The Ultimate Weapon

Full Name: Rainbow Katana

Symbolic Identity: The Rainbow that Succeeded the Flood

The Rainbow Katana, the most powerful weapon in the entire game of Chrono Trigger that only Crono can weild, is similar to the rainbow that appeared as a symbol of God stopping the Great Flood and restoring order.
I should first note that most of the Rainbow parallels were discovered by Shawn Williamson (CloudSW@aol.com). He initially brought this to my attention.
In the Bible, it is said that God used his power to stop the Great Flood that was terrorizing the world, and afterward, a rainbow appeared as a sign of order and peace. Similarly, the Rainbow Katana, the ultimate weapon in Chrono Trigger, is the designated weapon with which to end the worldwide catastrophe of Lavos, restoring peace and order.
The rainbow that ended the Great Flood was a symbol of an act of God. Similarly, the Rainbow Katana is a weapon that only Crono (Jesus, the son of God) can weild.
Thanks to Sephiroth for pointing out that the Biblical rainbow was not actually used to stop the flood, but rather appeared after the flood was already stopped.
It has been brought to my attention by The Joiner that the Rainbow Shell and the Sun Stone, the two materials needed to create the Rainbow Katana, hold great significance in it's parallel to the Rainbow that Appeared After the Flood. The Joiner points out that these two items further the weapon's conncetion to its Biblical counterpart in that both the Sun Stone and the Rainbow Shell do not actually appear until after two tragic events that destroy the world in one way or another commence (just as the Rainbow of the Bible does not appear until after the world-wrecking flood). The Rainbow Shell appears in the Giant's Claw Cave, which is really the remains of the Tyrano Lair from 65 million B.C. after Lavos (instrument of the world's destruction, similar to the flood) crashes into it. After Lavos crashes there, the world falls into a period of frozen wasteland, and is thus destroyed. The Sun Stone appears in the Sun Palace, but not until 2300 A.D., which is long after Lavos destroyed the world for the second time in 1999 A.D. Therefore, the Sun Stone is also an item that does not appear until after a great calamity, like the Biblical flood.

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