful impression.

It's kind of a Pop-Rock mix with the Guitar, or at least the concept was, the second half was mostly just vocals.. Check out Liar's beautiful voice! And yes, the song title is pronounced "Higauta".

Thanks for [downloading]listening to this. A big thank you to Daijin for making this whole Celestia event come together, thanks to everyone else involved, let's get this show going!

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Chrono Cross Piano Project

The Chrono Cross Piano Collection project was kicked off on the GamingForce Forums in June, 2005. The completed sheet music from the project was also made available. Please respect the artists' hard work by not performing it or posting it on other sites without first requesting permission. Some of the tracks have completed recordings, while others just offer the MIDI arrangements or sheet music. You can download the Sebelius, Finale, and image arrangement files all at once here.

  1. Life ~ A Faraway Promise (arranged by Magatsu, performed by Schwanendreher and MeTaL_oRgY (try 1, try 2))
  2. Optimism (arranged by vorannon)
  3. Zelbess (arranged by Appasite Ire)
  4. Gale (arranged by Appasite Ire, performed by Schwanendreher)
  5. Dimension Breach (arranged and performed by Conqueso; MIDI)
  6. Dragon's Prayer (arranged by DaernX, performed by CPacaud (alternate) and Schwanendreher)
  7. Dead Sea - Tower of Destruction (arranged by Blaubeeri, performed by Schwanendreher)
  8. Lost Fragments (arranged by Piano)
  9. Dreamwatch of Time (arranged by Turicus)
  10. Home Arni Village (arranged by Aerlinndan, performed by Schwanendreher)
  11. Time's Scar (arranged by Josh Barron (MIDI), performed by Schwanendreher)
  12. Brink of Death / Victory (arranged by Appasite Ire)
  13. Another Guldove (arranged by Luca82 (MIDI), performed by Schwanendreher)
  14. Magical Dreamers (arranged by Lightwarmth, performed by Scwanendreher)
  15. Fates - Gods of Destiny (arranged by DaernX)
  16. Optimism (arranged by Appasite Ire)
  17. Dragon Knights (arranged by Conqueso)

Chrono Trigger Resurrection

These rearrangements were made by tssf for Chrono Trigger Resurrection. He released them to his forums in late 2004; many are incomplete.

Dwelling of Duels

Dwelling of Duels is a monthly remixing competition.

May 2006

11. 'Angelus Errare' by KiddCabbage

This very long remix includes the following songs:

  • Scars of Time
  • Viper Mansion
  • Between Life and Death
  • Departed Souls
  • The Dragons
  • Fortress of Ancient Dragons
  • Between Life and Death
  • Garden of God
  • Hydra Marshes
  • Burning Orphanage
  • Dead Sea / Tower of Destruction
  • The Dream that Time Dreams
  • Chrono Trigger
  • Isle of the Dead
  • Gale
  • Departed Souls
  • Dragon God
  • Victory ~ A Cry in Summer
  • On the Beach of Dreams ~ Another World
  • Termina Home
  • Prisoners of Fate

December 2006

2: 'Running After You' by Darangen
4: 'Dimension Horizons' by LuIzA
18tie: 'Windy Archipelago' by Paragon

May 2007

7: 'Heated Standstill' by ansgaros

September 2007

10: 'Time's Scarred Up Pretty Bad' by Nario

December 2009

22: 'Butterflies' by DrumUltimA

June 2010

12: 'Beaches' by BONKERS
Alternate: 'Fate' by BONKERS

May 2011

3: 'A Tiny Dragon' by Kefka

October 2012

3: 'Left My Body in Another World' by M-H

January 2013

3: '(You Give Me) Wings' by Ivan Hakstok

September 2013

29: 'Summer in the Little Town' by Hakstok

January 2014

37: 'Breakapolis' by Mega Sackman

September 2015

3: 'A Song for the 90s' by Hakstok

June 2020

14th: 'Jonny Races FATE Down Under' by Ian Martyn

December 2020

2nd: 'Fate and the Dreamer' by Ivan Hakstok
12th: 'Another World' by Moiré Effect, SuprMelO, BluuMonk, VikingGuitar, Vivian Reeves

August 2021

21st: 'An Damhsa Laghairt' by Na Daoine Laghairt, Ian Martyn, atomic-guy, evilsonic, Andromeda
ALT: 'Fields of Time' by BadHairlineProductions

July 2022

3rd 'A Synonym for Death' by minusworld, p4p3r
4th 'Khrono Kong' by Biggoron, Newmajoe
9th 'Policing my Dreams' by Shea's Violin, Baron
10th 'Deep Blue' by Maldivir Dragonwitch
13th 'Scars of Time (Broken Memories Will Mend)' by Mule Parking, et. al.
20th'Beyond, a Far Green Country' by Newmasonic, evilsonic, Newmajoe
25th 'No Bone Roomies' by The Beauty of Grind, cacaomistle
Alternate 'A Synonym for Death (Instrumental)' by minusworld, p4p3r

December 2022

24th 'Yet Another Time's Scar Cover' by Cyril the Wolf

January 2023

40th 'Goodnight, Dear Friends' by valence

September 2023

Alternate: 'Gods? There Are None.' by Lucas Guimaraes

Gekitsui King Contest



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oldwhtman is a Youtuber who beautifully covers video game music with his acoustic guitar.

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