General Information[edit]

Chrono Cross[edit]

[I think this is the file these findings refer to, but the original poster cited "file 2669 in Cyberman's datalist". However, 2669 in the standard list is in the middle of the battlescripts...]

Each element seems to have a record 0x2C (that is, 44) bytes in length.

Bytes 00 Some sort of bitmask.

  • If the highest bit is set (0x80, for example), the element will not display its name.
  • The other bits are still unclear. Some examples: 0x8 is probably status change related, 0x1 is probably for attack elements and monster death effects, 0x4 is for healing elements, etc

Bytes 01-03 Unknown.

Byte 04 Targeting bitmask. Probably bit 0 means "target dead", bit 2 means "target self", 4 means "target all", 6 "target ally", 7 "target enemy" (bits 1, 3, 5 are of uncertain meaning). Only the following values are actually used in-game:

  • 0x40: Single ally
  • 0x41: Dead ally
  • 0x44: Self
  • 0x50: All allies
  • 0x80: Single enemy
  • 0x90: All enemies
  • 0xC0: One enemy or ally (Turn[colour] Elements only)
  • 0xC2: One enemy or ally (Cure, ~CurePlus, Heal, ~HealPlus only)
  • 0xD0: Everyone/entire field

Byte 05 Element Color bitmask:

  • 0x00 Unknown/irrelevant?
  • 0x04 Green
  • 0x08 White(/physical? used for Pip's techs too)
  • 0x10 Black
  • 0x20 Red
  • 0x40 Yellow
  • 0x80 Blue
  • 0xFC Chrono Cross

Byte 06 Element Level

Byte 07 Probably Element type (all types between 0x00 and 0x33 are used, but only some are understood):

  • 0x00 Attack, usually caster type
  • 0x01 Stat/special (Turn[colour], Anti[colour], ~PhysNegate, etc.)
  • 0x02 Instant death
  • 0x03 HP recovery
  • 0x04 Revive
  • 0x05 Steal
  • 0x06 [Colour]Field, Magnify, Diminish
  • 0x1E Trap element
  • 0x20 Many of them are physical attacks
  • 0x24 ~HeartColor tech
  • 0x26 Slots tech
  • 0x27 ~BigCatch tech
  • 0x28 Suicide bomb (bomber, potpourri, gyroblade)
  • 0x29 ~ModeChange tech
  • 0x2A ~VaryInnate tech
  • 0x2B HP recovery (consumable)
  • 0x2E ~PiggyBoink tech
  • 0x2F ~WetPaint tech
  • 0x30 HP Shuffle tech
  • 0x31 Chrono Cross
  • 0x32 Monster death animation and other animation extension
  • 0x33 ~SlapOfCyrus tech

Bytes 08-09 Attack strength for attack element, type of adjust (up/down) for stat elements(?)

Bytes 10-11 (0x0A-0x0B) Healing strength?

Byte 12 (0x0C) random factor that determines the percentage from min damage to max damage.

Byte 13 (0x0D) Unknown

Bytes 14-15 (0x0E-0x0F) Unknown (the value affects the colour of [colour]Field elements, but many PC techs, all Element traps, ~Hi-Ho Chorus, and possibly others also set these bytes)

Bytes 16-17 (0x10-0x11) Visual effect index: indicates what block of egfx, drp, and eins files correspond to this Element

Byte 18 (0x12) Unknown. When set, both nybbles always seem to have the same value of 7 or less (frex, we see "44" and "66", but not "AA" or "36").

Byte 19 (0x13) Message displayed when Element is used in battle.

Byte 20 (0x14) First PC involved in dual/triple tech

Byte 21 (0x15) Second PC involved in dual/triple tech

Byte 22 (0x16) Third PC involved in triple tech

Byte 23 (0x17) Was used during ~TurnColor(? I'm not so sure. It's FF for all but a handful of enemy techs, which have it set to 02, 03, or 06—frex, Wallop, ~FlameKnock, and ~Hi-Ho Chorus.)

Bytes 24-27 (0x18-0x1B) Unknown. Most values seem to suggest some form of bitmask (except for, e.g. Lunairetic and ~MerMelody)

Bytes 28-31 (0x1C-0x1F) Another set of bitflags (maybe). Indicates stat affected for stat changers, colour applied for Turn[colour] elements, and presumably something else for ordinary (non-summon) attack Elements.

Bytes 32-33 (0x20-0x21) Index of other tech in double tech

Bytes 34-35 (0x22-0x23) Index of second tech in triple tech

Bytes 36-37 (0x24-0x25) Index of third tech in triple tech

Bytes 38-39 (0x26-0x27) Index of resulting double tech

Bytes 40-41 (0x28-0x29) Index of resulting triple tech

Bytes 42-43 (0x2A-0x2B) Set to 0001 for level 7 Summons, 0002 for level 8 Summons, 0000 for everything else.

From: Chrono Cross File Structure