Author Topic: Defining The Line Between Chrono And Reality  (Read 10689 times)


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Defining The Line Between Chrono And Reality
« on: May 18, 2005, 12:27:19 pm »
Does anyone remember that in Zeal (enhasa and kajar, right?) you had to open the books in a certain order to get to the hidden rooms?  There were only three books, Wind (Obviously Heaven/Lightning), Fire, and Water, if I recall correctly, and Shadow was omitted.  I'm not sure if this is relevant, though :\ .

These are a product directly derived from the fact that Lavos was destroyed and Crono's timeline continued on to 2300 to a point at which there was time travel, and people decided to do a test of social engineering, right?  (This is all from the inference of the game, which I haven't played in a few years.)  I would assume that since El Nido inherently could not be contained as a microcosm even with the utmost precautions (yeah, there was the whole time crash thing lorl), and the people outside of El Nido had contact with the people inside well before the time crash, so it may be that elements originated in El Nido due to the paradoxial nature of its existence (if you can travel in time, does that mean time goes both ways?) as well as the fact that the Reptites had derived their own mysticism from the base elements (Think not of COLOURS but of NATURE!!).  Could it be then that Heaven/Lightning is a source of creation, and Shadow is a source of destruction?  If this is the case, then it is very possible that the Draconic Elements are derived from Heaven/Lightning, (diverging into White, Green and Yellow), Fire (red), Water (blue), and Shadow (black)?

I've got more that I'd like to add, but I'd like to make sure that my mind isn't quite so full of misinformation as it tends to be.