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SVN on
« on: March 27, 2009, 03:34:35 am »
Okay, Sourceforge was a silly choice and I got denied anyway. I have set up an SVN server on my laptop for almost unrestricted use for the Compendium. I took the liberty of adding some valuable assets such as the TF plugin arch source code as well as spritesheets I've dug up.

Yes, I know people can get them from here, but with an SVN server, users can get the latest work available from here and developers can collaborate on projects, submitting project changes to the SVN server. Plus, it allows people to tinker with the code and submit it to see what interesting changes might be made.

This time I'm not referring to it as the Compendium repository, but rather a repository for the Compendium to use.

Also, the Temporal Odyssey and Schala's Diary sources can be fetched from there. Both are on hold while I do some figuring out, but feel free to take a copy for yourself and bring to me any changes.

To use the server, I recommend the TortoiseSVN client from All you do is install it (restart needed), make a folder, right click, checkout, type in the server address and bingo!


Username: guest
No Password

Chrono SVN:
My second SVN repo:

Just FYI though, you'll likely get a certificate warning. Don't get alarmed, just means this SVN server's brand new and not yet certified. Also this will only be online when I am online. So, it would be normal to find it offline in the wee hours of the morning and what not. Just means I'm not on the net.
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