Chrono Cross Enemy Model File List

General Information[edit]

Chrono Cross[edit]

Enemy battle models are similar, but not quite identical to, PC battle models. They still consist of an atim texture, a model file, and a weapons pack, but the texture is a single entity without bundled eyeblink textures, and the weapons packs probably don't include the weapon models (which are in 3691-3707). (Actually, most of the weapons packs are "Glove"-type effectively-empty packs—only humanoid enemies wield weapons.)

Files Monsters from location...
3211-3255 Lizard Rock, Cape Howl, Fossil Valley
3256-3330 Shadow Forest and Viper Manor(Another)
3331-3384 Hydra Swamp(Another), S.S. Invincible, Water Dragon Isle
3385-3438 Mount Pyre, Fort Dragonia(Another), Temporal Vortex
3439-3480 Viper Manor(Home), Isle of the Damned, Dead Sea
3481-3567 Dragons' domains, and misc.
3568-3612 Sea of Eden, Chronopolis, Fort Dragonia(Home), El Nido Triangle
3613-3645 Terra Tower
3646-3690 Misc. (mostly bosses)

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