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Writing Guidelines and Advice
« on: January 04, 2011, 07:02:48 am »
This is a work in progress.

The only real guideline is that your submission reads as though it were already on the front page.

All you have to do to make a news submission is create a new topic in this forum with the content of the news post being the first post.

Feel free to use the first person if you prefer, since your avatar and name are shown on the post when it's moved to the front page. If you mention a project or a website, make sure you link to it using BBCode tags. Avoid using any exceptionally large images, and try to keep your post brief... Usually a short paragraph or two is good enough. Any longer or shorter may require your submission to be edited.

Image Guidelines: I realize screen real estate is pretty cheap these days, but try to keep images under 600x300 pixels, since large images can break the layout. If you have multiple images, try selecting the best one and then posting the rest as a reply to your own news thread.

Video Guidelines: If you're announcing something that has a related Youtube video, go ahead and include the video in your post. If you have multiple videos, select the best one and put that in the news post. You can always post a reply to your own news thread that has the rest of the videos in it.

If everything is good to go, your post will be moved to the top of the front page as it is. Otherwise, a moderator or admin may suggest some changes first.
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