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Chrono Trigger[edit]

Note that an asterisk (*) indicates that the move is magical; in most cases these are elemental techniques that will benefit or suffer depending on the enemy's elemental properties and defensive stats.


Attacks performed by executing the "Attack" function in battle are non-elemental, physical techniques that strike an enemy a single time and have the chance to deal double damage if a "crit" (critical strike) occurs.


  • Hit/HIT: this is the character's "Hit" stat value (an integer); it represents a character's accuracy. It only applies to Lucca and Marle's calculations. 1 Hit is equal to .66 Attack for Lucca and Marle.
  • Power/PWR: this is the character's "Power" stat value (an integer); it represents a character's physical strength. It applies to Ayla's and all of the males' calculations. 1 PWR is equal to 1.33 (repeating) attack for males, and 1.75 attack for Ayla.
  • Level: the character's level. This affects the statistics of a character and Ayla's attack value formula.
  • Weapon: this is the weapon's power value (integer). It affects all characters except for Ayla.
  • Attack: the value next to the small weapon icon, found on the pause menu next to a character's name; this is calculated from the Power and Weapon values. The formulas that produce the attack value first produce a decimal value that is then rounded to the nearest whole number.
  • Damage: the value seen when attacking an enemy.


Character Attack value formula
Attack = ((Power × 1.75) + (Level² ÷ 45.5))
Lucca and Marle
Attack = ((Hit + Weapon) × 2/3)
Attack = ((Power × 4/3) + (Weapon × 5/9))

At the start of the game, Crono's weapon, Wood Sword, has a Weapon value of 3. At level 1, Crono has a PWR value of 5. His attack value is first calculated as 8.33333333 recurring, but it is then rounded down to 8.


The base damage (theoretical minimum) for a character's "Attack" is their attack value multiplied by two. Additionally, a random number is generated to modify the damage and give it a more realistic, dynamic appearance. The random number is affected by the character's level and/or attack value (it is difficult to differentiate between the two because as characters level, they gain the stats (PWR or HIT) that increase their attack value). Also note that the resulting damage can be modified by an enemy's augmented defense.


Damage = ((Attack * 2) + (Random))


Crono at the start of the game (attack 8) deals a base of 16 damage, with a possible increase from the random value.

Unique formulae[edit]

Robo's Crisis Arm[edit]

Robo's Crisis Arm is a very dynamic weapon that can be either very strong (over 4,000) or very weak (0 damage). The damage dealt is based off of Robo's calculated attack value and the last digit of his HP (the attack value is multiplied by this digit). This weapon is best used later in the game when Robo has 999 HP so that the last digit is usually 9. If you want to maximize his damage, all you have to do is keep him healed.

Attack formula

First calculate his attack with "Attack = ((Power × 4/3) + (Weapon × 5/9))". Since Crisis Arm only has a power value of 1, when it is multiplied by 5/9, the resulting fraction (.55 repeating) does not get rounded up in the SNES version. Therefore, a power of 89 results in an attack value of 119, and a power of 91 results in an attack value of 121.

Damage formula
  • LDHP: this is the last digit of Robo's current HP.

Crisis Arm Damage = ((Attack/2 * LDHP) * 2)

  • Example: if Robo's PWR is 99 (minimum level 59), then his Attack will be 132 (66 when divided by two). The following expected damages are calculated based on the last digit of his HP:
Expected damage

Each digit (LDHP value; except for zero) is worth as much as the attack value (in this case, it's 132).

LDHP Value Formula Theoretical minimum
((66 × 0) × 2)
((66 × 1) × 2)
((66 × 2) × 2)
((66 × 3) × 2)
((66 × 4) × 2)
((66 × 5) × 2)
((66 × 6) × 2)
((66 × 7) × 2)
((66 × 8) × 2)
((66 × 9) × 2)
Theoretical maximum

The theoretical maximum for each digit is very difficult to calculate, as it is based on a range of random numbers that scale with attack power (perhaps even character level). However, the general rule of thumb for the random range is: Random number for Crisis Arm damage = (LDHP × 14). Therefore, in the table above, the damage you can deal with Crisis Arm without an accessory or a critical strike is 1188-1314.

Absolute maximum

If you equip Robo with the Crisis Arm and Prismspecs, it will boost his attack value to about 185 (instead of the expected 255). At this point, he can crit for over 3,500 damage!

Ayla's Bronze Fist[edit]

  • How to get: reach level 99 with Ayla.

On a critical strike, this will deal 9,999 damage. By the time you acquire this, Ayla's crit chance will be extremely high; from then on you can expect to deal major damage consistently.

Lucca's Wondershot[edit]

This weapon randomly changes attack power, it can do the following:

  • 1/10 × base damage.
  • 1/2 × base damage.
  • 1 × base damage.
  • 2 × base damage.
  • 3 × base damage.

Magus's Doomsickle[edit]

This weapon grows in strength significantly as your allies die.

Number of fallen allies Base damage multiplier
1 2
2 3


  • Defense: decreases the amount of physical damage a character takes. Is affected by the total equipped armor value (helm and body) and stamina.
  • EV./Evasion: increases a character's chance to dodge regular, physical attacks. Magical attacks cannot be dodged.
  • M DEF./Magic Defense: decreases the amount of damage taken from magical attacks (including non-elemental, but excluding physical).
  • Stamina/Vigor: increases defense by one per point.


Stat Formula Maximum value
Defense = (Helm + Body + Stamina)
  • Males: 229 (SNES), 232 (DS; Magus can reach 234)
  • Females: 243 (SNES/DS)
Chance to evade = ??
** (99)
Magic damage reduction
Magic damage taken = ??
Physical damage reduction
Physical damage taken = ??

Maximizing physical defense[edit]

  • SNES: equip OzziePants, Moon Armor, and Power Seal.
  • DS: equip Ozzie Pants, Saurian Leathers or Regal Plate or Shadowplume Robe (Magus only), and Power Seal.

Both versions: equip OzziePants, Prism Dress, and Power Seal.