General Information[edit]

Chrono Cross[edit]

1967.overworld_messages.drp contains 33 subfiles, including TIM textures, a nested drp, timinfos, and various type 7, and 10s:

  • 1967.000.paus.out: Type 7. Contains the strings "H:\menu\pause\pause.tim" and "H:\menu\pause\win4b.tim" near the beginning; otherwise unfathomable. Some possible stride patterns are visible towards the end.
  • 1967.001.asi1.out: Type 10. Embedded string "asi1" at 0x6c.
  • 1967.002.kem1.timinfo: info for 1967.25.kem1.tim
  • 1967.003.bom1.timinfo: info for 1967.22.bom1.tim
  • 1967.004.rys2.timinfo: info for 1967.23.rys2.tim
  • 1967.005.rys1.timinfo: info for 1967.24.rys1.tim
  • 1967.006.mz02.out: Type 10. Embedded string "mz02" at 0xa4.
  • 1967.007.mz01.out: Type 10. Embedded string "mz01" at 0x68.
  • 1967.008.mz02.timinfo: info for 1967.06.mz02.out?
  • 1967.009.mz01.timinfo: info for 1967.07.mz01.out?
  • 1967.010.bt1.timinfo: info for 1967.27.bt1.tim
  • 1967.011.bt0.timinfo: info for 1967.29.bt0.tim
  • 1967.012.bt2.timinfo: info for 1967.28.bt2.tim
  • 1967.013.bt3.timinfo: info for 1967.26.bt3.tim
  • 1967.014.bt4.timinfo: info for 1967.30.bt4.tim
  • 1967.015.paus.out: Duplicate of 00.paus.
  • 1967.016.paus.timinfo: info for 1967.20.paus.tim
  • 1967.017.fenc.drp: Nested drp file containing 10 subfiles, mostly type 10 with two meshes and two type 16s.
  • 1967.017.000.e06.out: Type 10. Inscrutable.
  • 1967.017.001.enc2.out: Type 16. Inscrutable.
  • 1967.017.002.e01.out: Type 10. String "enc0" at 0x76.
  • 1967.017.003.enct.out: Type 16. Contains strings "enc2", "e00", "e01", "e04", "e06", "e061".
  • 1967.017.004.e00.out: Type 10. String "enc1" at 0x82.
  • 1967.017.005.e04.out: Type 10. String "enc0" at 0x66.
  • 1967.017.006.e041.out: Type 10. String "enc0" at 0x9A.
  • 1967.017.007.e061.out: Type 10. Inscrutable.
  • 1967.017.008.enc1.mesh: Mesh, details unknown.
  • 1967.017.009.enc0.mesh: Mesh, details unknown.
  • 1967.018.asi1.timinfo: info for 1967.19.asi1.tim
  • 1967.019.asi1.tim: Black box with grey curve on far right, possibly a mask.
  • 1967.020.paus.tim: Strings and pointers for pause menu.
  • 1967.021.win4.tim: Sort of a narrow, grey version of files like 0017.007.mnbl.tim. The only texture without a corresponding timinfo.
  • 1967.022.bom1.tim: Irregular round white...something.
  • 1967.023.rys2.tim: Diffuse white specks.
  • 1967.024.rys1.tim: Less diffuse white specks.
  • 1967.025.kem1.tim: Smoke/dust cloud.
  • 1967.026.bt3.tim: Intense point of red light in lower right corner.
  • 1967.027.bt1.tim: Fuzzy white quarter-sphere in lower right corner.
  • 1967.028.bt2.tim: Intense point of blue light in lower right corner.
  • 1967.029.bt0.tim: Irregular greyscale lines (lightning?)
  • 1967.030.bt4.tim: Sparkle or four-pointed star.
  • 1967.031.mz01.tim: Water ripples?
  • 1967.032.mz02.tim: White and grey specks joined in an irregular round shape.

From: 1967-1977