Chrono Cross Demo Notes

General Information[edit]

Chrono Cross[edit]

The intro scene from the demo shows the following text (in Japanese, against the "game over" background):

The dream that the planet once dreamt repelled the darkness and gave birth to a new future... However, the curtain is about to rise on a new nightmare... For the legendary treasure, the Frozen Flame, a fated battle across dimensions between humans and dragons is about to begin... The planet's dream has not yet ended...

Internally, the demo's setup is different from that of the game as released: filenames are readable, a debug room (see Debug mode) exists that was stripped from the final, and many ~PCs, rooms, etc. that are in the final version are missing.

An attempted file dump of the demo produced the following:

0003 - 0022 match 0002 - 0012 from the standard file list, in some way. For example, 0022 in also a title screen drp, but for some reason it contains battle field backgrounds from Lizard Rocks, which makes it bigger than 0012.room_000_title_screen_copy.drp

0038 - 0079 are PC overworld models and textures

0167 - 1246 are room files.

1968 should be overworld_messages.drp and 1969 overworld_messages.cpt

Is is funny H:\menu\pause\pause.tim.H:\menu\pause\win4b.tim can also be found in 1968

2001 - 2005 are dialogue frames.

2034 - 2133 are dialogue faces.

2146 onwards should be overworld animations, though I don't know which is which.

2358 - 2369 minst

2487 - 2698 mseq

So minst and mseq files are sorted by types, other than one-on-one pairs in the final version.

2358 game over
2359 frozenflame
2360 brink of death
2361 Viper Manor
2362 arni
2363 termina
2364 guldove (sounds strange)
2365 reminiscence
2366 nap
2367 grasslands of time
2368 lizard dance
2369 chrono main theme

2616 and 2681 are unknown AKAO, the last 2 ~AKAOs in the final version.

2747 - 2754 are some text files has the same content \r\n, maybe they are just junks, for some other sort of placeholders.

2756 looks similar to 2412.out

2757 looks similar to 2413.out

2758 and 2759 seem a mseq/minst pair, just like 2414.out and 2415.out, used in battle.

2760 is combat menu drp

2761 unknown_with_Kid_and_text.battlefield.drp, guess it is the demo battle field, with lots of help text.

And so battle fields onwards. There are some dummy battle fields which are all 40kb in size. And there are also empty drps which has only drp in their content.

A deformed wall texture can be found in 2797.

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