Author Topic: Another Possible Earthbound Dwelling (Only Speculation)  (Read 3877 times)


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Another Possible Earthbound Dwelling (Only Speculation)
« Reply #15 on: April 02, 2005, 07:45:43 am »
I think this probably isn't true but I read somewhere that Kiki and Lolo or whatever that guys name was had a descendant called Loki who was a military general in 1999AD. When Lavos emerged, he fired nuclear weapons at Lavos, and at that time Crono and co. were fighting him, and the weapons killed Crono and co. It was Serges fault for this because he matched Kiki and Lolo together? That is probably fanfiction or something x.x


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Another Possible Earthbound Dwelling (Only Speculation)
« Reply #16 on: April 02, 2005, 01:42:12 pm »
You mean this?

  Theory 1: Descendants in Home World (by "bubbblebobby2000")


When Serge survived in Home World, his actions there could have
unconsciously caused some major repercussions down the timeline into
the future in 1999AD, nullifying Crono+co's effort in defeating Lavos.

Let me just state an example. Albeit its silliness, it does get the
point across.

In Home World:
Serge lives. One day, he unintentionally match made Kiki + Lolo in Arni
village. Kiki + Lolo eventually got married and spawns off descendants.
And one of their descendants name, Nono, was a general in 1999AD. When
Lavos appeared in 1999AD, Crono+co time time warped to it and fought
it. But before Crono+co could kill it, General Nono, descendant of Kiki
+ Lolo, made a silly decision to fire some weapons straight at Lavos.
The weapons killed Crono+co, but not Lavos. Now that Lavos had no one
to kill it, went on to destroy the world like it did in Chrono Trigger.
Hence the bleak future reigned in Home World.

In Another World:
Serge died. Since he did, he never match-maded Kiki + Lolo. Nobody
matchmade them. So they never got married. And General Nono was never
born. And the silly decision of firing weapons to kill Lavos was never
made, and Crono+co never died. So Lavos was successfully destroyed. And
the bright future reigned in Another World.

Weak Areas

This theory actually depends on the very fact that Crono+co will be
there in 1999AD to defeat Lavos. But for those who have played Chrono
Trigger knows that this is an unwarranted assumption. Lavos could have
been beaten at anytime from 12000BC 1999AD.

Yeah, this was an entire FAQ devoted to figuring out the whole Dead Sea thing. Zeality refuted it somewhere on theese forums.