Author Topic: Why Chrono Cross?  (Read 7111 times)


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Re: Why Chrono Cross?
« Reply #45 on: November 09, 2012, 08:11:28 pm »
I agree with Kiloku. As I said in the other thread:

My biggest problem with Chrono Cross is that it seems to make a point of pushing Chrono Trigger aside instead of building on it or transforming it. It's like, screw you old game, this is the new one! From killing off/neutralizing CT cast members; to a new, undead, more powerful Lavos; smashing Guardia Kingdom when it seemed to be at the height of prosperity; the timeline getting cut to ribbons, and so on. It basically makes a World of Ruin out of the Chrono Trigger world, and negates much of what CTs plot accomplished.

I personally believe that Chrono Cross was made into a sequel in order to cash in on CT's success. It is its own game in many ways, and would've been better off without having to link itself to a mostly unrelated mythos.


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Re: Why Chrono Cross?
« Reply #46 on: November 12, 2012, 04:22:28 am »
Well, i speak in the name of all other players what never played chrono trigger: Chrono Cross is AWESOME!

Maybe thats the reason, i played Chrono Cross without expectations, i dont know too much about crono, lucca and the others, but i understand the game yet. 

I would wish chrono trigger with the same graphics quality, to be completely objetive, because i love Chrono Cross in many ways, but graphics and music are unique in that game, and have a huge weight in my judgment. A exquisite playable art. (Shadow of the Colossus are another example of game/true art  what i can remember and enjoyed in the same way)
The argument is great (for being a game), and i disagree what you mention about the characters. I think the game is depth with the characters who must do, the others add replay value, fun, and credibility to the game.

I no encounter negatives in Chrono Cross, maybe cause never played Trigger, but i think Chrono Cross only can disapointed they purists of Trigger. (Maybe like Tolkien's books fans, when they seen Arwen instead Glorfindel in Lord Of The Rings Movie, they ask for Peter Jackson's head.   all those who never read the book before, fell in love with Arwen and cant imagine another character in the scene.   

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